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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Velvet Road (2011) short move review

I haven't seen many short films, but every time I am asked to review one, I become more and more impressed with the work the makers of these shorts do. They create such a strong feeling, such emotion, such horror in a short running time, that it really does never fail to impress me.

Velvet Road certainly manages to put an incredibly unique spin on the racially charged zombie movie. The time period it is set in, the sixties, really gives the film an incredibly dynamic and unsettling feeling. The way in which the characters stories intertwine and play out is breathtaking. The film has an atmosphere of loneliness and solitude that is prevalent throughout, and only adds to the goings on when the horror picks up the pace.

The story not only deals with the outbreak of a zombie virus, but it also infuses many different social and racial issues that make survival for the characters all the more difficult. The movie is set amidst racially inflamed tensions in the segregated south of America, and shows just how difficult it would be to survive a zombie attack in those times.

More than focusing on the zombies, this movie does something not done often, and focuses on the characters and their interactions with each other, and goes to show yet again that it isn't always the zombies that are the only monsters in these sort of films. Velvet Road shows you a mans plight against an incredible adversity, and how he can elevate himself in any kind of situation.

Velvet Road certainly is one of the most gripping and impressive short horror films I have had the pleasure of viewing, and I for one hope to see this transformed into a full length feature film one day.

Darkest regards......Dani.

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