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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Ave Maria short film review.

Ave Maria is a sequel of sorts to Microcinema, and develops the female character we saw in the original short movie even more. This time, another male falls foul to Missy, but Missy isn't alone. She has a blonde masked accomplice, and a woman filming the events this time, and it all seems a lot more creepy than the first encounter with this warped character.

The short again is shocking, maybe even more so than Microfilm, featuring a nasty tool to violate a captured male, but in a totally different way than what we saw previously. There is a plate and a goblet placed underneath the victim, and he is then made to partake in a new twist on holy communion, being force fed his own blood.

There is then a reveal of who the captured character is, as his clothes are baptized in flames. The majority of the short is accompanied by the song Ave Maria, and it sounds incredibly sinister set against the vile goings on happening in the film. The framing and photography again are incredible, showing the dark beauty of the forest and letting us get face to face with a very strange and brutal practice which yet again shows a man at his weakest.

Again, this is an incredibly promising short. It would be amazing to see what Skip Shea could do with this character in a feature length movie. I feel it would be an incredibly dark, brutal yet beautiful ride into the macabre world of one of the creepiest female characters I have ever witnessed in a horror movie.

Darkest regards......Dani.

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