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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The end of the Wolfpack podcast.....or is it?

Eric Morse/William Pattison updated his Facebook account earlier this week with a message informing everyone that he is ending his WolfPack Podcast. Read what his status update said below.

"Well, horror community, I came to the decision today that at the end of this month I’m shutting down my podcast, The Wolf Pack Podcast. In the last six months I’ve had to deal with a lot of bullshit in regard to the show, like having hosts bail on me, having independent filmmakers I’ve helped over the years give me the finger, and just plan having to really fight just to get shows on. Derek and I have had to ask for favors from celebrities because celebrity guests and independent filmmaker guests have ditched us. For the last several weeks, even before going to Epic Con, I’ve been trying to schedule guests for the first few months of 2015 the response I have gotten has been insulting. I’ll tell you something, people, if someone contacted me and asked if I’d like to come on their podcast to promote Psychotic State or The Traveler I’d be thrilled as hell, but I don’t get that anyway. But with me the last few weeks I’ve been getting treated like a Jehovah’s Witness. They act like I’m bothering them.
I’m sorry, part of the mission statement of my podcast was that we would treat new and independent filmmakers as if they were Hollywood directors. I’ve given a shit load in first time filmmakers there first horror interview. Hell, I gave Jen and Sylvia Soska their first horror community interview…and you know what I got as a thank you three years later. Well, Jen and Sylvia were not the only independent filmmakers who got their start with us and then screwed us over. There have been a number, but we just don’t talk about them. It’s still bullshit the devotion and respect NOT we get from those we gave real breaks to.
The last straw for me was I was told by one of my colleagues that I need to censor myself because of the haters. I promised myself years ago I never would censor myself or kiss the asshole’s ass,that is not me and never will be. So, if I must compromise my morals and principles to stay on the air, while people are acting like ungrateful fucks, there will be no show.
The bullshit that happened a couple days ago made me reevaluate thing. I saw I have been fighting for people who don’t give a flying fuck. I’ve seen a person I respected as a true horror fan turn on me and support the clique that is bringing our community down. I’ve had to ask myself who am I fighting for if the people I’m fighting for are going to turn on me and insult me for laughs? Answer me that. Why should I? Why should I provide the horror community a resource for promotion if I’m denied that myself. Answer that one.
The Wolf Pack will be gone but I will not be completely out of podcasting. My friend and Wolf Pack member Christopher Highland loves hosting his show, Full Spectrum Horror. As long as he wants to do it I will support him and we will get on the air and talk about the subject me love for 45 minutes a month, that is horror. But the bullshit is over. I hope you realize the resource you just lost….".

Now, I am sure you can quite plainly see that he says The WolfPack podcast will be gone, that it has ended. I mention on this update that he has spent so much time attempting to bring others down, that he has invariably created his own downfall. Imagine my surprise when he replies to me, with this slice of fried gold. 

"Sorry, I'm not going down, fool. In fact I'm coming up. You see I'm still going to be doing the show only put less time into it and doing what I love to do talk horror. I'm cutting it down because I'm busy working on projects. I'm busy writing books and doing films and building my legacy. I'm just not supporting a bunch of ungrateful assholes who I give a chance to and in the end slap me in the face. I see you blocked me, Dani. Good riddance. Say hello to Mike White and the other loser haters".

I certainly didn't block him, as I tend not to block anyone without very good reason. He then goes on to comment once more.

"Oh, and Dani I'm not pulling others down I'm commenting on a bunch of ego cases and assholes who fuck with other people and sabotage their projects and try to keep others down. It is they who are bringing horror down, not me. If you had any clue and actually cared about the horror community you would see that".

As you can clearly see in his first and second reply, he certainly attempts to pull me down. He seems to be so consumed with hatred for these people who are alledgedly "ego cases and assholes". I am sure there are people who do fit into that category working in the horror genre. I can safely say, in all honesty, that in all my years writing and talking to people throughout the horror genre, I have never (touch wood) come across anyone who has been disrespectful, an ego case or an asshole. If this man is so impassioned with the horror genre, instead of trying to remove these so-called 'Horror socials', he should promote the thing he loves. Praise it. It doesn't matter what anyone else is doing. It doesn't mattter if people you alledgedly helped to get somewhere ignore you for whatever reasons. This happens in day to day life all the time. It isn't the be all/end all of anything. People move on.

Why not drop the hatred, drop the idea that you are doing good, when you are infact alienating the community of the genre you profess to love, and grow up and promote horror without prejudice. 

Promote what you love, not bitch about the things you hate.

Darkest regards......Dani. 

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Venus de Vilo releases thirteen month diary/calendar.

Do you like evil, gothic and and rotten? Do you like the number 'thirteen'? How about an incredibly talented lady with the voice of an angel and a look that brings to mind the works of Tim Burton amplified (you know, the conflicting comparison of beauty and darkness and such).

Well, the irrepressible siren of all that is spooky, kooky and scary (notice how I didn't go with ooky, simply because I have no idea what it means, and of course, to avoid the cliche), Venus de Vilo, has once again turned her talents to the world of art, and has produced a thirteen month diary/calendar.



Now if that doesn't get you excited, I can only assume you have already joined the legions of the undead!!

The calendar will be shipping out on or around the first of December 2014, and will be A5 size,soft back, hand illustrated and full cover 13 month diary/calendar.

You can order a calendar and support Venus de Vilo by clicking HERE.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Friday, 24 October 2014

1349 'Massive Cauldron of Chaos' album review.

Never has a band divided opinion more than 1349. To some, they are defenders of the old guard. Purveyors of extreme black metal the way it used to be played. To others, they are monotonous, plying their blast -beat driven nihilism with little change from album to album. Well, there is 'Legions of the Black Flame', but for some, 1349 went a little too far in another direction entirely. 2011's 'Demonoir' went some way to putting things right, but many felt the band were simply treading water.

Which brings us to 2014, and 1349's new release, 'Massive Cauldron of Chaos' (out in stores now from Indie Records). What we have here is a record that brings together everything that was great about 1349, and mixes it all up without any care for the listener. This is primal black metal, but other genres rear their ugly heads throughout the record. Anything from thrash to crust punk is touched upon, and the urgency and darkness this record encompasses means that 1349 are definitely back on track after the misfires of their previous two albums.

The first thing you many notice about the album is how much better the production is. Everything sounds full, from the guitars, right down to Frosts impeccable drumming. This certainly goes some way to helping create such an other-wordly atmosphere which permeates the records length.

Each song offers up something new, and manages to surprise the listener again and again, and proves that black metal still has a lot of life left in it. The album begins with 'Cauldrons', a hypnotic blast of black metal, but underneath the swirling guitars and drums, there is melody, surprising as it may seem.

Next up is the first single from the album, entitled 'Slaves'. This song features a chorus that will lodge itself in the minds of listeners for hours to come, and the guitar work is breathtaking. One of the best tracks on the album (in my opinion at least).

'Exorcism' comes next, and begins in a very World Ov Worms-era Zyklon kind of way, coupled with the blasting intensity found on early 1349 albums. Yet it manages to dig its claws into you, making its home in your mind with its other-worldliness.

'Postmortem' smacks the listener right in the face with a brilliant thrash riff, and doesn't let up until the chaotic and apocalyptic finale, complete with leads which bring to mind a certain thrash band who wrote a song with the same name.

'Mengele's' has a chaotic cold feeling that grips the listener, shaking them violently with its tale of one of historys most well known madmen. Pure black metal hatred is spewed forth, and any fan of black metal would be sure to be hooked by now.

'Golem' is pure crust-punk with a running time of under two minutes. It definitely does what it was meant to do, and that is bludgeon the listener into submission amongst a battery of relentless drums and guitar with shrieked vocals and stabbing bass.

'Chained' comes next, an apocalyptic slice of riff-driven black metal that sounds absolutely huge. Frosts drumming is as neck-snapppingly good as always, and the riffs really stand out, creating an apocalyptic sound that mirrors the opening of the gates of hell.

The album ends with 'Godslayer', the most experimental track on the album. That isn't to say that is doesn't match the speed and brutality the rest of the album demonstrates, because it does that and so much more. It bought to mind Mayhem or Dodheimsgard in its creativity and brutality, transcending music as a piece of spiritual art that is deeply affecting on every level.

1349 have definitely played to their strengths on 'Massive Cauldron of Chaos', and it is certainly not a one dimensional mass, as some people thought it would have been. They have played to their strengths, and exhibit none of the weaknesses others have picked out in past releases.

For fans of extreme black metal, this is a must-have album. For anyone looking to dip their toes into how black metal used to be played, you could do worse than checking out this release, as it combines all that was good about the first wave of Norweigan black metal in a contamporary package with fantastic production on every instrument.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Dustin Wade Mills' 'Her Name was Torment II" Indiegogo Campaign.

Early 2014 saw the release of Dustin Mills' underground/indie horror smash hit 'Her Name was Torment'. Now, in the final quarter of 2014, an Indiegogo campaign for a sequel is up and running, and is asking for help from YOU out there! Fans of underground and indie horror should all be familiar with Dustin Wade Mills' original 'Her Name was Torment'. A film that was made on a literal shoestring budget that managed to cause auditory hallucinations in some viewers, and impressed a hell of a lot more!

It's depravity, practical effects and sound design were almost universally praised, and the filmmakers want to give fans of this kind of cinema more of the same with the directors ideal budget. Not only will you be helping to get the sequel made, but the filmmakers could potentially complete the trilogy that 'Her Name was Torment' was supposed to be.

Nowadays, originality is rarely found outside of Indie cinema, and it is the risks these filmmakers take, and their complete disregard for their viewers sanity that endear them to us fans of horror cinema.

The perks for this film are incredible, and I urge you to go over to the Indiegogo page and donate what you can to help fund this amazing cinematic experience. You can visit the Indiegogo campaign page by clicking HERE. There is also a video from the director, and all the perks are listed for you to peruse and salivate over.

Remember, if you can't afford to donate, then share the Indiegogo campaign like crazy! Word of mouth is one of the primary tools filmmakers have to help promote their work, and without the help of horror fans worldwide, there would be a distinct lack of ingenuity and originality in the horror genre!

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Frankenfake documentary review.

Frankenfake is the new documentary from Joe Castro and Steven Escobar, and shows the lengths people will go to to keep things from the general public in the name of 'Entertainment'. The film documents events leading up to Joe's decision to leave the SyFy Channel's show 'Face Off', and the aftermath of lies, rumours and character defamation that Joe was put through.

The documentary really is enlightening, and shows things that many of us think about reality television to be real. This film couldn't have been easy to make, as taking on a television network, ex-friends and collegues amongst others must have been incredibly difficult. But as anyone knows, the truth never seems to come easy when up against multiple people all sprouting the same lies again and again.

The documentary shows who these people really are through actual raw footage and re-enactments, and I have to say, both Steven and Joe definitely have my respect for standing up for themselves and showing anyone who is willing to watch and listen the truth about reality television.

It shows how 'Face Off' is manipulated, how the winner is chosen before the show is no where near the closing stages, and how the editors edit things into the show to make peoples reactions seem much different than what truly happened.

I really feel for Joe and Steven, and how Joe was treated was absolutely disgusting, especially in an alledged competition that is supposed to show off the talents of special effects artists, and one that tried to convince him that they had his best interests at heart.

Frankenfake is such an eye opener, and really goes beyond the exploits of what happened on 'Face Off', making you doubt things you see on any 'reality' show you watch. These people should not make a living on the face of lies. And when they use these lies to defame someone and attempt to make them something they are not, then things definitely have gone way too far.

I have been in contact with Joe Castro through social media for the past six years, and in all these years, Joe has been nothing but amicable, professional and has professed a love for the genre he works in and we all love.

If you want to have your eyes opened to the terrible goings-on, then you can rent Frankenfake by clicking HERE. The lies will dissapear before your eyes, and I am sure that after viewing it, you will never look at 'reality TV' in the same way again.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Friday, 17 October 2014

The Island of Dr Moreau (1977) Blu-Ray review

Coming to the UK from 101 Pictures, The Island of Dr Moreau is a film I am not familiar with. Blame my childhood and my obsession with all things blody and monstrous, but the idea of 'Humanimals' running around an island while a shipwrecked man hides from them just didn't sound like my cup of tea.

Doctor Moreau is turning animals into men on his island, but when a young man is shipwrecked, all hell breaks loose on the island, and events take a turn for the worse. The shipwrecked man discovers Moreau is quite insane as he continues to develop his process of turning animals into men.

After watching the film, I must say my opinion remains pretty much the same, although I can see why people claim this is a cult classic. Strong performances from both Burt Lancaster as Dr Moreau, who turns men into animals (or should that be animals into men) and Michael York as the shipwrecked man out to find out exactly what Moreau is up to both work incredibly well. The make-up creations, handled by John Chambers are rather reminiscent of his work on The Planet of the Apes, but fit the mood of the film perfectly.

The film does contain some rather scary and chilling scenes, but the movie is pretty much a camp sci-fi romp, complete with bare-chested male and an innocent and naive love interest, all pitted against the mad scientist and his hunter body guard. Mind you, it could be argued that Dr Moreau isn't evil at all. He merely takes all moral value out of his experiments, as he believes scientific exploration saves more lives in the long run. Perhaps I am nit-picking though. The movie does manage to make some very intersting points on Science versus nature, and does manage to confront the viewer, even if the movie seems to go nowhere and then hit the viewer with a very abrupt ending.

Another problem I have with the movie is that it seems rather static until near the end, and then the ending hits so abruptly, it leaves you in a state of "well what the hell just happened", and makes the movie feel much less remarkable, as it was just beginning to build up momentum before it ends.

The transfer is nice and clear, but having never seen the movie before, I can make no comparison to other releases of the movie. Unfortunately, there are no extras on the disc whatsoever.

All in all, if you are a fan of campy 70's sci-fi/horror crossovers, then you could do much worse than check The Island of Dr Moreau out. It makes for an entertaining if not a little underwhelming 100 minutes of action. The fact that it does throw some very interesting arguments of nature vs science at least gave me something to cling on to throughout the films running time.

You can buy The Island of Dr Moreau, released on Blu-Ray here in the UK from 101 Films by clicking HERE.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Britain and the BBFC.

The idea for this article came to me after a viewing of the horror film 'Found'. In this film, there is a scene where two children are watching a horror movie called 'Headless'. The killer in 'Headless' takes great pleasure in removing his victims' heads, and in one scene (that is inexplicably missing from the UK release) has sex with a disembodied head. What with Jorg Buttgereit's 'Nekromantik' getting an uncut release here in the UK at the end of November (from Arrow Video) I find it incredibly hard to understand why the BBFC felt the need to remove this scene from the film.

The BBFC states on their website (which you can visit by clicking here) that "A cut was required to remove sight of a murderer's erect penis, during a scene of sadistic sexualised violence and threat". The fact that this is part of a movie within the movie, and later on in the film, you see a murderers erect penis after he has tortured his mother and father, makes no sense at all, plus the fact that the violence was already perpertrated on the victim (him removing her head). What irritates me even more is that the BBFC are given the power to make choices we are more than able to make for ourselves. They say they help parents make the right choices when chosing a movie, yet still feel the need to cut parts out of things that they deem "morally wrong".

Although it is a topic of great debate, 'A Serbian Film' was cut by the censors, even though absolutely nothing in the film could be legally called 'Obscene'. Personally, the film had a much stronger impact on me in its cut form, because it left the imagery up to the viewers imagination, making them use their own minds to fill in the blanks of what they are not seeing on screen. I will defend the film and say how it has every right to be out there. It's sole purpose is to infuriate its audience, to show that life is nothing more than Pornography (in that we are fucked all the way through our lives) and exploitation (in that we sell ourselves to the highest bidder to put food on our tables). It also confronts issues in Serbia, albeit in an explicit and sickening way, but it definitely hits every mark it set out to, and even though the director feels his vision has been diluted because of the cuts the BBFC made, in my opinion, the film has a much greater impact because of these cuts and allowing the viewer to think about what they should be seeing.

For anyone who hasn't seen Buttgereit's Nekromantik, a woman indulging in intercourse with a rotting corpse while her boyfriend looks on before being overcome by jealousy and comitting suicide is surely a much stronger visual than a killer in a film having sex with a disembodied head?

Haute Tension also features a killer having sex with a disembodied head, and that scene remains intact. That is a part of the actual movie too, not a film within a film, like 'Headless' in 'Found'.

The BBFC are archaic in their reasons they give for cutting movies. I would love to hear them explain the reasons for their cuts on the 'I Spit on your Grave' remake, which had none of the rape scenes cut from it, but a scene of revenge, where the raped woman inserts a shotgun into one of the rapists anuses is cut out.

The BBFC claims they are doing the genreal public a service. But they are taking away our own freedom to choose. By all means, feel free to let the public know what kind of content is in a film, but to take away scenes because they deem them unfit for the general public to see is just insane in my opinion. I also do not understand what the BBFC mean when they state that films have a 'Potential for harm'. Are they stating that watching films can hurt us? How and why? Nothing is explained, and no reason is given. They seem to frown on sexualised violence, yet leave rape scenes intact while cutting scenes of revenge.

America certainly has the right idea when it comes to movies. Publish guidelines and inform people so they can make their own informed choices. Not do as the BBFC do and take that freedom away from us. What makes them unaffected by watching such things if these films can indeed cause harm? Why haven't any of the people working for the BBFC gone crazy, killed anyone or undertaken any other irrepprehensible act after watching a movie with scenes in they deem unfit for viewing by the general public? Are they better than the general public somehow?

This is something I would be very interested to hear on from my UK readers, so feel free to discuss my points, and bring some of your own.

The BBFC really do drive me (and some dogs) absolutely crazy.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Legacy of Thorn (2014).

Legacy of Thorn is one hell of a movie, soaked in a suffocating and relentless feeling that permeates every second of the movie. Bathed in cold blues and warm oranges, the colour pallete used in Legacy of Thorn again, as in Mycho Pictures previous movie Slasher House, adds to the mood the film successfully creates.
Four years ago on February 29th, Jessica Lawrence and her friends lived a nightmare that has left her pursued from that moment by an unstoppable killer known as 'Thorn'. Four years on, and Jessica and a group of survivors from that night  make an attempt to stop Thorn once and for all. But how can you stop what cannot be stopped?
Who'd have thought it? A British slasher movie with what possibly could be the next icon of horror. Thorn, from his look, right down to his methods of killing, is possibly one of the coolest and scariest slashers out there right now. He is relentless, unstoppable and has some great kills in this movie.

It isn't all blood and gore though, as there is a massive amount of suspense built up throughout the movie, punctuated by scenes of deep emotion, teenage struggle and cat and mouse games with the killer and his victims. Thorn is truly unstoppable, and the movie showcases this in many ways, which of course I won't spoil for you.
The story is told in a different way, flashing back and forth in the characters lives, uncovering more back story and allowing the viewer to piece things together without having it all laid out in front of them. This again works really well, as the non-linear plot keeps the viewer intrigued and trying to guess what will happen next.
Legacy of Thorn is a slasher fans bloody dream, but it also encompasses so much more than a man in a mask walking around killing people. The colours, the cast and everyone involved obviously gave their all, and it shows with satisfying and surprising clarity.
Thorn cannot be stopped, and when you have a slasher villain who is as impressive as he is, we wouldn't want it any other way.

Don't forget to visit the Legacy of Thorn website by clicking HERE.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

A statement of intent.

Hello once more readers. I am writing this to let you know that although my output on this blog has been incredibly sparse and sporadic of late, it is still alive. I will get back around to reviewing movies and music when time allows.

My personal life is going through possibly the most difficult thing anyone could be put through. That doesn't mean I should be given sympathy or have anyone garner to my every whim. But it does mean that the last thing on my mind has been reviewing horror movies, which is why my output has almost halted over the past few months. No matter how strong someone is, things like this manage to take their toll on you. That doesn't mean I am about to give up on anything (be it music, writing or anything else for that matter). My close friends and family all know of what I am going through, and I owe them so much for standing by me. The fight has been and will continue to be long and arduous, but it is worth standing for, and I will not (as always) back down, no matter what others might say, type or think about me.

Also, I begin my first year of University on October 6th, studying an undergraduate degree in Criminology with applied psychology, so with my time being filled with this as well as everything else that is going on, you should be able to understand that this blog might have to take a back seat for a while. I will get around to reviewing the few screeners I have left to review, and I may very well try to have some guest posts so the blog doesn't remain quiet, but I will have to see how that goes, and see if anyone is willing to lend their writing to Doctor Carnage's World of Horror. There will also be a new interview with Boris Randall, which will be appearing sooner rather than later.

I thank you all for continuing to read my articles, reviews and interviews. I would not be doing this if I didn't have an audience, so for that, and for communicating and offering your thoughts, I thank you all for taking an interest in what I write.

Remember, this isn't goodbye. I will be seeing you all again, when the light goes dim and the cold air blows across your face. When the smell of decay fills your nostrils and makes your stomach convulse in disgust. The world of horror is all around us, in movies, music and literature, and as it exists continually, so will this blog.

Thank you all so much for the views so far!!

Darkest regards......Dani.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Bill Zebub's 'Holocaust Cannibal' Limited Edition DVD!

Bill Zebub's new movie, entitled 'Holocaust Cannibal', has been raising funds on Indiegogo primarily for the creation of a limited-edition version of the movie that will be the 'First Cut', which may or may not end up as the final cut.

Now as many of you who have seen Bill Zebub's movies before, you should know he doesn't mind pushing the boundaries of taste, whilst intelligently but also comically facing things that are going on in our world today. 'Holocaust Cannibal' spoofs both the Cannibal sub-genre, and also the Nazisploitation sub-genre. It DOES NOT glorify Nazi germany in any way. There will also be statements throughout the film, but as we all know, Bill isn't preachy, so some of these will be subtle, such as Nazi's wearing uniforms in the jungle (showing that their ideas do not work in nature, and that they are artificial and self-defeating).

Bill gives a short synopsis on the Indiegogo page which I will also include here.

"Nazi's know they are losing the war. Some make plans to fly to Argentina where they will live in hiding. One such group boards a plane that gets hit by lightening. The survivors of the crash find themselves on an island of savages. Atrocities follow, but this time the Nazi's are on the other side of pain".

The Indiegogo campaign offers some fantastic perks, so go and check out the Indiegogo campaign now!

You can check out, and of course donate to the Indiegogo campaign for 'Holocaust Cannibal' by clicking HERE.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Jaldaboath interview (2014)

Jaldaboath came to my attention on the way back from London, when a friend told me to check them out, explaining that they contain ex-Meads of Asphodel founder/Ewigkeit mastermind James Fogarty. I say told me, he praised the band to the heavens, so I had little choice but to listen and see what I was missing. I can safely say that Jaldaboath have become one of my favourite bands since that time, their music able to do things that other metal bands fear, or do entirely by accident. They epitomise the very essence of 'British Humour' whilst also making the listener bang their heads to their one of a kind sound.

What follows is an interview with Grand Master Jaldaboth, so be seated, grab hold your chalice, and enjoy what this unworthy scribe managed to pry forth from the mighty Grand Master Jaldaboath.


(Dr. C) - I have heard so many good things about your crusade arriving at Bloodstock. Were the peasants and wenches accepting of your jovial merriment?

(Grand Master Jaldaboath) - As soon as we had arrived, tied up the horses and set camp, we set about readying ourselves for what was going to be a hard battle.  We were delighted to find that a large proportion of the crowd knew what merriment was coming and took to it with sheer abandonment !  Special thanks needs to be given to the axe wielding nuns, an unknown contingent of moshing and crowd-surfing knights and the honour guard provided by Battle of the Nations!

You have been compared to many British comedy legends. How did they pre-empt the magnificence you display, and do you think the merry jig you create will be misunderstood by non-British audiences?

First and foremostly, we are steeped in the delights of the typical Englishman ; bawdy tales, grand adventures and crass language.  It may be that non English-speaking audiences do not understand fully the tales which I recite, but I believe the “mummer play” pantomime style of the live show would appeal to any and all creeds.

Are there any plans to sally forth and crusade the beautiful Isle of England?

We had the opportunity of a 2 week national campaign with Alestorm, but had to turn it down.  A castle does not pay it’s own rent, and we need to ensure that the stables are well kept and the horses shod.  However, we are happy to make short skirmishes throughout the land in order to spread the terror that is Jaldaboath, as long as we are given ample amounts of ale, feed for the horses and a warm oven to heat our salted pork.

Your second album, 'The Further Adventures..' built on all of the best ingredients from your first release and EP, whilst also becoming ever more humourous. Is humour a thing that will remain a part of Jaldaboath, or do you see yourselves taking a darker path, like the one hinted on songs such as "Bring me the head of Metatron"?

Much like the hell-rakes of yesteryear, there are no boundaries to the depraved musical explorations of Jaldaboath.  We endeavour to leave no stone unturned if it serves the purpose of bringing converts to our table of saucy delights.  ‘Horse-riding Head-banging Metal’ is but one of the irons in the fire, be it ‘Battering Black Bulbous Barbarian Metal’, ‘Plague & Pestilence Punk-Rock’ or ‘Atonal Alchemical Arpeggiated Acid Funk’.   I am still awaiting the head of Metatron…

Your videos are a constant source of amusement and hilarity, and I have friends who swear by watching them every single day. Are there plans to make more visual accompaniments to your heraldic headbanging national anthems?

I have personally wanted nothing more than to illustrate further the adventures of Jaldaboath in magical multi-coloured moving tapestries, but we have been rather waylaid preparing for our campaigns of musical tomfoolery in order to do so.  However, HOPEFULLY this can be remedied soon and we can.

Who accompanies you on your crusades?

The full troop of Jaldaboath at this point consists of the following miscreants;

Turk Benistahn the Saracen – First Drummer Deluxe
Sir Bodrick of Tring – Knight of the Brazen Bass
Squire Pete ‘The Dragon” – Grand Guitarist Inspector
Grand Master Jaldaboath – Officer of Oratory and Knight of the Keyboard Realms

Your image reminds me of Terry Gilliam's Jaberwocky (as well as Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Blackadder 3 amongst others). How was this image decided upon, and was there anything in particular that made you follow the path you have chosen?

My father was, for many a year, one of the few remaining Heraldic Artists, appointed by the Royal College of Arms.  It was not unusual to view the Royal Crests being constructed in the basement of doom to adorn the fair streets of London.  This laid the bedrock of my interest in all things medieval and warlike.  When matched with my enduring love for not only Jabberwocky, Black Adder and other tales of period-based fantasy like Hawk the Slayer and The Holy Grail, but also the dark fantasy of early Scandinavian Black Metal, I guess it was just a matter of time until it all united and the grand lodge of Jaldaboath was founded.

Are there any bands you feel a kinship with?

With regards to the recorded music of Jaldaboath ?  This could range from Michael Praetorius through to Bal Sagoth and, quite literally, everything in between.  There are absolutely no boundaries as to what will inspire and influence Jaldaboath.  Master Turk will obviously want me to mention his other troop Gloryhammer, so there you go.

Your sound is incredibly original. Does it please you that you are playing a kind of music that isn't watered down and played by everyone?

One thing is for sure ; you won’t find a single group that sound anything like Jaldaboath as a finished product !  When in doubt of your classification, then it’s best to start your own.  If people eventually come to describe us simply as Jaldaboath, then we have been successful.

Jaldaboath are masters in both the banging of heads, and creating oversized grins on their followers faces. How do you achieve such godliness?

I had a dream ; a dream that one day we could bang our helmeted heads whilst dancing a jig and air-galloping all the way through the recitation of tales about bawdy tavern wenches and conquests of the thrusting sword whilst quaffing from our bejewelled goblets of ale.  That day is now here.  All hail Jaldaboath !

You can purchase either of Jaldaboth's albums from Death To Music by clicking HERE.

You can give Jaldaboath a 'Like' on Facebook by clicking HERE.

Jaldaboath 'Hark the Herald' music video.

Jaldaboath 'The Wailing Witch of Moulsecoombe' music video.

 Darkest regards......Dani.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Interview with the dark and horiffying Venus de Vilo.

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Alternative music is rife with horror influences. From the bludgeoning attack of Necrophagia to the 50's inspired punk of The Misfits, music and horror go hand in hand. Imagine my surprise when I was contacted by Venus de Vilo, someone who practically embodies the very essence of horror in her music, videos and artistic work. I was granted my request to interview Venus de Vilo, so what follows is a journey into the mind of a true artist. Prepare to enter the world and mind of Venus de Vilo.

Please introduce yourself to the readers of World of Horror.

I am The Voice Of Horror and Queen Of The Pumpkin Patch: Venus de Vilo.

You combine horror, rock and shock very well. Was it always your intention to combine these areas, or did you concentrate on one, and the others materialized as your career moved on?

Nothing I ever do is intentional. All that I do creatively feels quite "pre-destined" and almost subconscious. It' just "in" me, like being held hostage by a warped inner demon who likes to sing and if I don't just play along, I die! That being said, everything I've ever done in my life, be it primary school show & tells, high school talent shows to now has been scary and theatrical. This is very much an internalised thing. For me, horror and music go skipping hand in hand into the deep dark woods, anything else just wouldn't make sense- and I don't want it to.

What came first, your love for horror or love for rock music?

In my strange little world Horror and Music is a Siamese curse. It just develops and evolves the longer I live and embeds itself further into my creative psyche. I am truly fucking lost down the rabid little rabbit hole that is horror-music- and I have NO intention of being found.
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You have made music videos, which come off like mini horror movies. What made you create your videos this way?
One thing I am adamant about in EVERY song I ever write is that it WON'T be just another throw novelty song about some trivial nothing that no one cares about and never stands the test of time. Henceforth - my songs are stories. I make sure every single one has a set beginning, middle and end. There is descriptive imagery, metaphor and other assorted poetic devices.

I want my listeners to to be able to perfectly visualise what's happening in the song (and hopefully, relate!) and be able to walk away from the song saying "This was about that." 
That's why with the "Crazy For You" and "Fangtasy" music video - and the next few I have lined up - ARE genuinely like mini horror movies - because ALL my songs are horror stories. All we're doing in the videos is re-enacting and living out the song on camera.

I've been very lucky in regards to the fact that I've had a fantastic director (Helgard De Barros) for both videos. He was perfectly happy with just interpreting the songs and allowing them to be an extension of the original song - not try and change them or me or miss the point completely and just have me bounce around some shopping mall or some shit. He "got it" and that's why the videos work. 
Is horror and rock/metal music eternally linked?
FUCK YES! As long as there's been music there's been songs about Satan, demons, virgin sacrifice, demons, devils, Hell, the apocalypse, witch burnings, soul selling, death, dying and the damned. To name but a very few - this list goes on. As long as there is darkness and as long as there is music (specifically alternative music) - the two are going to carry on their age old and kinky as hell love affair! And who am I to judge them?? Hitch a ride along with them is what I say!
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Tell us more about the songs you create? 
I like your use of the word "create". It does feel like every song is a little Frankenstein's Monster - painstakingly hand crafted through and from the heartbreak and misery that are the grim realities of life. And like with all monsters one creates musically (or through any artistic medium) you know there is only doom. For if you do not destroy the monster nightly on stage, it WILL destroy you. 

My three EPs "Edgar Allan Ho" - 2012. "Till Death Do Us Party" - 2013 and "Handle With Scare" - 2014 - are all monuments to the above - and living proof that you can take stupid shit like heartbreak and depression and alcoholism and so forth, face them - know thy enemy, after all - and turn them into something that doesn't control you, but YOU control and will manipulate creatively what ever way helps YOU best. 

What instruments do you play?
Guitar. And BADLY. Alarming and Hellish screeches and assorted caterwauls are also know to explode out of my face/mouth on occasion. 

Is there a specific mood you have to be in to create your work, or does it all come to you naturally?
It happens when it happens. The right song comes at the right time. Yes, discipline and routine are everything, but ultimately with something as fragile and intangible as "art" - you can't force it. When you are ready, it will come.

I like to think of songs like "mini-funerals". Something in your life lives, then it dies you mourn for it and then you MUST bury it. Then, one day you will be able to celebrate and commemorate the experience through verse (or whatever other art form.)
Each personal "Death" that one immortalises in song is different. It all depends on the rate of catharsis. Some take time to craft, some are easily exorcised before you even realise you were possessed and then sadly, some never get written at all - but float around in limbo.
Not only are you a talented musician, but you have also drawn and written comics. Please tell us more about them.
Since April 2014 I have written & illustrated three comics. Although they're more illustrated stories than actual "comic" comics - I should really stop referring to them as "comics" !! 

I adored drawing since childhood, but was never properly trained or taught. For that reason when it became time to leave high school and focus solely on music college - non-music related hobbies WERE sacrificed - art being the main one. It always made me sad that I'd given it up and then in April 2014 when I both gave up drinking alcohol and was going through a patch of writer's block - I needed a serious distraction, and for reasons to this day I still don't understand or consciously decided - I took up drawing again. A comic. An illustrated version of my cannibal-stalker anthem "Crazy For You."

That was mildly successful amongst the unwashed masses - people saying that the rough, untrained and childlike drawing just added to the blood drenched terrifyingness that is "Crazy For You." - and I have since made two further illustrated efforts. 

Halloween 2014 will see the launch of Venus de Vilo's illustrated re-telling of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven." 36 pages of TERROR! (And greatly improved drawing!) 
Then Christmas 2014 - Venus de Vilo's "The Night Before Christmassacre!" A rip off/new version of the classic Xmas poem. I have a recital of my new version up on soundcloud from 2013 if anyone fancies a pre-view of the festive fear!
Does the visual medium you are involved in ever conflict with the music you write/play, or does it influence it?

No. Not at all. The two completely complement each other. I've found myself unlocking a whole new level of creativity within since I re-discovered drawing and assorted other creative do-hickies. Yes, I can't work on songs when I'm working on an art project and vice versa, but it's all creativity, so it's all good! And also, I am now going to draw and design the entire art work for my upcoming full length album "Handle With Scare/Dead Boys Can't Say No" - therefore, unique and bloody weirdness guaranteed!
Who and what are your influences in music and in the visual mediums you are involved in?
Art wise, I adore Tim Burton, Roman Dirge and Edward Gorey - and I think it's clear I blatantly (and badly!) rob from their odd styles and mash them together horribly - thus creating a new abominable form of illustration! Victorian themed and bloody - with unnecessary amounts of semi-dressed ladies - ALL THE WAY!

Musically I adore Emilie Autumn and Ville Valo. 
Emilie I believe could easily be some form of long lost soul-twin! Her style, music, the meaning behind it - I 100% heartily endorse the aweomeness of that woman! Living proof that darkness into great light IS achievable. 
The dark, broody, Byronic pouting and miscellaneous musical moping of Ville Valo from HIM is what first guided my lost little 13 year old self onto the path of dark music in the first place! Ten years ago this October actually! 
Both of these artists have been integral roles in the utter corruption of character and desecration of my musical morals.
Who are your favourite movie directors?
Don't make me choose!! Anyone who directs terrifying J-Horror with long haired ghost girls, freaky children and haunted apartments is all right in my book!

Your songs are amazingly well crafted, and seem to touch the soul with their dark but humorous themes and ideas. Is this soul baring honesty and passion something that means a lot to you?
Yes. Of course it means a lot to me. It IS me. If I don't have that in a song, then I don't have ME in a song and I'm not writing a song that doesn't have me in it. If I can't relate to my own song or don't care about it or whatever, I have no fucking right to expect anyone else to -and that's goal numero uno for any and every song writer ever in existence. And at the end of the day (and the world!) all anyone has is themselves. 
Is playing live an important part of what you do?
Yes. In the extreme. For basic reasons, such as artist promotion, testing out new material - seeing what works, honing your skills and so forth But it's a whole new level and experience for the song.You can sit nicely at home writing the best fucking songs in the world till the cows come home - but where's the fun in that? Yes, you should write for yourself, but bringing it "to the people" so to speak, is what it's ALL about. 
Particularly for me, as my stage shows are so theatrical and in essence live re-enactments of the songs themselves - usually involving glitter filled balloons,, feather, blood soaked women and mad audience participation (and increasing in the weirdness and full on production with every gig!) - I'd be missing out on ALL that if I never performed.

Is image as important as making great music, or does making great music create a great image?#
Image and music go hand in hand. You MUST be the full package. As much as I revel in shocking people, people still need to be able to look at you and make wild sweeping assumptions about what's about to go down on stage. I feel that some people put either too much effort into appearance & promotion etc while their songs and musicianship suffer greatly, on the other hand there are some truly talented artists with no image or good promo-sense and they too suffer. Full package. You're only as strong as your weakest link. 
Being brutally honest, my stage costumes, for example, would be far more elaborate and such if it wasn't for the fact that - I WANT to be able to play guitar, sing properly, and move around the stage without killing myself! Ultimately, as much as I want the outside of me to represent the inside of me, I want to do a good bloody show, they're not going to get that if I can't move my arms around the guitar or am unable to stand up straight in my shoes! Image is crucial, but the music comes first - forever it was, forever it will be! 
You can 'Follow' Venus de Vilo on Twitter by clicking HERE.
You can check out Venus de Vilo's Souncloud, where you can listen to her incredible music, by clicking HERE.
You can 'Like' Venus de Vilo on Facebook by clicking HERE.
You can watch Venus de Vilo's music video for 'Crazy for You' by clicking HERE.
You can watch Venus de Vilo's music video for 'Fangtasy' by clicking HERE.
Many many thanks to Venus de Vilo for an incredible interview, and a look inside the mind of an exquisitely talented madwoman!!
Darkest regards......Dani.




Saturday, 2 August 2014

Massacre at Femur Creek trailer #1.


Check out this awesome trailer for new horror/comedy short film 'Massacre at Femur Creek' directed by Kyle Hytonen. The film tells the story of 3 friends (Kevin, Pat and Rory) embarking on a camping trip to the mythical Femur Creek. They party down, get radical 80's style and of course, around that time, a knife wielding maniac bent on bloodshed stumbles upon them. All hell, and a lot of bloody fun breaks loose from there.

The film is described by the director as a love letter to the 80's slasher films he grew up watching, as well as a satire on social media and our reliance on technology, which is rather strange considering the films 1983 time setting.

The voiceover on the trailer is done by the one and only Scott Geiter AKA Gruesome Hertzogg. Check it out! You won't be disappointed!

Click HERE to check out the trailer.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Summer of Massacre (2011).

Let me first of all get this out of the way. I am a huge fan of Joe Castro's previous work. Everything from 'Terror Toons' to 'The Jackhammer Massacre" and back again. When I first heard about Joe Castro working on 'The Summer of Massacre', I assumed it was to be a remake of an absolutely godawful British film called 'The Summer of the Massacre', which begins with bad spelling and punctuation in the prologue, has actors that can barely be called as such, and the supposed gore is non-existent. Couple that with a killer who is blatantly a rip-off of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre's Leatherface, and you have a movie that really doesn't deserve a remake.

Luckily, Joe decided to create his own 'Experience' (the film works so much better this way, as it is something that does test the nerve of splatter fans) and what we have is even in the Guinness Book of Records for having the highest body count of any single movie, which is one hundred and fifty-five on-screen kills. Joe also pushes the envelope with digital effects, which more often than not work incredibly well, but more on that later.

The film is a horrific experience, and if you aren't a fan of indiscriminate violence, revenge or experimental cinema, you won't find much to like here. What Joe does is push the very boundaries of on-screen violence far beyond anything you have ever seen before. The film is incredibly experimental in it's camera work. violence, special FX and even it's structure. This is something incredibly different for low budget cinema, and it is great to see directors out there willing to push their boundaries to achieve their goals.The outcome is insane to say the least. Murder after murder, not a minute goes by without someone meeting a grisly end. This movie delivers the carnage like no other.

Now, lets get to the digital FX that so many reviewers seem to complain about. Some of the digital FX are fantastic, but others are noticeable and don't work as well, simply because as Joe was making the film, he was  learning how to create digital FX, and some of the FX were made before he had learned everything he needed to know. I guarantee you though, the early FX take nothing away from the film whatsoever, and it would be silly of anyone to dismiss this experimental experience because of this small thing.. It remains a brutal, misanthropic and deviant piece of cinema that manages to push the mind into a darkness very rarely created by horror cinema. An ability to overlook small things (that really won't ruin your enjoyment of the film if you did pay attention to them) will make you realise just how ambitious and brutal this film really is.

Every story contained within 'The Summer of Massacre will have something all horror fans will love. The first story tells the tale of a man who is beaten and killed, who just so happens to come back and murder indiscriminately. The second story is about a disabled girl who is killed by her prettier sister, and comes back for revenge. The third story contains what is probably the most frightening zombie since the days of the Lucio Fulci and Gianetto De Rossi, and the fourth story is homage to the slasher movies of old. The wrap-around story tells the tale of three killers and their final hours. Joe's love for horror really seeps from every scene, and it impossible not to see the passion in this blood spattered experience.

So much more than a movie, this is experimental art that pushes the boundaries of on-screen violence way past the point of no return, and I for one salute Joe Castro for doing something different, and something that every horror fan can enjoy if they are willing to experience the horror show Joe has given us without passing a fickle judgement on what lies before them.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Moviepilot Horror Vs Rob Zombie.

What the hell has happened to Moviepilot? I wrote a number of articles for them last year sometime, and generally received great feedback. Lately, I have been noticing more and more articles that have very little basis in fact. The majority of them are speculative to say the least, while some are total bullshit.

There has been an article posted on Moviepilot, where the administrator of Moviepilot Horror, Amy Martin, wrote an article claiming that Rob Zombie had been shooting his mouth off saying how his version of Halloween was so much better than John Carpenter's original. It seems the article has been removed, which goes to show just how wrong it was. Below, you can see Rob Zombie's reply to this poorly written article full of lies and statements taken completely out of context.

"Who ever wrote this (Amy Martin) is a trouble making cunt. I love John Carpenter's Halloween and John knows that. Why? Because I told him. In fact he was the first person I called and told about my film. He said he was cool with it. I actually said to him "if this is a problem, I won't do it". Simple as that.

I have never compared the two films and never will. Taking a bunch of things I said years before I even made the film to try and start trouble is typical internet nonsense. I never pointed out flaws in the original. I pointed out things that weren't in the original that I could put in mine. Not because I thought my way was better, but because I thought it would be different. Since I figured trying to make the exact same film was sort of silly.

Here is cute quote from this bullshit article "I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I would say that Zombie is totally lying when he says that he likes and respects the original Halloween, but is just saying that for fear of losing fans if he said otherwise."

Here's a direct quote for you Amy Martin... "FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKING PEICE OF USELESS SHIT!" Don't misquote that.

BTW your article reads like it was written by a fourth grader".

I think that says it all. The fact she has the audacity to even hint that Zombie has no respect for Carpenter's Halloween shows that this lady is out for Zombie's blood, and is obviously not a fan of his work at all. I followed Zombie's remake of Halloween very closely, and remember reading that he actually went to John Carpenter and asked his permission to do certain things with the film, and John Carpenter's reply was "Make it your own". Anyone who has seen Zombie's remake can see the passion for the original material, whilst also building on the bricks Carpenter laid in '78.

Any writer will agree that it is always best to be unbiased. Just because you hate something (and I really don't see the point in hating anything that is out of your control) then don't watch/read/listen to/look at it. Why anyone would waste time to write an article full of lies is beyond me (I didn't realize the Daily Mail and Moviepilot were so closely linked).

It is a shame it had to come to Rob Zombie commenting on the article for everyone to see that none of the things stated in the article are true. Hopefully this makes other writers sit up and take note. Lies, trying to stir the shit pot and sensationalizing things will not get you anywhere, because there is always someone out there who will put you right.

I extend my middle finger to Moviepilot, and I hope they know that I personally will not be writing for them again for the simple fact that this article contained so much rubbish and not an ounce of truth, and every other article I see is either speculation or stolen from another news site. If they ever start promoting original content again by people who can actually type coherent sentences and try and give up trying to make the rumour mill move faster, then I might consider reading what they post. Until then, I will avoid everything they put out. If that offends anyone, then so be it, but I will not be a part of something that gives voices to ill-informed people with a basic grasp of writing pouring out their silly and immature vendettas in the form of thinly veiled articles/attacks on filmmakers. #

Darkest regards......Dani.


Friday, 25 July 2014

'See No Evil 2' trailer is here!!

It's finally here! The trailer for 'See No Evil 2', directed by Jen and Sylvia Soska and starring WWE Superstar Kane as Jacob Goodnight, Danielle Harris and Katherine Isabelle, looks incredible. While I wasn't that impressed with the first film (it had a couple of decent kills, but was hampered by a story that took far too long to go anywhere) I love the character of Jacob Goodnight, and he looks even more pissed off in this sequel. The addition of a mask also makes the character that much creepier. Check the trailer out below.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

I Spill your Guts 2.

James Balsamo's 'I Spill your Guts' is in my eyes at least, a classic low budget exploitation movie that manages to please on so many levels, be they aesthetic, storywise, nudity-wise and splatter, the man delivered! So it is with great anticipation that I can reveal that James Balsamo has set up an indiegogo campaign up for 'I Spill your Guts 2', as he wants to make it a theatrical release, which I am sure will please all of his fans out there. The Indiegogo project ends on September 20th, so get sharing and donating!

 Here is the synopsis from the man himself :-

"A blood-crazed vigilante is carving through New York's political empire, dismembering one corrupt politician after another. Only known as the American Executioner, this mask-wearing maniac is fueled by revenge to kill a senator who he blames for losing his voice and the suicide of his fiancé. This hooded assassin, with nothing to loose, has his sight set on the sex-craved senator whose lust for big-breasted women may cost him more than his political career. As he disembowels money-hungry sleazebags, no one is safe from this savage military mercenary. Tortured by the voices in his head and haunted by the ghosts of his victims, the only way to bring closure to his madness is to paint the city red with revenge. A hero to some and a nightmare to others, The American Executioner is lurking the streets. Just hope he's not coming for you in I Spill Your Guts 2"

Now the only thing left to do is get donating and/or spread the word about this amazing project!

You can find the 'I Spill your Guts 2' Indiegogo by clicking  HERE. And please, don't forget to share it with all your horror and exploitation loving friends. Please!

James Balsamo is a true visionary. We have all seen that he is very capable of making great cinema with very little money. Let's see what he can unleash on the world this time! The indie uprising has begun, and James is leading the charge!

Darkest regards......Dani.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Pieces of Talent (2014).


'Pieces of Talent' is the latest movie from writer/director Joe Stauffer. As many fans of horror know. originality doesn't come easy in the horror genre, but I have to mention just how original the premise of this film sounds. The fact I have seen it described as 'Beautiful Horror' has certainly made me even more interested in seeing the film, as beauty in horror always fascinates me, and is rarely something that filmmakers manage to achieve. I definitely recommend checking this film out. Check out the synopsis below, and then visit the official website and go and 'Like' the Facebook page too.

Set in the small coastal town of Bright Leaf, North Carolina, 'Pieces of Talent' centers around Charlotte (Kristi Ray), a disillusioned aspiring actress working a night job as a cocktail waitress in order to make ends meet. Charlotte catches a break when seemingly chance circumstances put her in contact with a local filmmaker, David Long (David Long). David and Charlotte form a quick friendship that leads to Charlotte landing the starring role in David’s newest project. David quickly becomes obsessed with Charlotte and begins building his bloody masterpiece. He films each encounter with the ultimate goal of filming Charlotte as his final installment. David is a happily obsessed individual willing to do whatever it takes to make “true art”. He utilizes his charm and skills to make something dark and deranged seem utterly beautiful and loving.

You can check out more information about the film, as well as purchase it on both DVD and VHS by visiting the Official 'Pieces of Talent' website.

Go on over to Facebook by clicking HERE and click 'Like' to keep up to date with all things 'Pieces of Talent'.

You can see the trailer for 'Pieces of Talent' below.

'Pieces of Talent' will be reviewed for Doctor Carnage's World of Horror soon.....Keep 'em peeled!

Darkest regards......Dani.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Facebook horror groups and horror virgins.

Facebook horror groups. Many are the bane of horror fans everywhere, with their continuous posts reviling 'A Serbian Film' and any remake they come across, whilst posting idiotic 'battles' between two horror villains, such as 'Pinhead versus Leatherface' for example. Michael 'Mad Mike' Nagy wrote an excellent post explaining where horror pages on Facebook let everyone down, and also of the incredibly small minded attitudes you face on there. I do suggest reading it, as he explains very well the exploits of these pages and how they effect horror fans, both new and old. (Click HERE read his post).

There are also questions which seem to crop up all of the time on horror pages, and these are sometimes informative, but mostly just go over the same things again and again. For example, I myself was banned from a horror page for saying that 'Blade Runner' isn't a horror film. When I made the point that both 'Predator' and 'The Terminator' have more elements of horror than the aforementioned movie, I was laughed at. In the end, I got kicked, and that was that. One thing that bothered me was that I was never given a single reason as to why this person considered 'Blade Runner' a horror film. It just was. I tried seeing things from this persons point of view, but unfortunately my head wouldn't reach my rectum, and I haven't yet had a glass stomach fitted that would aid me visually should I try and see things somebody elses way again.

A very common question asked, is "What is the sickest horror film ever"? I think this is a difficult question to answer, not at least because people find different things sickening. It could be rape, dismemberment, child killing. I know 'A Serbian Film' features all three of these (and other things which totally break the boundaries of taste) but I in no way consider it to be the sickest film made.

There is only one film that deserves that title to this day, and I still feel it has such power, and is completely timeless in it's commentary on humanity. That film is 'Cannibal Holocaust'. It shows the sickness every man and woman possesses when confronted with something different, and the idea that they can control other humans, and do what they will with them without any repercussions. It is this realism, that strikes a chord with me and turns my stomach every time. Compared to 'A Serbian Film's' over the top content, 'Cannibal Holocaust' might look tame to some, but I deny anyone not to be effected in some way by the idea of superiority of an advanced civilization to that of a tribe, where the people from the apparently more intelligent part of the world come across as primitive beyond belief. This 'sickness' seems to be inherent in many around the world, and because the film shows it so well, certainly manages to chill the spines of many horror fans, whilst the behaviour, actions and finally deaths of the films protagonists definitely fill the gore quota.

I know the film features real animal deaths, but I understand all of the animals were eaten by the cast and crew. These deaths are again chilling, but it is no different to what goes on in abattoirs around the world. I am not condoning animal cruelty in any shape or form, and perhaps the murder of the Muskrat definitely goes too far, it is a true and again very fitting commentary on our behaviour that still exists to this day.

This is only my view don't forget, and I am sure there are many of you out there who will say just how wrong I am, and start mentioning titles such as 'Salo' or 'Nekromantik', but I can honestly say that none of those films have had the same effect on me.

Another question that seems to be asked alot is "I am just getting into horror. What should I watch"? What I am going to do next, is make some suggestions to anyone that hasn't seen many horror films, what they should think about watching. Again, this is just my opinion, so agree or disagree. That's your prerogative.

'Nosferatu' (1922). This expressionistic horror classic deserves to be seen by everyone. What it manages to achieve is far beyond any other silent film. There are shots featured in films that are taken from 'Nosferatu' to this very day. The atmosphere is enveloping, dark and brooding, and the characters, especially Count Orlok, imprint themselves on your very being (or at least in your nightmares).

'The Phantom of the Opera' (1925). Beautiful photography coupled with a truly chilling villain make 'The Phantom of the Opera' another horror film that should be viewed by everyone. The make up alone (devised by Lon Chaney, who also plays the phantom) is enough to make a grown man quiver in fear. Everything about this film screams 'Grandeur', and the sets seen in the film are nothing short of beautiful. Again, the film oozes atmosphere and creates such a feeling of horror, it will take you a while to get over what you have just seen.

'Black Sunday' (1960). Mario Bava manages to mix the gothic sensibilities of Hammer with a precursor to the gore seen in later Italian horror films. The opening scene alone is enough to make anyone squirm, and the atmosphere is think and suffocating throughout the entirety of the movie.

'Blood Feast' (1963). Herschell Gordon Lewis' first splatter film might be considered silly by todays standards, but I still consider it a classic. While there have been many films that have been much gorier, 'Blood Feast' bares the title of having done it first. Just watch to see pretty ladies meet a grisly end, and the birth of 'Splatter'. I feel those are reason enough for this to be on every budding horror fans list.

'Night of the Living Dead' (1968). What 'Night of the Living Dead' did for horror was revolutionary. Gone were the superstitious locals, the gothic scenery, the castles shrouded in darkness. This was replaced with real people behaving in such a realistic manner, that horror was bought into a different realm altogether. Add flesh eating ghouls into the mix, and you have the birth of a new type of horror, and of the flesh eating zombie. That really does deserve to be seen by everyone.

'The Exorcist' (1973). A movie that still has the same power today that it had when it was first released, the term 'Horror' could never be more fitting than it is here. A simple slow burn story that manages to increase tension to unbearable levels whilst throwing in scares that are both expected and surprising makes 'The Exorcist' one of the greatest horror films of all time.

'Halloween' (1978). I still consider this the scariest movie I have ever seen, like a row of Jack-in-the-boxs all set up and perfectly timed to deliver once scare after the other, executed with a perfect sense of suspense and terror. Michael's mask acts as something we project our own fears on to, and while there is very little blood in this film, it doesn't need it. This film is the stuff nightmares are made of.

Hellraiser (1987). Possibly (with the exception of 'Dracula') the greatest love (or should that be lust) story ever told. Steeped in sexuality and gore, 'Hellraiser' is a horror film like no other. Yes, there is a man with pins covering his head on the cover, but the films story, of a man coming back from the dead, and his brothers lover helping him become whole again by murdering men, is one of obsession and lust. The Cenobites are images of S & M depravity, icons of a pure embodiment of torture and horror. Everything about this film screams horror, and I deny anyone to say that they didn't enjoy the gleefully gory and anatomically brilliant special effects on show.

I could go on, but getting into horror should be a journey you take by yourself. Discover what you like, what you don't. Don't let others have any bearing on your own tastes, and always, and I really do mean always, like what you like no matter what anyone else thinks. There will be people out there who tell you how wrong you are for liking something, but if it makes you happy, how can you be wrong.

Darkest regards......Dani.