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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Behind the Cross (short film). 2012.

Behind the Cross is the debut movie from Finnish director Tomi Kerminen, and let me tell you something, its an incredibly frightening and depressing movie. It also has the accolade of actually making me jump. It has been a long while since any movie has managed to do that, and seeing as it was in the first 5 minutes of the film, it definitely impressed me.

The movie tells the story of Father Michael, who is plunging into the depths of madness and depravity after years of ridicule and a horrible childhood. He becomes an embodiment of pure evil, and commits such things as murder and spiritual degradation while still clinging on to his priesthood.

The symbolism in this movie is incredibly apparent from the get go, and the movie has an incredibly artistic feel about it. But please, don't let that put you off, as Behind the Cross is as dark a movie I have seen is such a long time. There are many moments in the movie where it shows visually the moments of a true psychotic, also using religious/iconic symbols as a contrast to the madness.

I felt that it was making a point of showing Religion to be the real evil in our society, that it corrupts all who follow it beyond recognition.

The movie is incredibly intelligent, thought provoking, and twisted, and it was shocking in every sense of the word. Awesome!!!

Darkest regards......Dani.

I Spill your Guts (2012)

It is rather rare in the Horror genre for a movie to be considered fun. Well let me tell you something. As well as being awesome, I Spill your Guts is also a lot of fun in every way shape and form. If this movie doesn't bring a smile to your face, then there is something seriously wrong with you!! I haven't had this much fun viewing a movie in a long time!! In fact, not since the last Troma release!!

Dennis takes a bullet for his friend Joe, and as Dennis lays dying in hospital, Joe tells him how he is going to take all of the glory and be the hero, seeing as Dennis is dying, no one will be able to contest this. The thing is, Dennis doesn't die, and he takes to the streets of New York with one thing on his mind...Revenge on anyone connected to Joe, and ultimately, Joe himself.

Written and directed by James Balsamo, the movie is killer in every way, and brings to mind the sleazy gore fests of the seventies and early eighties, as barely a minute goes by without either somebody dying or someone taking off their clothes.

The film moves along at a brisk pace, and has some amazing cameos, such as Lloyd Kaufman, Andrew W.K amongst many others. All of the FX are practical, which is definitely a plus for this horror fan, and the acting is brilliant all round too. The music is another thing worthy of a mention. The soundtrack is filled with punk/metal, and suited the atmosphere of the film perfectly.

The ending is is amazing and a very fitting end for such a cool movie. The characters in the movie are all well realized, especially Dennis (played by James Balsamo) who comes across as showing pure anger as the wronged killer, and Joe (played by Billy Walsh) who really is a complete slime ball in every way.

This movie has so much heart, and it really does shine through in everything about the movie, from the acting, to the FX, to the soundtrack. Everything about it is top notch. James Balsamo has an incredibly bright future ahead if he continues to make movies of this caliber!!

Darkest regards......Dani.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Fist of Jesus (short film)

Seriously, anyone reading this blog needs to check out this short right now!!! If you enjoy zombies, gore and humor in the vein of Evil dead 2, then you'll love this crazy short!!

And don't forget to visit to see how you can help the makers make a feature film, because if this short is anything to go by, the makers definitely have a penchant for blood soaked mayhem!!

Darkest regards.....Dani

Don't torture a duckling (1972).

Anyone reading this knows I'm a huge Fulci fan, and this is one of my favorite Fulci movies. Pre pubescent boys are disappearing in a small Italian village that is rife with a severe distrust of outsiders and steeped in superstition. Suspicion falls on each of the local 'outsiders'. The village idiot, a local witch, an old man and a rich mans daughter with a penchant for young boys.

This is the second Giallo movie I have seen from Lucio Fulci, and I have to say, while being rather light on the blood and gore, the film is shocking in many different ways, and it's criticisms on the failing of Catholicism in modern society speaks volumes.

This movie really doesn't have any likable/relatable characters at all. Even the children featured in the movie come across as cruel. Every single person we meet in the movie could be the killer, and we are thrown many red herrings as the movie progresses with great intelligence.

The movie does throw a great deal at it's audience, but it never tries to force you in to liking something. It is ambiguous in its story telling, and very powerful in its scenes of brutality and small mindedness.

 Dont torture duckling is a triumph in every respect. The story is tight, and moves along at a steady pace, containing several different threads as it moves forward, but always keeping the atrocities at the forefront.

All in all, in my opinion, this really is the most shocking of all of Fulci's movies, and it doesn't lose any of it's coherency in it's twisting narrative. Not only does it take a grim view of Religion as a whole, but also of social change, and the casualties that come with it.

Another thing worthy of a mention is the soundtrack, composed by Riz Ortolani. It is beautiful, and suits the beauty of Italy perfectly, and is easily one of his best outside of the infamous Cannibal Holocaust.

This is a movie of contrast, the inability/unwantedness of a village still living by the rules of the old world, to adapt into the ways of now, and the lengths people will go to to cling on to the ways of old.

Check out this amazing piece of Italian cinema. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Lord of Tears.

Lord of Tears is the latest in a long line of horror films from the shores of Scotland, and just like the majority of horror movies from the UK, this one is going to be killer!!

The story concerns a man trapped in an old, crumbling mansion, who is attempting to piece together a childhood broken by repressed memories and dark secrets, all the while being stalked by an owl headed monster.

Blending inspiration from classic mythology, ancient history and modern legends such as Slender Man, Lord of Tears is definitely a movie to watch out for!

The movie itself is complete, and a kickstarter page has been set up to finance an exhibition tour for the movie. The script is written by Sarah Daly (the music artist Metaphorest, and cousin of Kate Bush), stars David Schofield (of Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator) and is directed by Lawrie Brewster, whose past collaborations with Sarah Daly include works with Joseph Gordon Levitt and Channing Tatum, that have featured at Sundance and SXSW.

The kickstarter includes a brand new trailer, and a description of the movie by the director himself. Visit it here

You can view the trailer by visiting here

The official website is here

Be sure to check this out, and give another rising talent your support!!

Darkest regards......Dani

Friday, 22 February 2013

15-Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer (2011).

I have to admit, It's been a long while since a horror movie has bothered me.Not since viewing August Underground's Mordum a few years ago, and it taking three attempts for me to get through has a movie bothered me as much as the one I viewed last night.

15-Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer is vile, repulsive and downright creepy. These are by no means slurs on the movie in any way, shape or form. It is incredibly well made, effective and downright scary, but it visits some very dark places, and won't be one for the 'Horror Lite' fan.

Jack Hamill and Brenda Hill are hired to make a documentary about serial killer Edward Payne (payed with great malice and emotion by the movies producer/director/writer Jason Hawkins). Jack captures everything on Video, and its these videos that make up the movie.

It pains me to describe a film as sick, but there really is no other description for this movie. The fact that it is firmly rooted in reality only makes the subject matter even scarier. This isn't horror, this is pure unadulterated terror.

I really felt for the characters, and even felt a little empathy for the killer, at least at the beginning of the movie, because as the movie goes on, believe me, its hard to feel anything other than disgust at his actions, as fear and understanding that this person is inviting you into his mind finally sink in.

When I began watching, I thought "oh great, another found footage movie", but by the end, I was on the edge of my seat, a rather sick feeling in my stomach, and a smile on my face. This movie touches on very raw emotions, and really isn't your typical horror movie in any shape or form. One thing it is though, is absolutely amazing. For a start, the acting is superb from every person in the movie.

The interviewees on the street were not actors, they were real people who were stopped and asked questions, and to find out the last scene was not rehearsed was even more shocking. The last scene is akin to the final scene in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, in that it openly shows true madness, but believe me it goes a lot further than you can imagine.

Jason Hawkins is definitely a name to watch out for, because if this is anything to go by, he is gonna be the creator/influence of nightmares for many years to come!!

Thankyou very much Jason Hawkins for providing a screener.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Monday, 18 February 2013

The Orphan Killer (2011).

What a movie. What a title. It's been a long time since I've witnessed a screen killer with as much anger as Marcus Miller. He is totally relentless in his butchery. Written, produced and directed by Matt Farnsworth (who also plays Mike in the movie) The Orphan Killer brings to life the story of brother and sister Marcus and Audrey Miller, who were raised in an orphanage after their parents were brutally murdered in a robbery at the family home, while the children hid away in a bathtub, but inadvertently, Marcus witnessed the killing of his parents.

While at the orphanage, Marcus becomes overly protective of his sister, which doesn't sit too well with the Nuns, who subject him to beatings, isolation and even going as far as making him wear a mask to show all the other children how much of a monster he is. Audrey gets adopted not long after arriving at the orphanage, but Marcus stays there at the mercy of the Nuns and because Audrey is so young, she forgets about her older brother.

But Marcus has escaped his confinement and returns to the orphanage to take his revenge.

This film is brutal as hell. It has been a long while since I have witnessed a movie filled with so much anger, so much hate. And you know what? It works so well. Not only do you have your slasher villain, and gory deaths, there are also some amazingly brutal torture scenes, and a story of family love to tie it all together.

The directors distaste for religion shines through too, which is always a good thing. More intelligent than your average slasher movie, and with so much emotion it's difficult for this movie not to leave an impression on you!!

The killer is intimidating, bordering on the lunatic, and is played with absolutely no restraint at all. Which is definitely a plus in this slasher fans book. And, yes, Marcus Miller is a masked killer like we have all seen many times before, but this killer verbalizes his intentions and his thoughts, making us hear his twisted ideals, which in my opinion, made him all the more scary.

All in all, a shocking piece of cinema, and one that most all horror fans out there would enjoy. But don't say i didn't warn you. The ride isn't pleasant. But when has horror ever been pleasant?

Many thanks to Matt Farnsworth for providing a screener for this amazing piece of cinema.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

New Maniac remake UK trailer.

Wow. I am actually looking forward to this one. Would love to hear your thoughts on it!! Feel free to leave a comment!!

Darkest regards......Dani.

The Haunted Trailer (2012).

Wow. What a movie. If you are a fan of the sort of humor seen in Lloyd Kaufman movies, toilet humor, or redneck humor, then this movie is for you without a doubt!!

The movie stars Ron Jeremy as an evil genie/demon who has vowed to destroy the world. His performance is amazing, oozing personality and humor while also coming across as rather malevolent at the same time.

A family, who live in a trailer start experiencing strange phenomena as their home becomes possessed by the evil genie. The family consist of Mama, Prissy and Elvis and Aaron. Their exploits and dialogue are absolutely hilarious, and had me rolling around clutching my sides!!!

The acting is amazing, the camera work top notch. Everything about this movie screams brilliance!! From the opening scene which has the brothers oogling some women who turn up to party outside their trailer, to Ron Jeremy saying how he want to be "inside" someone, this movie is pure unadulterated fun. Not a minute goes by where something that is said won't make you laugh, smile or cringe in disgust!!!

The character of Mama is hilarious in every sense of the word. Strong, explicit and always berating her boys for their stupidity, its hard not to like her, but then again, the same can be said of every member of the cast!! It really is that good!!!

I'm not about to give anything away that happens (regular readers of my blog will know I don't do spoilers) but be sure to see this movie!!! It really is the funniest thing I have seen in such a long time and I really can't sing it's praises enough!!

Many thanks to Producer, Writer and Director Chuck Norfolk for providing a screener!!! Now lets see this out on DVD. I need a copy to watch with my friends!!!!

Darkest regards......Dani.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Gut (2012).

This has to be the most subdued movie that focuses on snuff that I have ever witnessed. Tom's life is going nowhere. He is becoming more distant from all aspects of his life. He and his friend Dan were childhood friends, and massive horror fans to boot, going as far as making short films together. But adulthood has separated them, even though they work in the same office. Tom has opted for the married with children life, whereas Dan prefers the single life. Bothered that they never do anything together anymore, Dan invites Tom over to his place to watch a movie that has been delivered to him. What appears to be an authentic snuff movie doesn't have an effect on Dan, who just thinks it's some kind of joke, but Tom reacts very differently.

This is a low budget movie, but it is also something so much more. Intelligent and subtle aren't words used very often in low budget cinema, but this movie manages to be both of these things and more. The movie is incredibly character driven, and you really feel that Dan wants so much more than friendship with Tom. Whether that's just me sensing homoerotic overtones or not I don't know, but that's how it came across.

Things take a turn for the worse when the woman Dan is dating turns up in the next movie he is sent, and both Dan and Tom realize the movies are in fact real. The movie then asks a lot of questions, forcing you to make up your mind while also cleverly giving red herrings so as to confuse the viewer or throw them off the scent of the killer.

The movie is also incredibly ambiguous, forcing the viewer to actually think about things rather than reveling in gore and stereotypes. That isn't to say there isn't gore, because there is. A disemboweling is worthy of being mentioned, the FX are impressive and they are handled incredibly well.

All in all a refreshing experience, and one that reinforces my view that independent cinema, when handled well, beats anything that Hollywood can put out hands down.

Many thanks to Writer/Director Elias Ganster for providing a screener.

Darkest regards......Dani

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Interview with Boris Randall (Splatterpunks, Hallowmas, Necrophagia, Propagan, Solo Artist).

I thought I'd do something a little different today. I'd like to introduce you all to an amazing musician you should all check out, who has also wrote for Fangoria magazine and worked with Rue Morgue magazine. If you like good music, down to earth people and are into horror you are bound to like this guy!!! Boris Randall was kind enough to answer some questions on music and horror. So without further rambling from yours truly, here we go.

First off, would you be kind enough to give my readers a little history of your musical tastes, and the bands you have formed/played in?

Sure. I started playing when I was nine. Was in my first band at twelve, and hit the stage for the first time at sixteen.....playing metal. I got into punk at sixteen and formed my first band, The Splatterpunks in 1989. Kinda combined elements of Sex Pistols, Ramones, Misfits, etc with lyrics exclusively about horror films. I kept The Splatterpunks going for ten years until I felt that I had done everything I wanted with it. Then, I formed a band called Hallowmas. Same scenario, but the music was a little more rock oriented. Still all about horror. Hallowmas was together for four years and had two world-wide releases (which can be purchased just about anywhere online) and countless indie released singles and EPs. When 2008/2009 hit I was having trouble staying interested in horror themed punk rock. After 20 years of doing it, I really felt that I had done all I could with it. So, that's when I joined long time friend, Killjoy, in his band Necrophagia. I filled the guitar slot. We made an album (Deathtrip '69) and played some shows in the states and over seas. Come 2011, I was ready to devote my full attention to my own music, which was Propagan and my solo stuff. That's what I've been doing ever since.

Has Horror always been an influence in your music?

Horror has always been an influence on me, whether it be totally obvious or very vague, it's always there in one way or another.

Tell us about your Ambient solo project you have just released on The Boris Randall Store, and where the proceeds are going.

I've just released an album of ambient/orchestral music for a friend of mine who has been diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer. She needs help with medical bills so 100% of the profits of this release go to her. It's called "House Of The Dying Nun" and can be downloaded from my online store:

What came first for you? Horror or Music?

I think they came together. I come from a musical family, so music has always been in my life from day one. And I remember watching horror when I was as young as five. Salem's Lot, Amityville Horror, The Fog, Dark Night Of The Scarecrow. And it all affected me in a way that I felt it was right. That it was who I was.

What makes a good Rock/Metal song? Is it all about the riff or is it an all encompassing band thing, or something else entirely?

What makes a good rock/metal song (or any song) really depends on the song itself. There are bands that only focus on certain elements like the riff, and that works for them. But some bands write as a whole. And sometimes you have some really great lyrics and need to get the melody across, so the music takes a back seat.

What makes a good Horror movie? Is it all about gore, or is creepiness more of a factor or is it something else entirely?

What makes a good horror film is also just as vague. Haha. It really depends on who's doing it and how it's done. A film with no plot, but tons of gore CAN be every bit as good as a film with a genius story line and very little gore. It really just comes down to execution (no pun intended).

Do you have any plans to play live/tour with Propagan, or with your solo material?

Propagan is currently working on the debut EP. It's just about finished, in the mixing/mastering stage. Once it's released we're going to see what kind of buzz it generates. We really would like to get out there and support it, but it all boils down to the financial aspect of it all. Hard to tell at this point.

What music and movies do you enjoy listening to/watching when you arent working or composing? May we have a list of some of your favourite bands and movies?

The music I enjoy is all over the place. I love metal, black metal, rock, old country, classic rock from the 70s, classical music, you name it. I love good music. And I love a variety. It helps me with my own music.

Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Captain Beyond, Jex Thoth, The Sword, Orange Goblin, Corrosion Of Conformity, Venom, Celtic Frost, Saint Vitus, Megadeth, Judas Priest, Samhain, Beatles, Wings, Abba, Cheap Trick, Deicide, Slayer, Minor Threat, Sex Pistols, Fugazi, Coven, Electric Wizard, The Kinks, Morrissey, Jethro Tull, Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Albinoni, Orf, Faun, Johnny Cash, Ramones, The Jam, Misfits, Charlie Clouser, Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie, German Oak, Hermann Kopp, Nirvana.

As far as films, I watch horror 24/7s. There's always a horror film on the television. And I watch every style and genre from every era. I love films that show a stark realism and darkness in human beings. NECROMANTIK, NAKED BLOOD, SINGAPORE SLING, GROTESQUE, SINFUL DWARF, BLOOD SUCKING FREAKS.

Then there's horror with a great artistic style.
I love silent horror too.

It's hard to make lists as I love so much of it! All of the Universal films, through the campy 50s and 60s atom age/surf party/rubber monster stuff, the gritty 70s grind house and foreign films, up through the 80s and 90s. But there aren't too many newer films that I've seen that I like.

What got you into these sort of movies/this kind of music? Was it something you came across in your teenage years, or do you feel it is something that you were born with?

I remember first watching horror when I was very young. My mother was always watching them, but didn't want to watch them alone, so she would let my brother and I stay up all night with her and watch them. They just seemed to click with me. I really connected with the tragedy, sorrow, fear, evil, and loss of the things I was watching. It felt like it was who I already was. So, I've just carried it with me through my life. Horror is in my music, films, what I read, what I paint, my poetry. I collect horror related items, so I'm surrounded by it at home as well.

Thankyou very much for agreeing to the interview!! It is very much appreciated!!

I thank you for the time. If anyone would like to check out releases from The Splatterpunks, Hallowmas, and even my current solo music they can go to



    Anyone reading this should check out everything this guy has done!! One of the most down to earth guys I have ever had the pleasure of speaking to!! And so passionate!!

    Many thanks again to Boris Randall.

    Darkest regards......Dani.

    Laughter (2012).

    First off, let me say a big thank you to Adam Dunning for sending me not only Laughter but also The Infected for review.

    I managed to finally watch this last night, and I must say I was suitably impressed. Laughter tells the story of a teen named Joey, who has lost his mother, who he was very close to. His father is abusive, and blames him for his wife's death, and a group of bullies at school torture him because he has an unhealthy obsession with clowns.

    Joey and a group of friends arrange to play a prank on some friends, but things don't go as planned, and a tragic accident results in the group taking a vow of silence about that particular night. Six months later, the group begin disappearing one by one.

    I'm an avid slasher movie fan, and this was a throwback to those early 80's movies I love so much. The setting in the woods, the creepy killer taunting his victims calmly before flying into a frenzied rage. Oh, and did I mention if you have Coulrophobia (a fear of clowns) it probably isn't a good idea to watch this alone!!

    The FX in this movie are pretty damned good, and it does contain a fair amount of blood and gore!! The camera work isn't as shaky as some low budget movies, and the framing is pretty damn near perfect throughout. There are a couple of issues with the sound dropping a little too much, and the music then blasting out and rattling your sound system, but nothing to complain about!!

    I've always been a fan of Killer clown movies such as Grim Weekend (or S.I.C.K as it was known in the U.S), Killjoy etc. I have to say that the killer in this movie more than stands up to those other characters. He comes across as a spirit of vengeance, but also sadistic and playful, and is also given the greatest line of the movie when asked why he is doing what he is doing!!

    If you have the chance, and love low budget Indie horror that really does show alot of talent, then go see Laughter as soon as you can!! You won't be disappointed!

    Also, a sequel has just been announced!!! More details as soon as they appear!!!

    Darkest regards......Dani.

    New Indie horror comic Chicken Outfit press release.

    Chicken Outfit, the new indie comic from the Toronto area creative team of Joe Deagnon and Kirby Stasyna, draws inspiration from 80’s horror films, underground comix and first-hand office culture, and is a phantasmagoria of horror, science fiction and dark humour.

    The story focuses on Stan Munson and Rusty McDoodle, two hapless shlubs working in online porn under the management of a madman and his dog-like cronies. During a secret experiment, Stan inadvertently opens a portal to another dimension and brings about hell on earth. As the story progresses, Stan and his best friend Rusty team up with a drunken psychic, who harbours a bizarre secret, as they attempt to sabotage their employer's nefarious plans, fight douchebags and demons, save the girl, and, ultimately, discover their soul-shattering fates.

    Joe and Kirby are currently running a funding / launch campaign on Indiegogo which ends Feb 15, 2013.

    Here is the URL for the Indiegogo campaign:
    Postcard Preview Small

    Christmas Slay press release.

    Christmas Slay is a unique take on the stalk and slash genre. A film inspired by so many great movies such as Friday the 13th, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street and so many other cult classics of the late 70's/early 80's.

    The story begins on Christmas Eve in the picturesque Kentish countryside, the horrific murder of a loving family, and the capture of a Santa Clause obsessed blood thirsty killer.

    The following year, as Christmas looms ever closer, a group of college friends decide to get away from it all and relax and party over the Christmas holiday. They decide to escape to the idyllic Mistletoe Lodge nestled within the beautiful snowy mountains of the Scottish Highlands. But what starts off as the perfect festive getaway of fun in the snow and a glass of Eggnog or two suddenly descends into a gruesome bloodbath of terror and a fight for survival.

    The cast and crew of Christmas Slay will be filming various smaller scenes throughout 2013 at their studio in Kent. November 2013 will see them filming their intro and other key scenes in and around the areas of the famously bleak Romney Marshes, before moving on to the main shoot. The main two week shoot will take place in February 2014 on location close to the ski resort of Borovets in Bulgaria in one of the highest villages in the Balkan mountain range.

    So far, they have some amazing cast attached, but unfortunately they are unable to release the names of several of their named actors at this time. Those they do mention though are the lead actor and main protagonist, the extremely talented Frank Jakeman.

    Frank has been a regular on British TV screens for many years now, appearing in such shows as Bergerac, The Bill, The Two Ronnies and Eastenders to name but a few.

    They are also pleased and excited to announce the attachment of the amazing James Payton.

    James is a very successful UK actor that has been seen on British TV screens and and cinema screens around the globe. His acting credits include Captain America:The First Avenger, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Robin Hood and Dark Rage.

    Also attached is upcoming UK scream queen Dani Thompson.

    Dani, who has taken on one of their main roles, is already making a big name for herself in the industry, especially within the horror genre having appeared in such movies as Forest of the Damned 2 and Zombie Women of Satan 2.

    Be sure to check out the webiste by clicking here.

    There are also a couple of Facebook pages you can like to keep up to date with information about the movie.

    Darkest regards......Dani.