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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The end of the Wolfpack podcast.....or is it?

Eric Morse/William Pattison updated his Facebook account earlier this week with a message informing everyone that he is ending his WolfPack Podcast. Read what his status update said below.

"Well, horror community, I came to the decision today that at the end of this month I’m shutting down my podcast, The Wolf Pack Podcast. In the last six months I’ve had to deal with a lot of bullshit in regard to the show, like having hosts bail on me, having independent filmmakers I’ve helped over the years give me the finger, and just plan having to really fight just to get shows on. Derek and I have had to ask for favors from celebrities because celebrity guests and independent filmmaker guests have ditched us. For the last several weeks, even before going to Epic Con, I’ve been trying to schedule guests for the first few months of 2015 the response I have gotten has been insulting. I’ll tell you something, people, if someone contacted me and asked if I’d like to come on their podcast to promote Psychotic State or The Traveler I’d be thrilled as hell, but I don’t get that anyway. But with me the last few weeks I’ve been getting treated like a Jehovah’s Witness. They act like I’m bothering them.
I’m sorry, part of the mission statement of my podcast was that we would treat new and independent filmmakers as if they were Hollywood directors. I’ve given a shit load in first time filmmakers there first horror interview. Hell, I gave Jen and Sylvia Soska their first horror community interview…and you know what I got as a thank you three years later. Well, Jen and Sylvia were not the only independent filmmakers who got their start with us and then screwed us over. There have been a number, but we just don’t talk about them. It’s still bullshit the devotion and respect NOT we get from those we gave real breaks to.
The last straw for me was I was told by one of my colleagues that I need to censor myself because of the haters. I promised myself years ago I never would censor myself or kiss the asshole’s ass,that is not me and never will be. So, if I must compromise my morals and principles to stay on the air, while people are acting like ungrateful fucks, there will be no show.
The bullshit that happened a couple days ago made me reevaluate thing. I saw I have been fighting for people who don’t give a flying fuck. I’ve seen a person I respected as a true horror fan turn on me and support the clique that is bringing our community down. I’ve had to ask myself who am I fighting for if the people I’m fighting for are going to turn on me and insult me for laughs? Answer me that. Why should I? Why should I provide the horror community a resource for promotion if I’m denied that myself. Answer that one.
The Wolf Pack will be gone but I will not be completely out of podcasting. My friend and Wolf Pack member Christopher Highland loves hosting his show, Full Spectrum Horror. As long as he wants to do it I will support him and we will get on the air and talk about the subject me love for 45 minutes a month, that is horror. But the bullshit is over. I hope you realize the resource you just lost….".

Now, I am sure you can quite plainly see that he says The WolfPack podcast will be gone, that it has ended. I mention on this update that he has spent so much time attempting to bring others down, that he has invariably created his own downfall. Imagine my surprise when he replies to me, with this slice of fried gold. 

"Sorry, I'm not going down, fool. In fact I'm coming up. You see I'm still going to be doing the show only put less time into it and doing what I love to do talk horror. I'm cutting it down because I'm busy working on projects. I'm busy writing books and doing films and building my legacy. I'm just not supporting a bunch of ungrateful assholes who I give a chance to and in the end slap me in the face. I see you blocked me, Dani. Good riddance. Say hello to Mike White and the other loser haters".

I certainly didn't block him, as I tend not to block anyone without very good reason. He then goes on to comment once more.

"Oh, and Dani I'm not pulling others down I'm commenting on a bunch of ego cases and assholes who fuck with other people and sabotage their projects and try to keep others down. It is they who are bringing horror down, not me. If you had any clue and actually cared about the horror community you would see that".

As you can clearly see in his first and second reply, he certainly attempts to pull me down. He seems to be so consumed with hatred for these people who are alledgedly "ego cases and assholes". I am sure there are people who do fit into that category working in the horror genre. I can safely say, in all honesty, that in all my years writing and talking to people throughout the horror genre, I have never (touch wood) come across anyone who has been disrespectful, an ego case or an asshole. If this man is so impassioned with the horror genre, instead of trying to remove these so-called 'Horror socials', he should promote the thing he loves. Praise it. It doesn't matter what anyone else is doing. It doesn't mattter if people you alledgedly helped to get somewhere ignore you for whatever reasons. This happens in day to day life all the time. It isn't the be all/end all of anything. People move on.

Why not drop the hatred, drop the idea that you are doing good, when you are infact alienating the community of the genre you profess to love, and grow up and promote horror without prejudice. 

Promote what you love, not bitch about the things you hate.

Darkest regards......Dani. 

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Venus de Vilo releases thirteen month diary/calendar.

Do you like evil, gothic and and rotten? Do you like the number 'thirteen'? How about an incredibly talented lady with the voice of an angel and a look that brings to mind the works of Tim Burton amplified (you know, the conflicting comparison of beauty and darkness and such).

Well, the irrepressible siren of all that is spooky, kooky and scary (notice how I didn't go with ooky, simply because I have no idea what it means, and of course, to avoid the cliche), Venus de Vilo, has once again turned her talents to the world of art, and has produced a thirteen month diary/calendar.



Now if that doesn't get you excited, I can only assume you have already joined the legions of the undead!!

The calendar will be shipping out on or around the first of December 2014, and will be A5 size,soft back, hand illustrated and full cover 13 month diary/calendar.

You can order a calendar and support Venus de Vilo by clicking HERE.

Darkest regards......Dani.