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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Grimm reviews Godzilla (2014).

Grimm suggested to me that we both review a film and publish our reviews on each others blog, and seeing as we were both going to see Gareth Edwards' reboot of 'Godzilla, I suggested we both take a shot at reviewing it for all of you to read. So without further rambling from me, here is Grimm's review of 'Godzilla'.


I've not seen this movie once or twice, but THREE times already in theaters. While I know that's only around $40 spent, I can't help but feel that I did my part in helping with last weekends box-office earnings of over $100 million worldwide. My money may seem minuscule compared to that total, but I contributed more than my fair share nonetheless. Due to the overwhelmingly good opening weekend, both monetarily and critic's reviews, not one but two sequels have been announced, making the new "Godzilla" only the first in a trilogy.

First of all, I was very surprised by how small of a role Bryan Cranston has. By viewing the trailers, everyone assumed he was the big player in this reinvention of "Godzilla", but that's not the case. It became apparent to me that he wasn't going to be in the movie long when all of the lines he speaks in the trailer are acted out within the first 20-30 minutes. So I could see that he was name dropped simply to sell people on seeing the movie. But what I'm impressed with is how well the film carries on without him, and that was the burning question. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is the real star, and he carries the movie just fine once Cranston leaves us.

The villain, MUTO (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism), is something that the government has found and has kept hidden. While seemingly harmless, things change once the MUTO awakes and starts wrecking havoc. It turns out that two of these gigantic creatures have killed one of Godzilla's kind before, many years ago, as we see the huge skeleton early in the movie. The MUTO has other intentions this time though, such as finding his female companion that's been lying dormant until he matured. And now that he's all grown up, and it's baby making time. Except for one tiny thing; Godzilla knows they're back, and he makes it his duty to bring hell on them and not fall victim like his ancestor did.

The special effects and cgi look great. I saw this in Imax 3D and on the regular screen, and regardless of how you view it, it's still stunning. The design of the MUTOS are really unique, but they don't look as badass as Godzilla. The King of the Monsters looks the best he's ever looked, despite complaints of him looking fat. If you wanna go on the guy for his weight, go ahead, but he's fierce and has a purpose unlike any interpretation we've seen before. This Godzilla is the equivalent of Christian Bale as Batman, all cheesiness is left behind in the past, and takes a more realistic and aggressive (not to mention appropriate) approach.

My favorite scenes are, of course, the fights between Godzilla and the two MUTOS. Such dirty brawls happening on such a big scale is nothing less than epic. And while the biggest complaint I hear is that it 'doesn't show enough Godzilla', I think that's a bunch of crap. We see him as much as we need to, and it fits perfectly with the story. Remember, we aren't watching guys in rubber suits duke it out anymore. This is a far more sophisticated take on the legend that is Godzilla. And through the films duration, one of the most enamoring things is the score, done by French composer Alexandre Desplat which compliments the movie well, and keeps it thrilling.

Another complaint that I heard was that there isn't enough character development. I disagree with that too. Godzilla is reduced to a supporting role due to how character driven the story is. It's 70% human interactions, so that's a bogus remark. You get some saying not enough Godzilla, and then you've got some saying not enough character growth. Well, you can't please everyone, but screw 'em. I am happy with the outcome, and so is my inner child.

I kept hearing everyone say in their reviews that the final fight scene had people standing up and cheering. While I never experienced that, I did partake in the entire theater audience clapping and shouting in victory. You know you're watching a good movie when the entire crowd gets behind it and cheers. It shows that it hits home to a lot of people, and that they've invested feelings into the film and Godzilla. That's never a bad thing. The ending gives us not just victory, but hope.

I can't wait until the sequels. I already own an action figure of the new version of Godzilla, and I can see myself spending more money on more merchandise. I think to those of us who are in touch with our childish side, the movie overall goes over well. And that's what's important. This motion picture was made for fans of the original, so if it goes over your head, tough luck. You're missing out. Gareth Edwards rocked this remake, and I'm exceptionally happy that he'll be behind the camera for the next two.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Liking films others think unacceptable, and the fallout that comes with it.

I had no idea that being a fan of underground extreme cinema had such a stigma attached to it. I had even less of an idea that being a fan of 'The Exorcist' could have other apparent 'Horror fans' call you a Pedophile. Over the last eight or so years, people have been blasted on the internet for saying they like films such as 'A Serbian Film', 'August Underground' and 'A Human Centipede II' to name but a few. Many insults are hurled around to fans of these movies, and I myself have been a target of people who attempt to take the 'Moral High ground' in regards to these films.

It all began around four years ago, for me at least. I was expressing my love for 'The Exorcist', and how it is one of the most ageless horror films in existence that still hold the power to shock and scare to this day, when suddenly someone makes a comment on my thoughts calling me a Pedophile for watching the movie. When I asked why, it all stemmed down to the scene where Regan McNeil masturbates with a crucifix while shouting "Let Jesus fuck you" over and over again.

I was taken aback by such a random outburst. This part of the film, while explicit, was never titillating in the slightest. It is horrific, blasphemous and incredibly shocking. What amazed me more was that this scene was picked out in particular, instead of the more suggestive scenes, such as where Regan/Pazzuzu is attempting to seduce the priests.

'The Exorcist' distances itself from any type of eroticism so greatly, that I really didn't understand where this person was coming from (or the people who joined in with his attack). I understand that these people are perhaps 'Trolls', but I am beginning to doubt that, as this sort of closed-mindedness and unacceptability is becoming all the more prevalent amongst horror fans.The fact that they could not intelligently explain their decision to bestow on me such a label left me with all the information I needed about these so called horror fans.

Another example is 'A Serbian Film'. Yes, it is extreme, but the film has a political message (buried underneath all of the sex and violence at least) that tells how the Serbian government fuck you as soon as you are born (The baby rape scene), while you are alive (the blonde woman) and even after you die (the wife and son of the main protagonist). Admittedly it pushes boundaries, but shouldn't all great art do that? It certainly opened my eyes to some of the things that happen in Serbia, as well as to how closed minded some horror fans can be.

Just because I have viewed the film, and enjoyed it in one way or another, does not mean in any way, shape or form that I support any type of child abuse. I have the intelligence to know the difference between reality and fantasy, and right and wrong. Not at any time in my life will I support anything that promotes or features real life footage of any type of abuse towards another living creature.

If you watch 'The Last House on the Left', do you get called an avid supporter of rape and murder? Do Freddy Fans get called supporters of child molesters and child killers? Do fans of 'Nekromantik' get labelled necrophiliacs? When will the madness end?

Horror has always been about pushing the envelope. It shouldn't be safe. It shouldn't pander to conventions, to political correctness or to what the general public deems offensive or inoffensive. It should shock, disgust and provoke thought. It should give the viewer nightmares, and show them things their wildest imaginations couldn't dream up.

The scariest monster in reality is what humanity will do to their own and to other living creatures. Horror visualizes these acts of depravity, terror and horror and shows them in a form of entertainment. People forget that horror isn't meant to be enjoyed. It is raw, shocking, horrible and should make the viewer sickened and uncomfortable. People are forgetting what real horror is all about. May the underground continue to mutate and bring forth more sickness and depravity, and may us horror fans continue to support the dark side of cinema.

If you find it disturbing, shocking or offensive, then think. The movie has done it''s job.

If you want films that are going to brighten your day, then horror is not the place you should be looking. But if you want to be disgusted, scared, shocked and sickened, you will feel right at home with the rest of us here who enjoy horror as a genre, no matter what the filmmakers throw at us.

I know the title of this article mentions something about fallout of being labelled such things by people, but the fact is there has been none so far. Others, while they may not share the same opinion as myself, are intelligent enough to know that these films are just that. Little slices of darkness and depravity to be consumed time and time again, no matter how abhorrent these films are.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Tourist Trap (1979) 88 Films Blu-Ray.

Tourist Trap is one of the more atmospheric and creepy slasher films out there, blending elements of the supernatural with some truly creepy masks and mannequins. The film layers on the atmosphere, almost suffocating the viewer with it's brilliant story and imaginative kills and scares.

A group of young people become stranded on the roadside, and one of them, Woody, ventures off alone to find a Gas Station. He is ultimately killed, as his friends go looking for him, coming across a 'Tourist Trap', the very same one where Woody lost his life at the hands of a killer with the power to move objects with his mind. What will become of the teens, and who is hunting them down one by one?

'Tourist Trap' oozes a dense atmosphere of dread from every frame of film. Set mostly in the darkness, this helps the film maintain it's suffocating aura of fear and tension as the group of friends look for their missing pal, only to come across strange and frightening mannequins and their own deaths. This feeling of dread really does permeate every scene of the movie, and 'Tourist Trap' still is a very scary movie to this day.

The acting isn't very good, and while one or two of the female actresses do exhibit sex appeal, it doesn't help with the audience getting behind the characters and caring for them, although in the long run, this does not take much away from the movie, as it is a slasher film after all.The film certainly has enough suspense and originality to keep even the most easily bored horror fan involved in it's compelling story.

The films strongest aspect after it's story, are it's special fx. The masks and mannequins are emotionless, allowing the viewer to project their own fears upon the faces of these creations, and the mannequins unsettling laughter and unnatural movement goes a long way to accentuate the fear we already feel towards them.

While it  uses some horror staples such as the differences between country folk and city folk, 'Tourist Trap' still manages to be a frightening and intense ride, and also mixes the supernatural and slasher sub genres to great effect.

The Blu-Ray release of 'Tourist Trap' has exceptional sound and picture quality, and features a very informative and entertaining commentary from Director David Schmoeller amongst other things.

Possibly one of the creepiest films I have ever had the pleasure of viewing, 'Tourist Trap' still holds the title of being one of the scariest films  I have ever seen.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Re-Animator (1985) Second Sight 2 disc Blu-Ray.

Re-Animator is the latest film to be given the HD treatment by Second Sight Films. Not only that, but the release comes with two (yes, TWO) versions of the classic splatter comedy, a documentary, two audio commentaries and a chat between Director Stuart Gordon and Producer Brian Yuzna, which is very entertaining.

For any of you that haven't seen the movie, I will give a small synopsis, but I advise that you get out and see it as soon as possible, because it really is a classic piece of 80's horror cinema.

Herbert West begins his time at Miskatonik University under the tutelage of the arrogant Dr. Hill. West moves in with fellow student Dan Cain, who is dating the daughter of the Dean of the University. He finds out that West has a secret that could change the world forever, and when Dr. Hill gets his hands on this secret, things get very crazy and incredibly gory!

Surely, there is nothing left to say about this film. Any number of positive adjectives would do well to describe just how much this film is treasured by horror fans. It's special effects are truly stomach turning, and the acting walks the line between understated and overblown perfectly. Working both as a farce and a splatter film, Re-Animator really does have something for every horror fan out there.

Second Sight Films' transfer is crystal clear, the sound perfect and audible, with even the slightest sound adding to the stomach churning effects this film has on it's viewers.

Every performance is a hit, from Barbara Crampton's woman with brains and looks Megan, to Jeffery Combs' brilliant yet equally weird Herbert West, to Bruce Abbot's incredibly heartfelt performance as Dan Cain, each character is beautifully realized and played to great effect. Most notable though, is the pictures bad guy, David Gale, as the manipulative and insane Dr. Carl Hill. The transformation he goes through in the film, from arrogant Doctor to crazed madman is something to behold, and one scene in particular will have women (and some men I am sure) hiding behind the nearest piece of furniture while disgust washes over them. He manages to display madness without ever being cramp, and his facial expressions bring so much to his character, that it is just mind blowing.

This was originally conceived as a television show, but due to budgetary constraints amongst other things, one of the most original and downright crazy horror movies was born. And let's not forget the fact that it is based on a tale by the master of the macabre, H.P Lovecraft.

It cannot be denied though, that the true star of the movie are the incredible special effects. From a dead cat being bought back to life, to a headless corpse performing oral sex on a tied up victim, the things conceived and shown in this movie make every argument for CGI in movies completely invalid. Yes, it is that damned good.

Second Sight Films have released the greatest edition of this classic horror film, with amazing, in depth and exhaustive special features that will keep fans new and old entertained. Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy. You won't be disappointed!

Re-Animator is released on two disc Blu-Ray on June 2nd in the UK. 

Darkest regards......Dani.

Camp Dread (2014) Image Entertainment release.

What we have here is a homage to the 'Camp Site Slasher' popularised by such films as 'Sleepaway Camp', 'The Burning' and of course 'Friday the 13th'. While in my opinion the film doesn't improve on anything that went before it, it is a fun ride, and one that will be enjoyed by anyone with more than a passing interest in the Slasher sub-genre. It also features Felissa Rose and Danielle Harris, two people who have a history in the Slasher sub-genre.

A group of young offenders are sent to a camp where they are informed upon their arrival, that they will be taking part in a reality television show helmed by the creator of 80's slasher franchise called 'Summer Camp'. The creator of said Slasher franchise hopes that this reality show will see 'Summer Camp' get a reboot. Each person must spend the first day setting up camp while trying to avoid a killer who will (pretend to) pick them off one by one, with the lone survivor winning a prize of one million dollars. Unfortunately for the young offenders, the pretend kills soon become real, and the stakes they are playing for increase as they get picked off one by one.

The film tries very hard to show it's love for the campside slasher, and in some ways it succeeds. The atmosphere is just right, creating tension and then allowing you to relax through laughing before shoving a scare down the throat of the viewer and splashing the screen with blood. While the acting isn't really that good (minus Eric Roberts, Felissa Rose and Danielle Harris) it definitely gives it a feeling of the low budget slashers of the 80's, and really helps the film more than hinders it.

The cinematography is beautiful and captures the camp site wonderfully. The movie does start off incredibly slowly, but this is where the character development comes in, and does make you relate to the characters more, even if none of them are that likeable (I am sure that was how the audience is supposed to feel about them).

The film does feature a fair few kills, and one that had me laughing to myself involved a prosthetic leg and it's user in a particularly memorable kill. There are also some sly nods for slasher fans out there, who will either laugh with joy or cringe at things such as someone finding a fridge with a broken lock and saying "I hope no one loses their head".

While not being anywhere close to perfect,'Camp Dread' is a decent homage to a time gone by, and is a fun, if uneven venture in slasher territory.

Getting Schooled needs YOU to help finish the movie!!!

'Getting Schooled' has now entered it's final week of it's Indiegogo campaign, and the filmmakers need YOU to help them finish the movie! Donate what ever you can, from $1 to $1000, every little helps! And if you can't donate, then share as much as you can. The movie is coming in well under budget, but the filmmakers cash flow has dried up. The crew have completed principle photography minus one day for two kills. Principal photography was completed on location in Houston, Texas.

There are many perks for donating, so click HERE to find out more about 'Getting Schooled' and to donate what you can! Support Indie Horror and help the filmmakers to create another masterpiece!

Darkest regards......Dani.

Nunslaughter new album and European tour dates revealed!

At long last, Nunslaughter return with their first full-length studio album in seven years (and fourth overall), 'Angelic Dread'! The epitome of "highly anticipated," 'Angelic Dread' is the fullest, fiercest realization of the eternal Nunslaughter aesthetic: "Devil Metal" to the bitter and bloody end. This American metal outfit create concise, catchy, and caustic anthems to anti-religion and supernatural horror, combining the best and most belligerent elements of death metal and hardcore punk. It's no wonder that Nunslaughter have a diehard cult following around the world, all of whom consume the band's seemingly endless tornado of vinyl releases. But here, the band have delivered 15 of their most potent tracks ever, all fresh cuts, and have rendered them in a production that's rounded yet absolutely ripping. To celebrate this monumental release, Hells Headbangers will be including a bonus CD/LP that comprises 16 songs previously available only on 7" vinyl, but re-recorded in a most crushing manner, thus making 'Angelic Dread' the ultimate Nunslaughter statement! 
1. Angelic Dread
2. Looking into the Abyss
3. Twisted Spirit
4. Crush the Guff
5. Inner Beast
6. The Lycanthrope
7. Blood Drinker
8. God
9. Doomtown
10. Don't Mourn for Me
11. Infested
12. Coffins and Crosses
13. Three Nails, One Liar
14. One Bad Bitch
15. Death Beyond the Gallows
1. Emperor in Hell
2. God has Lied
3. The Bog People
4. Midnight Mass
5. Shadow World
6. Healing the Possessed
7. In the Graveyard
8. Ouija
9. It is I
10. Atheist Ways
11. Phantom
12. Sickened by the Sight of Christ
13. Black Horn of the Ram
14. Driving out the Demons
15. Deathlehem
16. Cerebus

July 3rd - (GER) Berlin - Under the Balck Sun Fest
July 4th - (GER) Wermelskirchen - AJZ Bahndamm
July 5th - (BEL) Leffinge - Devils Corner
July 6th - (FRA) Paris - Le Klub
July 7th - (NL) Tilberg - Little Devil
July 8th - (GER) Kassel - H. Schmiede
July 9th - (GER) Bremen - Romer
July 10th - (DEN) Fredericia - Metal Magic Fest
July 11th - (GER) Hamburg - Bambi Galore
July 12th - (GER) Torgau - In Flamen Fest
July 13th - (GER) Karlsruha - AKK
July 14th - (GER) Aalen - Rock it
July 15th - (ITA) Milano - Blue Rose
July 16th - (ITA) Zero Branco (Treviso) - Altroquando
July 17th - (AT) Graz - Club Wakuum
July 18th - (CZE) Trutniov - Obscene Extreme Fest
July 19th - (POL) Szczecin - DK Slowanin
Darkest regards......Dani.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Do I get paid for giving good reviews?

Someone actually asked me this question on a review of 'Murderdrome' I had written. Because my review didn't fit in with his views, he felt the need to actually comment, ask if I got paid for giving it such a good review, and then proceeded to write his own miniature review.

I can safely state that I have never been paid for giving a good review. In fact, I can go as far as saying I would never accept payment in exchange for a good review. My reviews are written purely on the basis of my own personal taste. If you have a look through my blog posts, you will see that the majority of films I review happen to be ones that I really enjoy. I don't feel the need to berate a movie and pour out negativity towards something someone has put time and effort into. If I dislike a film, I will give my reasons as to why, but also state it is only my opinion, and I am not saying everyone should think the same as I do. It is our differences that make us who we are after all.

I welcome comments on my posts, and frankly, I don't think enough people do tend to comment. If you agree or disagree, feel free to give your opinion. I love to discuss why one person finds something so terrible, while another thinks it is the most amazing thing on the planet. But if you are going to lazily tear apart one of my reviews, or accuse me of things such as me being paid for giving a film you didn't like a good review, then don't waste your time. The world has enough negativity, without bringing it to a blog that professes a love for all things horror, and doesn't deal in negativity.

Reviews are purely subjective. Just think how boring the world would be if everyone liked the same thing! I was raised on Troma movies, Empire Pictures movies and old Shaw Brothers films, as well as any movie which had 'Cyborg' or 'Ninja' in the title. Just because I was raised on what many call 'Trash', I don't think it has affected my taste in movies in one way or another. Yes, I still watch many indie films, because I find so much to enjoy in them. Indie films don't bow to the conventions of regular cinema, and are, for the most part, much more daring to do things you wouldn't normally see in a big Hollywood production. How many of you would expect to see something as depraved and downright sickening as the 'August Underground Trilogy' from Hollywood? Hollywood would never dream of pushing the envelope so far.

That isn't to say I belittle any big budget movie either though. While I do find some big budget movies soulless and vapid (let me state here that I find some Indie movies impossible to watch too), others I absolutely love. The claustrophobia of 'Gravity' was absolutely thrilling, and 'Pacific Rim' definitely took my movie of the year award last year. Both are examples of just how good Hollywood can be in the hands of the right people.

What I am trying to say is that my opinion is just that. My opinion. It doesn't effect anyone else because I love a film you don't. It certainly isn't going to change my opinion in any way if you come on to my blog all guns blazing and accuse me of nepotism ( Thank you Andy Catsu for teaching me a new word). If you are going to comment, be intelligent about it. Feel free to express yourself, give your opinion, and tell me how much you disagree with me. Conversation is welcome. Idiocy, negativity and accusations are not.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Annual Derby Film Festival 2014.

The annual Derby Film Festival is running from 9th - 18th of May 2014 in the East Midlands in the UK. The second and final weekend is dedicated to all things horror and supernatural (It was known as the 'Fantastiq Festival' in previous years). Not only do they have some great U.S, Japanese and British cult classics in their line-up, but they also have three directors visiting!

Here are some of the highlights: -

Friday, 16th
12:15 pm MATINEE (dir. Joe Dante, USA, 1993)
3:00 pm RAZORBACK (dir. Russell Mulcahy, AUS, 1984)
6:00 pm DIRTY MARY CRAZY LARRY (dir. John Hough, USA, 1974)
6:30 pm (Preview) GREATFUL DEAD (dir. Ejii Uchida, JP, 2013)
8:30 pm LESSON OF EVIL (dir. Takashi Miike, JP, 2012)
10:00 pm MARK OF THE DEVIL (dir. Michael Armstrong, West Germany, 1970)

Special Guest: 8:15 pm MICHAEL ARMSTRONG In Conversation.

Saturday, 17th
12:00 pm CAFÉ HORREUR (TV & Cinema cult memorabilia on sale)
12:15 pm DOCTOR WHO: THE UNEARTHLY CHILD (dir. Waris Hussein, UK, 1963)
2:15 pm BLACK CARRION / Hammer House Horror (dir. John Hough, UK, 1984)
6:15 pm TWINS OF EVIL (dir. John Hough, UK, 1971)
10:00 pm BLACK CHRISTMAS (dir. Bob Clark, CAN, 1974)

Special Guest: 8:00 pm JOHN HOUGH In Conversation.

Sunday, 18th
6:30 pm THE POSSESSION OF JOEL DELANEY (dir. Waris Hussein, USA, 1972)
8:55 pm THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE (dir. John Hough, USA, 1973)

Special Guest: 4:00 pm WARIS HUSSEIN In Conversation.

This is held at QUAD in Derby, which is an Independent cinema as well as a center for culture and arts. They used to organize two festivals each year. In May, there was iDfest which had a film and event programme centered on a popular theme (last year it was 'Family'. Then in August, They had the 'Fantastiq Weekend', which hosted a line-up of films within the horror, monster and supernatural genre.

Beginning this year, QUAD decided to merge both festivals into a ten day event, which also offered the chance for multiple screenings of some films. This years festival theme is 'Technology', and they have shown films such as 'Westworld', 'Mad Max' and 'Mad Max II' and '1984' in the line-up.

They are  showing many British classic horror films, mostly to honor their special guest, John Hough, who will be visiting for a chat, as well as Michael Armstrong, who directed the notorious witch hunting horror film 'Mark of the Devil'.

You can visit the Derby Film Festival Website by clicking HERE.

You can visit and 'LIKE' the Derby Film Festival's Facebook page by clicking HERE.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Halloween 3 is on track and moving forward!

This story is straight from the official website for 'Halloween' and 'Michael Myers', HalloweenMovies, which lets all of us Halloween fans (and even the haters) that Halloween 3 is finally moving ahead. Very little details have been released at the moment, how the film will move forward after the events in Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 is anybodies guess.

More information will be released over the coming months, and exclusively at Click HERE to read what has been said so far, and give yourself time to prepare for the next installment of the Halloween franchise.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats 'Mind Control' 2013.

Mind Control now available on your Atari 2600

The term 'Heavy', when used to describe music means different things to different people. To some, it might be the twisted riffs and blast beats of the latest death metal release. To others, it may be the slow, droning riffs of a doom band. Me? I fall into the latter category. I have always thought slow is heavier. I don't know why (perhaps it's down to my early years drowning in Tony Iommi's riffs) but to me, a riff has more time to breath if it's played slow, and if it's played to a crushingly slow drum beat, it's all the more heavier to me.

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats are a band that fuse Doom Metal together with Psychedelia, and create an unsettling but ultimately heavy as hell sound, and their release 'Mind Control' is possibly their greatest musical adventure yet. Each song is a journey through darkness, horror and sweet but sinister vocals which comfort and disturb in equal measure, while guitars belt out some of the best doom-laden riffs I have heard in a long time.

While the music is dark, heavy and suffocating, there is light in the songs in the form of the vocals. Not since Ghost has something that sounds so comforting has also been enough to disturb the listener in equal measures. More than just being your typical retro laced doom act, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats take the style that much further, injecting insanely catchy riffs which sound like they have been filtered through Iommi and Jimmy Page while the vocals are a mix of John Lennon and Alice Cooper. That is no joke. Just take a listen and you will see for yourself.

The loose concept of the album, about a cult that hangs out in the desert, Bikers and quests for enlightenment instantly brings to mind the Manson Family, as does the title. There are also references to the murders the family committed, which only serve to add an even darker aura to the already pitch black music.

Obviously, this type of music isn't for everyone. It invokes paranoia, fear and discomfort as well as taking the listener on a journey which is purely horrific but strangely enticing at the same time. If you like taking a chance on something different, something that manages to mix many different styles of music but continues to be a heavy, dark and disturbing band, check out Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed. As the closing track informs the listener, they are doing the Devil's work, and there aren't many out there that do it so well.

Darkest regards......Dani.