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Monday, 29 April 2013

Hacksaw: Documentary of a Psycho Killer (2012).

Before viewing this movie I was under the impression that no horror film would be able to effect me the way August Underground's Mordum did. How naive of me. Hacksaw: Documentary of a Psycho Killer is one hell of a wild ride, full of intensely emotional moments of insanity and gruesome blood drenched sequences.

The movie tells the story of Dillon Mason, who has become fed up of being abandoned by everyone because he suffers from a horrific skin disease that seems to scare everyone away. Dillon embraces this abandonment the only way he can, and that is to kill, torture and consume his victims in some of the most disturbing scenes committed to film. 

The metamorphosis Dillon Mason goes through the film is portrayed in an incredibly realistic manner, and even though Dillon Mason is obviously incredibly disturbed, the viewer just cannot help but feel sorry for this guy. Even when he takes a hacksaw to someone, there is still a great amount of emotion involved, and it tugs at the heartstrings (as well as the gag reflex) for the entire duration of the movie.

Some parts border on the surreal, which gives the movie an incredibly uneasy feeling. The masks used in the movie are visually stunning and creepy, but also simple. It is amazing how Toby Johansen has managed to create such an aura of madness with such a small budget, and again goes to show that a small budget does not necessarily mean a bad film.

The movie is shot on video camera, and has an incredibly raw feeling, right down to the final gruesome frame. Toby Johansen certainly has an eye for the disturbing and the macabre, and his is a name anyone with even a passing interest in horror should be keeping an eye on. This movie is disturbing, insane and gory, with awesomely raw photography and an incredibly written and realistic story that keeps the viewer transfixed.

Toby Joahnsen is currently putting the finishing touches to his next short, Backyard Vampire, and he is also drawing a graphic novel named Fake Horse. You can find more information about both of these, and about Hacksaw: Documentary of a Psycho Killer by clicking the link to the Gory Pumpkin website below.

To visit the Gory Pumpkin website and pick up a copy of Hacksaw: Documentary of a Psycho Killer, click HERE.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Nailbiter (2012).

Nailbiter? I nearly managed to chew off all of my fingernails while watching this! The suspense is totally overwhelming and had me nearly falling off the edge of my seat when viewing this very creepy and intense indie movie. It oozes atmosphere right from the start and really doesn't let up for the entire duration of the movie.

The Maguire family (a recovering alcoholic mother and her three daughters) get caught up in a tornado emergency while they travel to pick up Mr. Maguire from the airport. When the storm nears, the family take shelter in what appears to be a seemingly abandoned cellar in an old farm house. They soon find they are by no means alone, and have been trapped alongside something far more dangerous than the tornado outside.

This movie works. It also yet again proves that just because you are working with a small budget, does not mean that you have to keep your ideas small. The focus on this movie is definitely the four female leads, and you really do feel for them. The claustrophobia of being trapped really does get to the viewer. You also don't really get a clear look at the 'Big bad' that is terrorizing the cast, which again works in the movies favor, letting the viewers imagination fill in the blanks.

This movie is an incredibly modern and brilliant twist on the monster movie and a character piece. These elements are blended seamlessly throughout the movie, which only adds to the feeling of dread that permeates every shot of this film.

The story really does shine through, and it is an incredibly involving movie, emotionally gripping and frightening too, never allowing the viewer the time to breath and feel relaxed, relentlessly creaking up the tension to an almost unbearable level.

The FX, minus the tornado at the beginning are all practical, which should give old school monster movie fans another reason (if one was needed) to see this movie.

If the indie movie scene keeps seeing releases like this, the line between indie cinema and Hollywood is going to become ever thinner. You have to check out Nailbiter. It really is a prime example of tension filled horror cinema, and for that, I applaud everyone involved in this amazing masterpiece.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Hallows Eve- Slaughter on Second Street (2008).

Yet again a micro budget indie movie surprises me with how inventive and entertaining it can be. That's the fun of indie cinema, you never know what you are going to get. I was shocked at just how good this film was, it's mixture of character driven story and gore is such a joy to behold.

The movie begins with a series of murders, setting the bar high for the rest of the movie. It also manages to be fun, that vital ingredient missing from a lot of horror movies nowadays. We then meet the manager of the Slaughter on Second Street Haunted house, who has an angry exchange of words with his brother/owner of the attraction. After this, the murders begin again.

The rest of the movie is spent following a group of paranormal investigators, who the manager has hired to spend the night there before Halloween. Buck (the manager) wants to get some publicity by terrorizing the investigators while they stay to investigate claims that the place is haunted. It's just a shame (for the characters at least) that whatever killed the previous victims has returned, making the group meet their demise in what seem like a lot of nasty accidents.

I was actually shocked at the amount of gore in this movie. It doesn't even give you time to get over one murder/accident before another one is just around the corner. This means it is impossible to be bored by this movie, as it is constantly throwing the red stuff around to great effect.

The movie also looks incredible for a micro budget production. No shaky camera work, the special FX are incredible and the acting and story telling is way above average, which means anyone who enjoys a movie with a body count should check this one out. Everything about it kicked so much ass.

Another thing worthy of a mention is this movie also works as a murder mystery, although I'm sure many of you (as I did) will have an incredibly hard time attempting to figure out who is responsible for bringing death to all of the victims.

The movie works on so many levels, it really is impossible not to enjoy it. It is definitely a must see in every sense of the phrase. The future of horror cinema belongs in the hands of people like this, who can take a tried and tested formula, and make it enjoyable and refreshing all over again.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Dear God No! (2011).

If you are a fan of exploitation movies of the seventies, Dear God No! has a little bit of everything for you. It's got bikers, nudity, Nazi's, Nun's and even Bigfoot. Yes, you did read that right! The movie is crazy, fun and also rather sickening in places. It is definitely one of the best recent exploitation movies I have seen in a long time. And yes, for all those wondering, I do think it is better than Hobo with a Shotgun.

The film follows a biker gang known as The Impalers, who think nothing of raping and murdering anyone they come across. After they finish off a rival biker gang, they chase a couple who witnessed the murders to a cabin in the woods occupied by Dr Marco, who lives with his incredibly shy and strange daughter, Edna. What happens next is beyond crazy, and a must see for fans of exploitation cinema.

The budget on Dear God No! is low, but you know what? I feel that adds so much charm to the exploitation feeling the movie has. If I didn't know any better, I would think that this movie WAS made in the seventies. Everything from the soundtrack to the photography screams exploitation movie! The dialogue is smooth, offensive, funny and brilliantly written, and again works incredibly well. The FX are all practical, and there is lots of blood and severed limbs. The final part of the movie is incredibly gruesome and bloody as the bikers meet their end at the hands of....well, I'll leave it for you to find out.

The movie manages to throw together so many exploitation sub-genres, it is like a movie fans wet dream! Everything from Psychedelia to Nunsploitation is up there on screen for us all to witness and get lost in. The film certainly doesn't take any prisoners, and is all the better for it.

It might very well only appeal to genre fans, but Dear God No! really does deserve a much bigger audience. What director/writer James Bickert has done here, is create a movie that encompasses all that was good about exploitation movies, and made a love letter to those films. And believe me, he has succeeded in every way.

Go see it as soon as you can!! You certainly will not be disappointed!

Darkest regards......Dani

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Autopsy confirm July release for The Headless Ritual.

This album is due to hit stores through Peaceville Records on July 2nd 2013, and I for one cannot wait.The album is called The Headless Ritual, and will be Autopsy's sixth studio album.

Featuring the returning quartet of Chris Reifart, Eric Cutler, Danny Coralles and Joe Trevisano, The Headless Ritual is a relentless monster of violent and brutal death metal mastery delivered in the unmistakable Autopsy style of chaotic riffing, insane solo's and doom-filled interludes, all served with the bands unhinged brand of vocal sickness. The album was recorded and mixed April 2013 at Fantasy Studios in San Francisco California with Adam Munoz, and features cover artwork by renowned artist  Joe Petagno.

Said vocalist/drummer Chris Reifart, "Expect nothing less than the monstrous brutality that Autopsy has been known to offer. Laurels will not be rested upon, trends will not be followed and mercy will not be shown. Mark your calenders for June, and pick out a coffin to lie down and die in, Darkness and death await...".

The track listing for The Headless Ritual is:-

                                                                  1. Slaughter at Beast House.
                                                                  2. Mangled Far Below.
                                                                  3. She is a Funeral.
                                                                  4. Coffin Crawlers.
                                                                  5. When Hammer Meets Bone.
                                                                  6. Thorns and Ashes.
                                                                  7. Arch Cadaver.
                                                                  8. Flesh Turns to Dust.
                                                                  9. Running from the Goathead.
                                                                 10. The Headless Ritual.

You can find out more info by visiting:




And you can check out the bands Facebook page by clicking HERE.

Arrow Video's release of George Romero's Knightriders.

Monday 22nd of April 2013 finally sees a newly restored Blu-ray and DVD release of George Romero's lost action classic Knightriders. Alongside the breathtaking restoration of the film, specially commissioned reversible artwork by Nat Marsh, and an exclusive collectors booklet featuring new writing on the film by Brad Stevens, an archival interview with Romero, a new interview with composer Donald Rubenstein, and a lavish selection of original archive stills and posters, the video below gives fans a sneak preview of the following special features:

- An in-depth filmed interview with star Ed Harris.

- Filmed interview with 'Black Knight' Tom Savini.

- Filmed interview with 'The Fair Maiden' Patricia Tallman.

- Audio commentary by George Romero.

Click HERE  to see the amazing Knightriders - The Arrow Video Story.

Don't forget to check out the video, and be sure to look out for Knightriders when it hits stores on 22 April 2013.

To pre-order Arrow Video's release of Knightriders, click HERE.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Family Secret (2009).

Family Secret is an incredible mix of the slasher and giallo sub genres that makes one hell of an interesting mix in this movie filled with suspense and murder.

Geno's grandmother has died, but instead of mourning, he remembers what a horrible woman she was. He is reunited with his family after her death, but he soon discovers there is something terribly wrong. What appears to be his dead grandmother is going around with a meat cleaver butchering family members. Will Geno uncover what his family has been hiding for years?

This movie is incredibly well written, and the mystery element really does keep you guessing right up to the final reveal. I was impressed with just how well handled the whole movie was. It goes to show that no matter how much people belittle indie horror, there are always some amazing movies out there!

Admittedly, the dialogue at the start came across as a little awkward, but it certainly improved as the movie went on with the characters interactions sounding more fluid and natural.. This is a movie that draws you in and grips you, shaking you violently throughout with shocks aplenty, making the mystery deeper and the body count higher. I must mention the old hag mask the killer wears!! It's as creepy as hell!

The tension builds steadily throughout the movie, and although there is blood and gore, it isn't there to the point of being excessive. This certainly has the feel of a movie from the seventies, relying on tension and suspense as well as gore and in my opinion is all the better for it. Creating suspense, mystery and bringing together a lot of despicable characters to meet their grisly demises definitely works in the movies favor.

Make sure you give Family Secret a look. It is a gripping mystery wrapped around the body of a slasher movie and is incredibly effective in every way you can imagine. Go get it!

Darkest regards......Dani.

I.B.S (2013).

Poor Larry. He just doesn't seem to be able to catch a break. He spends his days locked in his room, while his roommate parties his life away. Larry wishes he could party like his roommate, but he suffers from intense Irritable Bowel Syndrome. But one day at work, a mishap helps him discover that murder seems to cure his I.B.S. This is the story of the great lengths Larry will go to in an attempt to live a happy life.

I've said it before, and I will say it again. Mike O'Mahoney is a seriously talented individual. This movie takes every ingredient that worked in his other movies, but also adds a real emotional quality, loveable characters and even more insane situations to the mix.

You really do feel for Larry, and when he realizes what cures him, he goes way off the edge in a spectacularly macabre and violent fashion. Mike O'Mahoney certainly knows his audience, and gives the viewer masses of naked flesh, gore and hilariously cringe worthy comedy.

I really enjoyed I.B.S. Probably even more so than Deadly Detour or Sloppy the Psychotic. I love both of the aforementioned movies, but it felt like I.B.S had something else. I can't quite put my finger on what it is, but whatever it is it's magical. Maybe it was the way the characters played off each other, or the way Larry is a sympathetic character in a downward spiral.

Probably my favorite scene is when Larry finds an ingenious way of using a chainsaw. I'm not about to give anything away, but believe me it had me cringing and laughing at the same time. One thing I can guarantee is that this movie will have you rolling around on the floor, shocked into hysterics and wincing at the gory murders. What more could the discerning horror fan ask for from a movie??

You have all got to keep an eye on Mike O'Mahoney. Every one of his movies has been an improvement over the last one, and that is no small feat considering every one of his movies are amazing. Check out I.B.S as soon as you can! You won't be disappointed. And you never know, maybe if you suffer from I.B.S too, Mike O'Mahoney might have just found a cure!!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Legend of the 5ive (2012).

The found footage movie. What began with Cannibal Holocaust, hasn't really changed all that much, apart from taking on a more supernatural oriented direction since the release of The Blair Witch Project. Here we have a found footage movie from the shores of Britain. This is an altogether different beast, and anyone expecting another Paranormal Activity might very well be shocked by the amount of blood and gore in this movie.

We join a group of paranormal investigators who are investigating five deaths at a supposedly haunted location. When the resident medium accidentally raises an evil spirit, things go from spooky to downright terrifying.

This movie surprisingly contain rather a lot of the red stuff, something which found footage movies outside of Toetag's work are not known for. The atmosphere is also incredibly unsettling, and the locations used are magnificently creepy.

The characters in the movie all come across well, with emotion developing between all the characters as they find themselves out of their depth and against something totally inhuman. Seriously, this movie will have you on the edge of your seat throughout it's duration.

Another thing worthy of mention is the camera work. It isn't your typical shaky cam, not allowing you to see what the hell is going on, as in films like The Last Broadcast. The camera work is incredibly smooth, but not so unrealistic that you feel everything has been shot with a steadycam.

The movie really does ratchet up the tension to almost unbearable levels, and is all the better for it. I did begin to loose interest around the twent five minute mark, because nothing much was happening, but the movie soon picked up after that, and had me cringing at what I was seeing on screen. The movie really builds a connection between you and the characters going through the worst night of their lives.

This movie definitely worth checking out. Found footage movies certainly aren't for everyone, but when they are done as well as this, they are most definitely done right!

Darkest regards......Dani.

Jack 'O' Slasher (2012).

Halloween. The night where the divide between the realm of the living, and the realm of the dead is said to be at it's weakest. This time of the year has been the setting for many horror films, and here we have an awesome, funny and gory homage to the golden era of the slasher movie (Late seventies to mid eighties if anyone was wondering).

A group of youngsters are celebrating Halloween at a haunted house that tourists can visit. Unfortunately for them, a group of Satanists have resurrected a killer from hell, and they want to use him to make sacrifices for them so they can raise the devil.

For the sixty nine minutes this film ran, I was in indie slasher heaven. Everything about this movie is a testament to why the slasher movie has survived for so long. From the numerous and inventive deaths, to the amazing killer. I just couldn't take my eyes off the screen. This movie epitomizes 'fun'. Why shouldn't a horror flick be fun. It is entertainment after all. Surely that's why the majority of us watch movies. I doubt anyone watches movies not to have a good time. What would the point in that be??

I am incredibly impressed with this movie. Yes, it's a low budget film, but director/writer Jennifer Valdes has managed to combine laughs, scares and brutal murders perfectly. A movie really doesn't need a big budget when this much love, care and knowledge of the genre have been included in the making of a film.

I urge you all to check out this movie!!! It really is a great film, and certainly manages to blow the lid off of the low budget horror genre with it's amazing creativity, cast and killer!!!

Darkest regards......Dani.

Ghost Infestissumam Album Review.

I'm sure many of you who regularly visit here know that I am as much a fan of music as I am horror, so I thought I would begin to include more album reviews here too, as we are in Doctor Carnage's world of horror, and horror has never been confined to a single medium.

I am going to begin by reviewing Ghost's sophomore album Infestissumam. I was incredibly impressed by Ghosts debut album Opus Eponymous, which bought to mind a heavier Uriah Heap, with the Satanic message of Mercyful Fate, and the horror theatrics of Alice Cooper, only taken to the extreme. The band are a six piece, and five out of the six members are cloaked, hooded and wear masks so their identities are not revealed. The vocalist on the original album was Papa Emeritus, who for the second album, has been replaced by Papa Emeritus II. His voice and movements have also been passed along to the the new Pope of evil. The character of Papa Emeritus/Papa Emeritus II is that of a man who has a skull painted on his face and is decked out in a robe decorated with three times six inverted crosses.

The band are mysterious, and one would be forgiven for thinking they make one hell of an unholy racket akin to Archgoat or Behexen. But as mentioned earlier, on their debut, they were much closer to Uriah Heap.

Opus Eponymous, conceptually, told of the coming of the antichrist, while Infestissumam deals with him already being here, and that most blasphemous past time, Sex.

The new album picks up with 'Infestissumam', an opening homage to the infernal one with chants before breaking down into a beautiful lead riff that has elements of early Iron Maiden. Then we move into the second track, Per Aspera Ad Inferi (Through Hardship to Hell). This song is the one that most closely resembles the Ghost of the past album. A heavy rhythmic riff breaks into a keyboard ridden verse, with Papa's smooth vocals creating an almost hypnotic atmosphere.

What follows is Secular Haze, another hypnotic head trip that bought to mind Italian prog rockers Goblin. Keyboard swirls as the drums keep time with a 3/4 time signature, which gives the music an incredibly uneasy feeling. The lyrics are just as dark, but also incredibly beautiful, and again manage to stick in your head for long after you have listened to the track.

Next up is Jigolo Har Megiddo an ode to sex, with the line " I am the one lacivious" repeated to great effect. The riff again is incredibly rhythmic and the song considerably up-tempo, almost to the point of being danceable.

Next comes a love song to a Succubus, titled Guleh/Zombie queen. The first part of the song features a beautiful piano part, partly drenched in sorrow, then turning into something which again sounds like it should be featured in an Italian horror movie. Halfway through, the song morphs into what can only be described as Surf pop. It really does sound like something The Beach Boys could have recorded.

Then we have Year Zero. The song begins with chants for six different names for Satan, before launching into an amazing riff backed up with a disco beat. The chorus is one of the strongest on the album, backed up by an infernal choir all chanting "Hail Satan, Archangelo, Hail Satan, Welcome Year Zero".

Body and Blood comes next. A slower number that bought to mind 60's rockers Mama's and Papas (my mother is a big fan of 60's music). The vocal melody sounding like something they would have sang. A beautiful song mocking holy communion and its cannibalistic connotations.

Next is Idolatrine, which begins with a gorgeous keyboard led intro before again being layered with sweet vocal melodies and a danceable riff. The vocal hooks on this album are amazing! This song is a comment on religion in general, but it does it in a way that doesn't come across as serious, which is incredibly clever, as the majority of satanic bands out there ask so much of their listeners.

Depth of Satan's Eyes comes next, and is another foray into the heavier side of Ghost's repertoire. Filled with a pounding riff and sweet saccharine vocals, this is another song that will be lodged in your head for days.

The album ends with the amazing Monstrous Clock.  The vocal melodies, as they are on every song, are sweet, and deceptively soothing, which draws you ever deeper into the music. The chants of "Come together, together as one. Come together, for Lucifer's son" will be going around in your head for hours after listening.

Lets get one thing straight.This album is not in any way, shape or form a metal album. It defies all genre classification. Ghost are in a league of their own. It's as simple as that.

The songwriting on Infestissumam has increased so much since the debut, the arrangements are more well rounded and more technical. Ghost have proven that it is possible to be original in any genre, and I for one hope they continue on this path.

I urge each and every one of you to check out Infestissumam. You will find not only one of the greatest rock albums released in the past 30 years, but one of the most amazing bands in the existence of music.

Darkest Regards......Dani.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sick Bunny pictures release second teaser for 15-5-08

Just a quick post to let you all know you can now see a second teaser trailer for Sick Bunny Pictures found footage slasher movie 15-5-08 down below! Be sure to share it amongst your horror loving friends and family, and go on over and click like on Sick Bunny Pictures Facebook page while you are at it. I will also include the first trailer for 15-5-08 here again, in case you fancy watching them both back to back.

You can view the first teaser trailer by clicking HERE.

You can view the second teaser trailer by clicking HERE.

Check out Sick Bunny Pictures Facebook page by clicking HERE.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Bludgeon (2013).

Horror films are even better when they manage to create an atmosphere around the viewer, be it with suspense, jump scares or other techniques. Bludgeon manages to create an atmosphere with suspense and darkness. And it really works in it's favor.

A spate of murders have plagued a small town in Ohio for over a decade. In 1992 the murders stop. After a number of state wide searches, police officials gathered little evidence, and got nowhere near to being able to solve the murders. Twenty years later, and the murders begin again.

The first thing I can tell you, is that the poster for Bludgeon is rather misleading, as I was expecting a slasher movie, but a slasher movie Bludgeon is not. For one, the movie actually takes time in developing it's characters. The beginning of the movie starts out as any other slasher picture, with a bunch of female characters meeting their end by being 'bludgeoned' with a pair of bolt cutters. After this fun and dark opening, the movie makes a shift, and makes the viewer much more emotionally involved with the story. No mean feat if you ask me.

I'm sure this switch in story and film style will put alot of viewers who are expecting to see another slasher movie off, but the sheer amount of emotion that is put into this movie won me over with it's increasingly dark and bleak atmosphere.

The movie also manages to make the viewer sympathize with the killer. Not something which many movies can brag about, and something which made me think about the movie long after the credits rolled. The dark atmosphere that permeates the whole movie really does draw you in, from the high energy opening, to the slow build of the story throughout the rest of the movie.

Admittedly, the gore in this movie is rather light, but really, when the story is this good, and manages to keep the viewer enthralled throughout, then it is quite obvious that massive amounts of gore were not needed.

This is another great movie to come from the underground, and deserves to be seen by all who write off horror as just a load of blood and guts flying across the screen. Bludgeon is intelligent, well thought out, and incredibly emotionally involving, and for that, I recommend you all try and see this movie as soon as you can.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

American Mary (2012).

Boy, was I disappointed with this movie the first time I saw it. Looking back, it really had nothing to do with the movie itself. Magazines and writers on the internet were making this movie sound like the next big step in body horror. They made it sound like this movie was a total splatter fest. I fell into the trap and had high expectations for this movie, especially after seeing The Soska Sisters previous film Dead Hooker in a Trunk and absolutely loving the throwback/Troma vibe to it, and the clever characterization contained within the film.

When I watched American Mary I found a different beast altogether. Yes, it was dark, it was twisted and it was also funny, but it wasn't anywhere near what the hype machine had described it as. Luckily for me, I always watch any movie I am reviewing more than once, so I can grasp anything I might have missed the first time around. My second viewing of American Mary was an epiphany.

This film truly is magnificent.Everything about the movie is spot on. From the direction, to the actors, to the script. It all fits together to make one of the best horror movies I have seen in such a long time. Let me get one thing out of the way though, before I carry on. Don't think of this movie as horror in the traditional sense. This is something else. This is something you have never seen before. Throw away all expectations and get ready for one hell of a dark ride.

The story follows an American medical student named Mary Mason, who becomes increasingly broke and disillusioned with the medical profession at which she is dedicating her life to. She applies to work at a strip club, but before her interview ends, she is taken to a room under the club and offered $5000 to save the life of a man who has been tortured. After being raped at a party by one of her teachers, Mary gets her revenge, and ends up leaving the medical profession to go into body modification surgery full time. A police detective begins to pursue Mary for the disappearance of the doctor who taught her. What has Mary done to him? Will she get away with her crimes?

I really cannot praise this movie enough. It manages to stitch together so many different genres into one dark gory twisted tale. The characters are memorable, sometimes over the top, but they fit nicely into the world of American Mary.

At it's most basic, American Mary is a rape/revenge tale, albeit one that fits the template loosely. The thing that makes this one so different from the others, is that it is the first that can truly boast to legitimately be feminist, as the film is in no way about humiliation, but about the empowerment of the lead character.

This movie has massive amounts of passion, heart and real emotion weaved into the horror. All the way through, no matter what happens to her, Mary refuses to become a victim, and this is an incredibly refreshing thing to see in the horror genre, which has been known to objectify women as either sex objects or splatter fodder.

This movie is phenomenal in every way, and has certainly changed the way I look at horror. It takes a real work of art to change the way somebody thinks, and in my opinion, American Mary is just that. Magnificent.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Sick Bunny Pictures.

Sick Bunny Pictures

Sick Bunny Pictures is a micro budget film company from Nottingham, England founded by brothers Nikki and Jason Chatwin. They focus on horror and exploitation movies, and the occasional music video. Nikki (writer, director, camera operator) has a background in art and film, while Jason (camera operator, editor) has a background in music.

Sick Bunny's major influences in film are low budget horror/exploitation/giallo movies from the sixties, seventies and eighties such as Halloween, Friday the 13th, The Burning, Blood and Black Lace, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Blood Feast, but also more modern/extreme films such as The August Underground Trilogy and A Serbian Film.

As fellow horror fanatics, they set out to bring good, fun low budget horror films to the very loyal horror community. They also listen to their fans, and bring them the movies they want to see.

The future of Sick Bunny Pictures sees the release of 15-15-08 at the end of April, which is the first in a trilogy of found footage slasher movies. They are also working on some more sicker/gorier movies, such as a controversial Christmas themed slasher called Tinsel Rape, and a slasher/torture film called Tools of the Trade, which is a development of a previous short they shot that got a great response. They are also working on videos for local rock/metal bands.

Keep your eyes out for this company in the future, and lets hope they make the UK horror scene a trendsetter in sickness and depravity.

Check out Sick Bunny Pictures Facebook by clicking HERE.

Follow them on Twitter by following @sickbunnypics

Check out Nikki Chatwins Youtube by clicking HERE.

Check out the promo for Tools of the Trade by clicking HERE.

You can view Nikki Chatwin's showreel by clicking HERE.

And finally, you can view the teaser for 15-5-08 by clicking HERE.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Dead of Knight (2009).

Poor Marla. Her boyfriend is pressuring her into sleeping with him, and she is still deeply affected by the death of her mother. As if that isn't enough, an ancient evil has been released, and it wears a knight costume! The killer begins murdering anyone who gets in his way, only for Marla to realize the killer is making his way to her.

This is the perfect Friday night movie. There is more than enough emotion, fun and murder to keep the viewer interested. The characterization in the movie is definitely the one thing that stands out, as you really do care for the characters involved in the story, and whether they live or die. The sound quality is amazing, something which a lot of indie movies seem to always get wrong. Every word and sound can be heard with crystal clarity! The production values are also worth a mention. The sets always look good, as do the costumes, and for a micro budget slasher film, I was suitably impressed.

Admittedly, the kills weren't that impressive, but as mentioned before, you actually care for the characters, so you care that they die, not how they die. There is a scene where a guy gets both of his arms cut off, and that had me smiling, but the other kills were basic at best, and a couple of them were even off camera. But when the film was over, it really didn't matter. It was a little disheartening that I didn't see enough gore, but again, this movie was all about Marla's battle, and what she was going through. Not an excuse to show off mutilated bodies and hacked off limbs.

Dead of Knight does manage to weave an emotional story into a slasher movie, and also throws in a supernatural element, which works really well. I cannot wait to see what director Joe Grisaffi brings us in the future, as he has laid the ground works for himself as an incredible storyteller.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Necronos: Tower of Doom (2010)

I am a huge fan of German splatter movies. I have been watching films by Olaf Ittenbach and Andreas Schnass for many years. Well now there is a new name to add to the list of the German splatter gods. Marc Rohnstock. Necronos: Tower of Doom is full of gore, blood and many other sickening acts.

Necronos is one of the mightiest minions of Satan himself, and he has come to earth to create an army of the undead under the leadership of barbaric demons called Berzerkers. To achieve this, Necronos needs macabre and hard to come by ingredients, so The Devil sends him two assistants to help him achieve thier goal. These assistants are Goran, a blood demon, and The Mighty Witch, who will both help to locate The Chosen One, who is a virgin witch.

I had to watch this movie again and again, just to make sure I was picking everything up. The movie contains so much blood and gore, the screen was awash with red for the entirety of the movie, and the running time is a little over two hours!

It never gets boring, and even though the opening is slightly convoluted, when the movie gets going, it doesn't let up for a second. Bodies are broken, hacked, and fed into an industrial sized smoothie maker (for want of a better description). The make up is awesome, with Goran looking like something out of a Fulci movie. The gore is never ending, there is never a minute go by that doesn't feature a splash of blood!

Now I know what you are thinking. Gore doesn't make a movie. Well, fortunately, this movie has an amazing story too, and while the movie will never be held by anyone as a definitive horror film (I just didn't find anything about it scary, but I really don't think that was the point) it sure as hell manages to show really evil characters getting up to really evil things!

If you are a fan of the above German directors I have mentioned, and want to see things that push the envelope even more than Schnass and Ittenbach did, then be sure to check out Necronos: Tower of Doom. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

I understand that Troma are releasing this movie, so check out the Troma website by clicking HERE.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Bloody Bloody Bible Camp (2012).

First, let me get a couple of things out of the way before reviewing this movie. Yes. Bloody Bloody Bible Camp is a comedy horror movie, and yes, Ron Jeremy does play...wait for it...Jesus. As the extended opening credits roll by, we meet the first batch of oversexed slasher fodder who visit the Happy Day Bible Camp in 1977. Seriously, the body count in the first ten minutes is huge, as people are dispatched by Sister Mary Chopper, who is a guy dressed as a nun, with a devil mask on. The dialogue in the opening sequence is also hilarious, with references to Star Wars and the fashion of the seventies. There are also a lot of rather profane religious statements, such as a girl who is ready for some fun with her boyfriend states that her "backdoor is always open for Jesus, baby".

The main story is set in 84, as a new bunch of teens head off to the Happy Day Bible Camp along with Father Cummings who is played by the always amazing Reggie Bannister, and Brother Zeke, who doesn't take his religion all that seriously.

There is an awesome scene in a store the group stop off at, with the group being warned by one of the locals who is annoyed by the 'goddamn Christians'.

This movie really did have it all. Lots of laughs, gore, a larger than life killer (played by 2001 Maniacs and 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams director Tim Sullivan) and a total un-pc feel the whole of the way through. The FX are beautifully handled, with copious amounts of gore and body parts, and there is even a little homage to Carrie later on in the movie, but I am certainly not going to reveal what it is. 

The film is full of shocks, and offensive statements that no doubt will upset the more religious viewers of horror movies, but I certainly loved it all the more because of it.

This movie is excellent, and bought everything I loved about horror in the 80's back. But most of all, this movie was FUN. So if you want to be shocked, tickled or are just in the mood for a gore fest, Bloody Bloody Bible Camp is recommended for an awesome night in!!!

Visit the Bloody Bloody Bible Camp website by clicking HERE.

Darkest regards......Dani.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sloppy the Psychotic (2012).

After having witnessed and really enjoyed Mike O' Mahoney's debut feature Deadly Detour (or The Goatman Massacre as it is known in the UK) I looked forward to seeing Sloppy the Psychotic, and lets get this right out of the way, this film pushes the envelope way further than Deadly Detour did, and it is all the better for it!

I absolutely love Mike O' Mahoneys work. He isn't at all shy to show a middle finger to the P.C brigade with his movie content. Here we have severed penises and a brutal massacre of small children, which involves a lawnmower amongst the mayhem.

The film tells the story of Mike, a down on his luck children's entertainer/clown known as Sloppy. He gets into a minor disagreement at a child's party, and the whole situation gets blown out of proportion, leading to Mike losing his job.

Thus begins the downward spiral of Mike/Sloppy, and believe me, it isn't pretty. The movie is awesome from beginning to end, and while the death scenes aren't as drawn out as they were in Deadly Detour, they are certainly just as shocking and gory. The acting is incredibly solid, and the whole film features above average special effects, camera work and sound quality. Not to mention the blacker than black sense of humor running through the movie. Oh, and did I mention the killer is a clown? So anyone with Coulrophobia should not even dream of watching this!

If you love good old blood and guts gore fests with a dark sense of humor, then Sloppy the Psychotic is definitely a movie you should watch as soon as you get the chance. Go check it out!!

You can purchase Sloppy the Psychotic from Chemical Burn Entertainment by clicking HERE.

Darkest regards......Dani.