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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Shiva Rodriguez and Predatory moon.

Gazing through my Gmail account, I noticed an email about a movie called Predatory moon.
It went a little something like this:-
 The Indiegogo campaign has begun to raise money to start production on the movie Predatory Moon, a werewolf movie done with all practical effects that will be the directorial debut of F/X artist Shiva Rodriguez.

Shiva Rodriguez is one of the few female directors in the male-dominated indie horror scene. These
days most werewolf transformations are done with CGI but Shiva will be doing it with practical effects
like the classic film "An American Werewolf In London". Please check out the video on the campaign
page to see how she plans on achieving this difficult feat.

Official website:

Shiva has been in the entertainment industry since 1988, working with theatre and performance art
productions before moving into film and video in 2008. While she's best known for her work in
practical F/X for stage and screen, she also has experience as an art director, stage manager, costume
designer, set decorator, video editor, screenwriter, and producer.

She has done the effects for such movies as “The Housewife Slasher”
“Horrorscapes” “Rough Cut” and
“Dangerous People” .

Predatory Moon is a very old-school style horror film geared toward fans of the genre. This
production will be shot on location in Florida in 2013, utilizing a talented cast and crew of local film-
makers, natural locations, and 100% practical effects.

Instantly this got my attention.A werewolf movie with pure practical FX?Definately every horror movie fans dream.The movie is seeking funding , and every horror fan who can afford to contribute to what will be any lycanthrope fans wet dream should do so as soon as possible!!

I was lucky enough to ask the Director , and special FX creator Shiva Rodriguez some questions.So here we go.

First of all , would you like to introduce yourself to my readers?

I'm Shiva Rodriguez, and I'm a practical FX artist in Florida who is getting ready to direct a new werewolf movie called Predatory Moon.

Tell us about how your interest in horror and special FX began.

My father did a lot of work in theatre. When I was about five years old he was in a production of “Ten Nights in a Bar Room”. He was playing a character who got a glass bottle bashed over his head, so he brought a prop home and showed me how the effect was done so I wouldn't be upset when I saw it happen in the show. That's how I first learned what “sugar glass” was, and it was the first of many effects he'd show me over the years.
I also blame him for getting me interested in horror. He thought it was a good idea to read Edward Gorey books for my bedtime stories. I basically learned my ABCs from the Gashlycrumb Tinies.
Having worked in theatre and movies, which do you enjoy more, and what differences are there?
Seriously, I really can't compare the two or choose a favorite because they are so different. I'm really happy that I started in theatre though, because executing illusions in front of a live audience means that you have to design gags that can be done in one shot without the luxury of an editing room. This has certainly come in handy while doing FX work for film, especially when the director doesn't want any cuts in the scene.
How do you feel about cgi in movies?
I'm very much on the fence about CGI. On the one hand, I've seen it done so well to enhance a practical effect that I had a hard time spotting it. But I've also seen it done very poorly, and even worse, done when a practical effect would have been easy to do and more realistic-looking.
When it comes to creatures, I really prefer traditional makeups and puppeteer work to CGI because they have more of an organic and realistic appearance to them.
Tell us about your directorial debut Predatory moon.
Well, it kind of happened accidentally. I'm a partner in a production company that had been trying to get new film project going for a while and we kept hitting dead ends when it came to finding investors. Rather than just throw in the towel, we decided that we needed to find a project that could be done on a very low budget and still be very impressive in order to attract attention.
I had a script for a werewolf story that I'd written and so I put it on the table as a possibility. We discussed it, and then everyone decided that I'd be the best person to direct it because it was a horror story that relied heavily on FX during production. So within a few days I went from being the “gore girl” to being the director on the project.
Fortunately, many of the people producing this film are experienced directors, and they have been extremely helpful with teaching me the ropes while still standing back far enough to let me keep to my own vision. I'm also very lucky to have an amazing crew who have been working by my side to get this film into production.
Is it true that all of the FX in the movie are going to be practical?
Yes, all the creatures, stunts, and bloody effects will be done 100% practical without a speck of CGI.
Tell us about the story for Predatory moon.
Predatory Moon is the story about Kyle, a man who investigates suspicious animal attacks around the country looking for signs of werewolf activity. He suspects that Dean, the survivor of an alleged bear attack in Florida, may actually be infected with lycanthropy. Kyle struggles with trying to get Dean to take precautions to protect his family while also keeping it quiet about what he is really looking for in the small town.
Kyle's troubles only multiply when some of the local residents start to disappear and the police begin to keep a closer eye on the only stranger in town.
Will you be showing a transformation in the movie?
Oh yes! I originally wrote Predatory Moon to be a challenge for myself as an FX artist. These kind of transformation scenes are notoriously difficult and take a lot of time to shoot, and so of course I've been dying to do one for years.
My creature designer, Daniel Byrd, came up with some extremely unusual ideas for how the transformation would happen, and I'm really looking forward to bringing his ideas to life. We're expecting it to take as long as six days just to shoot the transformation sequence, but we all feel that the effort will be well worth it.
Do you feel you have to live up to werewolf movies of the past,or are you striving to create something fresh and new within the werewolf genre?

I have a feeling that we're going to be compared to other werewolf films whether we like it or not, but we are planning to put some new twists into the legends. The story itself is very genre-traditional by way of being a hunter-seeks-out-creature tale, but we will be presenting it in a way that I've never seen it done before.
When I was writing the script, I had to ask myself some questions about what it could really mean to be a werewolf. Was it a disease that was transferred through a bite, like rabies? What kind of biological changes does an infected person go through? How do people with lycanthropy keep their secret for so long? Do these people even know that they turn into werewolves? How do crime investigators explain the bodies of the victims? And why does it only happen during the full moon?
I think the viewers may be surprised by the answers I came up with to these questions.
Do you have an idea of when this movie will be unleashed on the general public?

It's really hard to say for sure. If we succeed with our fund-raising efforts on indiegogo, we'll be shooting the film in April 2013. Once it's finished, we are planning to submit it to film festivals before we begin seeking distribution. So it might have public showings as early as October.

We're doing everything we can to get the movie financed by the beginning of the year. In fact, the crew is spending the Thanksgiving weekend shooting a series of videos to launch what we are calling our “Blood Drive” for the last 30 days of our indiegogo campaign. Starting in December, we'll be posting a new video of the crew of Predatory Moon “killing” a different horror movie stereotype such as a zombie, vampire, clown, etc... every time a financial milestone is met on our campaign. (And yes, we'll be using all practical FX in those too!)
Many thanks to Shiva Rodriguez for taking the time to answer these questions!
Now, I don't know about all of you but I think this movie sounds amazing and the fact all of the FX are going to be practical just whet my appetite even more!! There's nothing worse than a movie which features CGI creatures. Just look at the trash churned out by the Sci Fi channel to see what I mean.
The story is another thing that gripped me. The way that it has been thought about how lycanthropy would effect someone, the questions Shiva asked herself about lycanthropy.
I urge anyone reading this to first of all go here to see all about the fundraising what the money will be used for etc to get an idea about the things needed for the movie, and then visit here to learn even more about the movie, the crew and others involved!!!
Support indie horror!! I really can't stress this point enough because without people like Shiva Rodriguez, all we horror fans would be left with are vacuous remakes and soulless horror films that are churned out by Hollywood every year. We have to do what we can to keep our genre alive, and out of the hands of the money grabbing devil worshiping giant media conglomerates!!!
Darkest regards......Dani.

Friday, 9 November 2012

My top 100 horror movies part VII.The final chapter.

Here we go, the last part of the list is here.

23.Candyman ( 1992 ) .

Based on the Clive Barker short story "The Forbidden", Bernard Rose brings us his and Clive Barker's take on the slasher movie, albeit with a tragic twist. The performances in this movie are truly hypnotic, the music amazing and the ending stays with you for a long time after the movie has finished. Tony Todd plays one of the most memorable and truly sympathetic horror movie villains since Boris Karloff wore the Frankenstein's monster make up. A woman investigating urban legends comes across the story of Candyman, but after jokingly saying his name five times into a mirror with her friend, strange things begin happening and people begin to die.

22.A nightmare on Elm street ( 1984 ) .

I know the ending totally ruins this movie, but there is no denying how much of an effective scare machine the original movie is. The movie tells the story of a group of friends who are all seeming to dream of a horribly disfigured man with razors on his hand. As each of them succumb to their dreams, only one of them can uncover the secret their parents have been hiding for years and defeat the man of their dreams.

21.Creepshow ( 1982 ) .

I love this movie. Every single story in this anthology movie kicks so much ass. My personal favorite has to be the crate, but each one is so over the top that if you don't enjoy this movie then you won't enjoy anything ever. Five tales reminiscent of E.C comics, where the protagonist in each story will always receive their comeuppance for a bad deed they committed in the past. So much fun!!

20.Hellraiser ( 1987 ) .

Another Clive Barker movie, and perhaps the most romantic horror movie I have ever seen. A musical puzzle box is solved by a man named Frank Cotton, which calls forth the cenobites, ancient beings who mingle pleasure and pain into one ecstatic feeling. If you haven't seen this movie then get right on it. There really is no excuse. Also of note are Bob Keen's FX. Truly mind blowing!!

19.Suspiria ( 1977 ) .

The most beautiful, artistic horror movie I have ever seen. The soundtrack is truly chilling and the cinematography breathtaking. A young girl travels to a dance academy in Germany, only to discover it is home to one of the "Three mothers", Mater Suspiriorum! A movie of pure beauty and unadulterated horror. It plays out like a blood soaked fairy tale and is all the more shocking for it.

18.Inside ( 2007 ) .

Another French horror movie, and in all honesty this movie is disturbing in every way. A pregnant woman is stalked by a psychotic assailant who murders everyone that enters the woman's home. The reasons for her wanting the woman become clear and all the more shocking as the movie reaches it's terrifying climax. A truly sickening horror movie, and the first one in a long time that had any sort of effect on me.

17.The beyond ( 1981 ) .

Fulci brings us not only another slice of supernatural horror, but also a commentary on life and what he feels comes after. One of the seven gates of Hell is thrown wide open beneath a hotel and as the hotel is being renovated, people begin dying in mysterious ways. The film contains very little violence (apart from the scene with Schweik being whipped with the chain at the beginning and the girl having her head blown off), with the rest of the deaths being caused by unnatural causes such as a mans face being eaten by spiders or glass being blown into someones face. An amazingly creepy movie, the tension suffocates, and the ending certainly doesn't wish to make anyone happy.

16.Haute tension ( 1993 ) .

Alexandre Aja's debut movie, and one hell of a gory slasher movie. Two friends are chased by a serial killer who murders one of the friends parents and others. I personally don't believe the ending was a cop out. I thought it was an incredibly awesome twist to an already amazing film. Also of note are the FX, which were handled by Fulci regular Giannetto De Rossi. One blood soaked ride, and one that captures insanity perfectly.

15.August underground's Mordum ( 2003 ) .

Still to this day the most depraved, sickening movie I have ever seen. I'm not going to say much about this one for fear of ruining the shocking content of the movie, other than to say it is a continuation and amplification of all that went before in the original August Underground. Go see it .... if you dare!!!!

14.28 days later ( 2002 ) .

Another British horror film, and one that mistakenly seems to always be lumped in with the zombie sub genre. Animal rights activists break into  laboratory, who are then attacked by a chimp infected by the highly contagious "Rage" virus , which then happens to spread throughout London. A blood soaked, highly emotional movie with brilliant cinematography and heaps of emotion. This is a horror movie that also manages to prey on our fears of being alone.

13.Friday the 13th ( 1980 ) .

Camp Crystal lake is about to be opened once more, but the Councillors are being murdered in ever more gruesome ways. Who is behind the killings?? One of my favorite slasher movies ever, the FX by Tom Savini are mind blowing and Betsy Palmer's performance is truly brilliant.

12.The last house on the left ( 1972 ) .

Two friends are kidnapped by a group of killers/rapists, and the film tells of their fight for survival. This film is still shocking to this day, the content is sickening and the realistic subject matter make this movie all the more chilling. David Hess is amazing as the chief protagonist Krug. Just keep repeating.... It's only a movie...... It's only a movie....... It's only a movie.

11.Deep red ( 1975 ) .

Argento brings us another Giallo movie, this time telling the story of a musician who bears witness to a famous psychic being murdered,  and decides to investigate further into the murders happening all around which he feels are linked. Some brilliant set pieces, spectacular murder scenes and amazing photography again make this another Argento film to enjoy time and time again.

10.Day of the dead ( 1985 ) .

Romero's best (at least in my opinion) zombie movie tells the story of battling scientists and soldiers holed up in an underground bunker. This movie has to be the most pessimistic, downright depressing zombie movie I have ever watched. Every scene oozes hopelessness. The deaths in this movie also have to be seen to be believed. Truly sickening!!

9.The thing ( 1982 ) .

THE greatest remake ever made (at least so far), John Carpenter brings us a truly frightening tale of an alien life form unleashed in the arctic, and how a group of scientists deal with their numbers being overtaken by the malevolent life form. Some sickening effects, and a real feeling of isolation make this a classic to be viewed again and again and again!

8.The wicker man ( 1973 ) .

A policeman travels to the island of Summerisle, in search of a little girl who has disappeared. The depiction of differing religions ( Christianity and Celtic Paganism) and the truly chilling ending make this, in my opinion, one of the greatest horror movies ever made.

7.The Texas chain saw massacre ( 1974 ) .

A group of young friends come across an old house, but the inhabitants aren't that welcoming. They nevertheless decide to have a few of the friends over for dinner. The lack of violence, the sickening set pieces, the feeling of pure terror running through every second of this movie make it one of the purest horror movies I have ever seen.

6.City of the living dead ( 1980 ) .

In my opinion, the greatest Fulci movie ever made. A priest commits suicide by hanging himself over the cemetery in Dunwich, therefore opening the gates of hell and releasing supernaturally powered zombies who lay waste to the people of Dunwich  along with the spirit of the Priest. Great gore FX , sinister scenery and a huge drill through Giovanni Lambardo Radice's head!! What more could a discerning horror fan ask for.

5.The exorcist ( 1973 ) .

This film was made purely to frighten, and it still manages to do so to this day. I agree that how much it bothers you may depend on your religious standpoint, but there is no denying the power and fear this movie promotes. A young girl begins behaving strangely and after undergoing many medical tests, her mother comes to the conclusion she is possessed.

4.The burning ( 1981 ) .

What is in my opinion, the greatest slasher movie ever made comes in at number four. Teenagers play a prank on the caretaker and as he knocks the burning skull used in the prank onto his sheets he is engulfed in flames. He makes his way to another camp, gruesomely picking off campers one by one with his trademark garden shears. Tom Savini handles the FX in this movie, and the carnage is unbelievable.

3.Psycho ( 1960 ) .

Alfred Hitchcock brings us the blueprint for all slasher movies of the future. Norman Bates runs the Bates motel. After meeting a young woman named Marion Crane, Norman's Mother doesn't agree with her son liking girls, and Mother is going to do something about it. Anthony Perkins is chilling in the role of Norman Bates. It still sends shivers down my spine to this day and the shower scene with all that chocolate sauce (mmmmmm chocolate) still stands up today, as does the whole movie.

2.Cannibal holocaust ( 1980 ) .

The first ever found footage movie (forget the Blair witch project claiming as such) this movie is graphic, sickening, and everything else a horror movie should be while also making valid claims on the carelessness of humanity and how we try to dominate those we feel are inferior. Don't deny yourself viewing this classic horror movie. Watch it NOW!!!

1.John Carpenter's Halloween ( 1978 ) .

Everything about this movie makes it scary. The long, lonely shots of the empty streets. The shapes pale mask, the way he seems to be in no rush to accomplish what he came back to Haddonfield for, the music. This film still is in my opinion the greatest horror movie ever made, and still holds the title to this day of being the only horror movie to ever scare me.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my top 100 horror movies. I would love to hear your thoughts on what I have chosen, so please feel free to leave comments below.

Darkest regards......Dani.



Thursday, 8 November 2012

My top 100 horror movies part VI.

The penultimate part. Lets get this done.

34.An American werewolf in London ( 1981 ).

Another horror/comedy (I can almost hear the groans) but again, this one does something different. A werewolf that moves around on all fours, more beast than man. Rick Bakers amazing FX, in my opinion the greatest werewolf change in the history of cinema. The attack in London where the werewolf literally bites someones head off. Amazing!!!

33.Black Christmas ( 1974 ).

Bob Clark's proto-slasher is one creepy movie. A group of female students must face a serial killer who first of all makes perverted prank calls to their sorority house. They then find out that the killer is actually in their house, and the battle for survival begins. The POV shot at the beginning of the movie is an obvious influence on Halloween, and the relatively bloodless movie uses suspense to great effect. The tagline "IF THIS MOVIE DOESN'T MAKE YOUR SKIN CRAWL, IT'S ON TOO TIGHT" has never been more honest!!

32.Martin ( 1976 ).

The first Romero film to feature special effects from the great Tom Savini, this movies ambiguity is what stands out the most and the great performance by Romero regular John Amplas. Martin believes he is a vampire, and when we first meet him he is about to sedate a woman and drink her blood. A woman Martin is friends with believes him to be mentally ill, not undead at all. None of the murders in this film go smoothly, and Amplas portrays the shy Martin with great aplomb.

31.The Descent ( 2005 ).

A British horror movie, and still one of the most atmospheric movies I have ever witnessed. Six women investigate an unmapped cave system and become trapped by creatures who want to feed on them. Full of suspense, gore and terror, this is definitely a movie to get your heart racing.

30.Night of the Living Dead ( 1990 ) .

What can I say other than I enjoy Tom Savini's version so much more than the original Romero version. At least the screenplay was still written by Romero. I just feel this move is better in every way. The characters are more well realized. The character of Barbara doesn't fall into a state of catatonia and actually does something in this movie other than seem incredibly distant. Then there are the zombies. Amazing zombies. This is Night of the living dead amplified in every way!

29.Shivers ( 1975 ) .

A scientist creates a parasite that is a cross between an aphrodisiac and venereal disease. Once the parasite finds a host, it creates uncontrollable sexual urges in it's host. This movie has hints of the infection sub genre of horror about it and features some truly disturbing scenes like the bathtub scene where a woman becomes the unwilling host for a parasite. Remember folks, this is Cronenberg, so it's definitely no easy ride and also isn't full of graphic sex as my synopsis would suggest. This movie is horror of the purest kind.

28.Pieces ( 1982 ) .

Still the bloodiest slasher movie I have ever seen. A boy is doing a jigsaw puzzle of a nude woman and when his mother catches him, she beats him and threatens to burn his possessions. He then murders her with an axe. So begins this awesome (but in some places chronologically incorrect) movie. Go give it a go!!

27.Tombs of the Blind Dead ( 1971 ) .

Another Spanish horror movie following Pieces, this one tells the story of Templar knights (although in the movie, they are referred to as Knights from the east) who return from the dead after being persecuted for witchcraft. An amazingly creepy movie, and the fact the zombies hunt by sound creeps up the tension to almost unbearable levels.

26.The Fog ( 1980 ) .

The scariest ghost movie I have ever seen. I remember playing tricks on my friends after watching this, knocking on my wall and making them jump so bad they would begin to cry. Leprous pirates take revenge on the town that failed to help them many years ago. John Carpenter's score help increase the tension again, and the ghosts look amazing!

25.The Hitcher ( 1986 ) .

Rutger Hauer is probably one of the creepiest Hitchhikers I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. He is so cold, so obviously crazy yet he plays it so straight. Jim gives a man a ride,  a soft spoken man whose temperament suddenly changes when he informs Jim that the car they just passed is stranded because the Hitchhiker Jim picked up murdered and mutilated the occupants of the car. So much suspense in this movie you'll be tearing out your hair!!

24.Nightbreed ( 1990 ) .

Clive Barker hits home again with Nightbreed. A story of beasts  and man and who is really the true monster. This film impresses on so many levels. Hopefully, the Cabal cut (an extended version of how Clive originally wanted the film to be before it was butchered by the production company) will see a release very soon. Nevertheless, the version which is out now is still a masterclass in fantastical horror.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

My top 100 horror movies part V .

Lets get back to this.

49.I spit on your grave ( 1978 ) .

I have never understood why this movie is frowned upon so much. It tells the tale of a writer who is repeatedly raped and humiliated by a group of men who she then takes revenge on in a variety of gruesome ways. The rape scenes are handled well, the camera never lingering too long in one place, more intent on showing the men indulging in the disgusting act than in showing the woman's terror. The revenge scenes are well handled too, and by no means are they as gory as the remake but they certainly manage to hit home harder.

48.REC ( 2007 ) .

It had been a long while since a horror movie had managed to do what REC did to me. It actually managed to send shivers down my spine and seeing the Madeiros girl at the end definitely stuck in my mind. It seems audiences in the UK didn't grasp onto the possession aspect (maybe because when you see the articles explaining the possession, they are all in Spanish) and saw it as more of a zombie movie, something which the American remake, Quarantine, certainly is. This film is truly frightening, gory and full of scares. I love it!!!

47.The church ( 1989 ) .

I saw this many years ago at a sleepover at a friends house, and the images in this movie have stuck in my mind since. A group of Teutonic Knights butcher a whole village of supposed witches and build a church over their dead bodies. Many years later, a group of tourists are visiting the church and as they break the crypts seal, evil is unleashed. Lots of dream like imagery, a nice bit of gore and an amazing effect of the devil having sex with a woman before falling to hell are involved in this movie. Michele Soavi does it again in this amazing piece of Italian cinema.

46.Martyrs ( 2008 ) .

I hated this movie on first viewing. But after viewing it again, it clicked with me and it got to me in a way only a few  other movies have. I'm not going to give anything away about the movie other than to say its brutal, intelligent and the ending will sit with you for days. It tells the story of two girls, one of whom went through bouts of horrendous abuse as a child, and what happens when she comes across the people who abused her. But beware, as that is only the beginning of this very dark movie.

45.Stagefright ( 1987 ) .

The last of Michele Soavi's movies to make the list, and my opinion his greatest work. The cinematography is amazing, the soundtrack perfect, the setting incredibly well realised and the murder scenes shocking and gory. A psychopath in an owl mask takes out the cast of a musical about a murderer known as "The night owl" . Simply breathtaking!!

43.Wolf creek ( 2005 ) .

Another extreme horror movie, and one that was a lot more brutal than I was expecting. Three people break down and are helped by a mysterious man, who turns out to be something he isn't. Surprisingly brutal, albeit rather slowly paced at first, the movie turns into an amazing fight for survival against one of cinemas most sickening madmen.

42.Saw ( 2004 ) .

I don't care what anyone thinks, I happen to enjoy all of the Saw movies. I also happen to despise the "torture porn" tag these movies are given. I assume for something to be pornographic, it would have to feature a lot of the "ole in 'n out", but these movies don't seem to, which in my opinion is no bad thing. Two men are chained together in a room with a corpse in the middle and tape recorders with instructions/clues on why they are there. The twist was rather silly, but I really think it worked. The whole film worked. The chaotic editing, the traps, all amazing.


41.The house by the cemetery ( 1981 ) .

Fulci takes on the haunted house sub genre of horror in this creepy and violent tale about a couple and their son who movie into the house of the title, only to find it haunted by something completely unexpected. The thing that gets me about this movie is it's atmosphere. It really is haunting. Not as violent as other Fulci movies, but definitely one of his more coherent. Go seek it out!

40.Witchfinder general ( 1968 ) .

Vincent Price stars as Matthew Hopkins, Witchfinder. For it's time, this movie contains insane amounts of violence and torture. The movie also shows corruption and the lengths people will go to to protect loved ones. Definitely a great movie and in my opinion, Vincent Price's greatest performance ever!

39.Basket case ( 1982 ) .

Frank Henenlotter brings us this grindhouse gem. Duane Bradley carries a basket around with him that contains his Siamese twin Belial. They were separated at an early age against their will, and they take revenge on the people who separated them. The film also deals with Belial's resentment at being separated from his more normal (at least in the looks department) brother. Amazing, funny, gory and it contains stop motion animation!! I still can't get enough of this movie!!

38.The return of the living dead ( 1985 ) .

Yes , I know it's a horror comedy, but it is amazing! A couple of workers accidentally release a gas which brings the dead back to life and all hell breaks loose. The cemetery scene alone is absolutely brilliant, as is the attack of the "Tar man" zombie!!

37.Demons ( 1985 ) .

People are given tickets to a mysterious movie showing at a local theater. As they watch the events on screen, they seem to mirror things that are happening in real life, and it isn't long before the Demons of the title make an appearance and begin tearing the flesh of the people in the cinema. A high energy monster movie with lashings of gore and a very over the top ending.

36.The funhouse ( 1981 ) .

Tobe Hooper brings us this slasher movie set in a fun house (or Ghost train to my British readers). Teenagers decide to stay in the fun house after it closes, and are then stalked by a killer in a Frankenstein's monster mask! Some nice kills and an awesome ending make this one to seek out.

35.La horde ( 2009 ) .

Another French movie, this time showing their take on the Zombie sub genre. This is an action packed movie filled with brutal violence. A group of police men raid drug dealers that have previously killed one of the police men's colleagues, but the raid goes wrong and then to top things off, a zombie apocalypse breaks out and the two parties realize that they are going to have to work together to survive.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Monday, 5 November 2012

My top 100 horror movies part IV.

The forth part. If you are still with me, I hope you enjoy reading.

59.Dagon ( 2001 ) .

Stuart Gordon brings us probably the greatest adaptation of H.P Lovecraft's work. Although the movie isn't actually based on the short story Dagon, it is based on the story "The shadow over Innsmouth". Some friends on a yachting holiday are washed up against some rocks. While two of the friends stay on the boat, the other two take a lifeboat to a small fishing village where everything isn't as it seems. This movie is creepy, gory and as I said before, definitely the most faithful adaptation of any of Lovecraft's work.

58.Teeth ( 2007 ) .

I must admit to being incredibly disappointed with this movie on first viewing, but after watching it again, I found myself really enjoying it. Admittedly, not showing the "teeth" in question didn't really sell the movie to me at first, but it really works and the humor, while not incredibly prevalent, works really well too. It also works as a morality tale. Check it out for yourself.

57.Scream ( 1996 ) .

Wes Craven brings us this Horror/Comedy, and I for one found it incredibly refreshing. I really don't feel the need to say much about this as anyone who is anyone has seen this, but for you who haven't, its a slasher movie with pop culture references and it is also incredibly self aware.Enjoy!

56.Henry : Portrait of a serial killer ( 1986 ) .

Loosely based on the exploits of real life serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, This is one brutal ride and again another movie that you tend to survive more than enjoy. Sick, sadistic and shocking, this should be on every horror movie fans to view list. Michael Rooker's performance is so intense it chills the blood!!

55.Dawn of the dead ( 1978 ) .

I'm going to be controversial here and say that I really do enjoy Argento's cut of the movie so much more than the Romero version. Maybe it's because Argento takes the comedy away and leaves one brutal pessimistic movie behind. Dawn of the dead tells the story of a group of survivors who take shelter in a shopping mall. Definatly one of the bloodiest movies I have ever witnessed and again, one that every horror fan should own!!

54.Inferno ( 1980 ) .

Yes, the film doesn't make sense. But if you look into it, it isn't supposed to. It's supposed to be dreamlike, stringing horrific images together, and I for one found it incredibly enjoyable although I must admit to not liking the musical score as much as I enjoy them in other Argento movies. This is a thematic sequel to Suspiria and continues the nightmarish visuals seen in that movie. The underwater scene in the beginning is absolutely amazing!! A young man haunted by the Mother of Tears, travels to New York to investigate the disappearance of his sister only to discover the apartment building she was staying in belongs to the Mother of darkness.

53.Deadgirl ( 2008 ) .

I read so much about this movie and only got around to watching it last year. I wasn't disgusted, shocked or anything but I did see one of the greatest genre pieces I had seen in a long time. The performances all around are amazing and the loss of innocence coupled with being a teenager is handled incredibly well. Couple that with a zombie girl who is tied up and used as a sex toy, and you have one incredibly subversive, controversial horror movie.

52.Videodrome ( 1983 ) .

Another Cronenberg movie, this time about the dangers of violence in cinema. It tells the story of a CEO of a small cable TV operator, who hears of a broadcast signal which shows extreme violence and torture. But there is a conspiracy involved and as the movie goes on, the lines between reality and fantasy are blurred as the CEO suffers horrific hallucinations. This film , as most of Cronenberg's other work, is a complete head trip, but also intelligent and it contains a lot of subtext.

51.Brain damage ( 1988 ) .

Frank Henenlotter brings us this strange tale of a parasite named Aylmer, who in return for feasting on human brains, will inject his host with a strange hallucinogenic secretion. Crazy, funny, gory and very strange, I enjoy all of Henenlotter's movies, and this one is no exception. It manages to find itself in the top 100 because of the amazingly bizarre Aylmer, and the grimness of the cinematography. Not to mention the amazing scenes of gore.


50.Evilspeak ( 1981 ) .

I love this movie!!! Clint Howard plays a bullied Army cadet who happens to find a diary written by Father Estoban, a satanic priest we see at the beginning of the movie. Using his knowledge of computers, Clint Howard's character translates the diary. His character then takes revenge on his classmates using black magic, culminating in one hell of a bloodbath. I love the way the heads literally explode when they are hit with the broadsword!!! And the pigs!!! Just check out those pigs!!

Darkest regards......Dani.


Friday, 2 November 2012

My top 100 horror movies III .

Again, I'm gonna get straight back into it (and yes, I should have done more last night but I suffered an attack of hypoglycemia. Oh yes, the perils of being a type 1 diabetic).

74.Someones knocking at the door ( 2009 ) .

What a complete headtrip of a movie. Insane beyond belief but also an amazing throwback to the grindhouse movies of yesteryear. A pair of brutal serial killers/rapists return to kill/rape a group of students. I really can't give anymore away. This movie really does hurt my head, but I love it!!

73.Cronos ( 1983 ) .

A strange take on the vampire myth. This is Guillermo Del Toro's first feature film but still manages to capture all the fantastical elements captured in his later movies. Escape for a while, and enjoy the hell out of this one!

72.Eraserhead ( 1977 ) .

Never has a film been so strange, so disturbing, so... I really can't think of any more words to describe this masterpiece of the macabre. Not a film to enjoy (not in the normal sense anyway), but certainly one to experience!!

71.Peeping Tom ( 1960 ) .

In my humble opinion, this is THE first ever slasher movie and also the first movie to actually involve the viewer in the murders taking place by using P.O.V camera shots. Again, its incredibly tame by today's standards, but is a brilliant movie and a must for any fan of the Slasher sub genre.

70.The Amityville horror ( 1979 ) .

The greatest haunted house movie ever made (at least thats what I think anyway), this film still manages to disturb me even after many years after my first viewing. A couple of newlyweds move into a house where a strange entity attempts to wipe them out. Amazingly tense, this movie is another must see!!

69.The Brood ( 1979 ) .

Another Cronenberg shocker. This is another amazing movie from the Canadian director. This film has it all. Mutant children, fetus eating, even the late great Oliver Reed!!! If this one doesn't manage to disturb you, consider yourself one of the lucky ones!!

68.Childs Play ( 1988 ) .

Charles Lee Ray is a serial killer who manages to transfer his soul into a Goodguy doll. Then he tries to possess the first person who he reveals himself to, who just happens to be a young boy. I love this movie. The feeling of suspense when I first saw this was almost unbearable. I know the sequels are not half as good, but this one definitely deserves to be in the top 100.

67.Children of the corn ( 1984 ) .

A religious cult of children believe everyone in their town should be killed/sacrificed to He who walks behind the rows when they reach the age of eighteen. Two adults become trapped in the sleepy town and have to survive the demonic children. This film manages to make children scary, devious and downright frightening. Give it a go. You never know, you might like it. But seriously, after the first sequel don't bother. Really.

66.Dead and buried ( 1981 ) .

Another one I used to see in my local Plazza video store all the time when I was young. This film features one of the creepiest scenes ever committed to celluloid (just check out when they find the wreckage of the burned out car with the body inside, and please, don't say i didn't warn you). Also notable for featuring a cameo by one Robert Englund. Tourists are murdered in a sleepy seaside town, but days later they are returning to life. How is this happening? Give it a watch to find out!!

65.Dolls ( 1987 ) .

Yes. The mighty Stuart Gordon brings us what is probably the greatest killer doll film EVER MADE! This movie is pure fantasy, and all the more enjoyable for it. A group of tourists stop by an old mansion owned by two old toy makers and their magical dolls. This is pure eighties magic.

64.From dusk till dawn ( 1996 ) .

Who doesn't want to visit a bar like the Titty twister?? Never mind the fact it's populated by ravenous vampires!! The cameos in this movie are a joy to behold!Danny Trejo, Fred Williamson and Tom Savini! An unadulterated joy to watch again and again!

63.The convent ( 2000 ) .

I first saw this movie many years ago, and me and my friends were quoting lines from it for years to come!! A joy to witness, this high energy demonic splatter fest has everything the horror buff could wish for, including Adrienne Barbeau!!! A group of friends break into an old abandoned convent, and end up becoming possessed by demons!! Oh yeah!!!

62.May ( 2002 ) .

Lucky Mckee is one amazing director. This tale of May, who just wants to be loved is phenomenal. No matter how hard May tries to connect with people around her, she just won't be accepted. Seriously, if you haven't watched this you are missing one hell of a horror movie (and remember, it's a Lucky Mckee film, so dont go in expecting typical horror).

61.The ugly ( 1997 ) .

An Australian horror film, the ugly contains enough nightmarish imagery to make even the most hardened horror fan lose a few hours sleep. A female psychologist attempts to understand an inmate who has been locked away in a mental hospital for the past five years after he confesses to murders he has comitted. Truly chilling!!

60.Tales from the crypt ( 1972 ) .

The first horror anthology to feature in the list, this is classic horror in every sense of the word! Five stories are featured, but my favorite has to be "And all through the hous ", all about a killer Santa!! Did I mention Peter Cushion features in the third segment?? GO SEEK IT OUT!!!

Unearthed and untold : The path to Pet Sematary.

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Darkest regards......Dani.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

My top 100 horror movies Part II .

Lets get straight back into this.

84.Blood feast ( 1963 ) .

Any film that chooses an actress on the basis that she can fit a cow tongue in her mouth is ok by me!! Another H.G Lewis masterpiece, anyone who is interested in seeing the beginnings of gore in cinema has to check this movie out. A caterer sacrifices beautiful women to an Egyptian goddess with gory and (unintentionally hilarious) consequences!!

83.Slaughter high ( 1986 ) .

Something different from the UK here. Our very own attempt at the slasher movie. Yes, the accents are terrible but the FX are sickening and the story is alright, but as I have mentioned before it's the kills we watch these movies for, and this has them in spades!! Poor Marty gets burned when a prank is played on him, and years later hes back to take revenge on the people who caused his injuries. Some people mention the ending being a complete cop out, but really its different and quite hilarious!!

82.Lighthouse ( 2000 ) .

If you enjoy a good decapitation, then this is certainly the film for you because believe me, heads certainly do roll! Survivors of a shipwreck are stalked and beheaded by an escaped psycho. That really is all you need to know!!!

81.Resurrecting the street walker ( 2009 ) .

An awesome, involving and deeply unsettling British horror which touches on the insanity of video nasties, and a sly supernatural undercurrent. An ambitious movie runner and film nut finds an abandoned and incomplete film titled "Street walker" ,and decides to finish the film but it ends up taking over his life and the lines between whats happening in real life and in the movie are blurred beyond recognition.

80.A bay of blood ( 1971 ) .

Another Bava movie, this time he turns the screen crimson with this amazing tale of murder and greed. A family fight it out for inheritance and the only way they are going to get it is by murdering one another! Probably Bava's most graphically violent movie, and one that had a huge impact on the slasher genre.

79.The new york ripper ( 1982 ) .

Fulci. What more needs to be said. This film is truly sickening, perverted and violent. And it really doesn't let up for the entire duration of the movie. Probably Fulci's most coherent horror movie, the kills in this one are truly stomach turning .A killer with a strange Donald duck esque voice murders women. Again and again and again. Check it out if you haven't already!!

78.The phantom of death ( 1988 ) .

Another Giallo makes it to the list. This one was directed by Ruggero Deodato, and tells the story of a man driven insane by a disease which makes him age rapidly. Some Argento style camera shots and well orchestrated violence make this one to watch .

77.Macabre ( 1980 ) .

Directed by the son of the great Mario Bava, Lamberto Bava brings us a movie that is probably the closest to his fathers work. A woman has an affair behind her families back, but a violent accident kills her lover. The woman is released from a mental asylum and is happy to continue her carnal relationship with the dead man. Is it all in her head, or has she found a new way to satisfy her lust for her dead lover. Believe me, it certainly won't be anything you expect!!

76.Poltergeist ( 1982 ) .

Who hasn't actually seen this movie? A family is haunted by malevolent spirits who abduct the daughter and take her to the other side. Incredibly tame by today's standards even though this movie is directed by Tobe Hooper, it has Spielberg stamped all over it.

75.The exorcist III ( 1990 ) .

Set fifteen years after the original film, the film tells the story of LT.William Kinderman, who is investigating a series of satanic murders which all have the hallmarks of the deceased serial killer "The Gemini" .In my opinion, this one actually lives up to the original. Excerpts of audio from the movie can be heard in the Necrophagia track "Blaspheme the body" found on their "The divine art of torture" album.

Thats all for now. Until next time....

Darkest regards......Dani.