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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Doyle - Abominator (2013) album review.

2013 - Self Released

First of all, I would like to thank my brother for lending me his Advanced copy of Doyle's Abominator, that he picked up when he was lucky enough to go and see Danzig perform with Doyle as a special guest in Wolverhampton.

Here is a track by track review of Abominator.

Opening track Abominator comes off like Misfits jamming with Iron Maiden with hints of Pantera. It seems that Doyle has fully embraced the metal style the Misfits were hinting at on American Psycho and Famous monsters. There is an incredibly heavy mid section in the opening track that is almost reminiscent of Black Sabbath. This new outfit certainly has some power!

Second track Learn to Bleed is an uptempo riff-a-thon, bringing to mind Danzig era misfits but with a harder metallic edge. Vocalist Alex Wolfman Story has an incredibly powerful voice, gruff and brutal one minute, then melodic the next. He reminded me of Tim 'Ripper' Owens, Glenn Danzig and Michale Graves but with a lower range and even more malevolence and brutality.

Dreamingdeadgirls comes next, and is a real headbanger!! A rhythmic riff blends with the Abominable Dr Chud's awesome drumming and Left Hand Graham's bottom heavy bass work. This brings to mind Pissing Razors in its verses, then hits you with a nostalgic Misfits chorus, and yes, it really is that catchy! Theguitar solo really sounds like it belongs in a Pantera song, with lots of whammy being used, and it almost bought a tear to my eye.

Headhunter is next, and this sounds like it belongs on American Psycho or Famous Monsters, but looses the cartoony feeling many of the songs on those abums had. This is brutal! Doyle certainly isn't playing around! Every track so far beats you around the head with it's hardcore/punk meets metal style!

Valley of the shadows lurches at you and grabs you by the collar, beating you into submission with yet another killer riff, and an amazing chorus that will stick in your mind for days to come. The main riff really does bring Metallica to mind, but it seriously is so much better than anything that band have put out over the last twenty years. The song then surprises you by picking up speed and increasing the brutality even more.

Land of the Dead is next, and slows things down a little, and this is where Doyle most sounds like his past venture. This song oozes atmosphere and again, the chorus is killer! This song really does sound like a Misfits track, and that's a testament to just how much power Doyle held when in that band. The riffs, just like the man are monstrous!!

Cemeterysexxx begins with such a stomping riff that I find it impossible not to nod my head along with a shit eating grin on my face. The vocals are more tame in this song, and it works so well, coming across as malevolent, before the chorus kicks in and again buries itself into your brain. I am having a hard time deciding which is catchier, the hooks and choruses or the amazing riffs Doyle is blasting out!

Love Like Murder comes to life with a doomy riff that again brings Black Sabbath and Danzig to mind. This song takes the pace down considerably. It's bluesy in it's execution, and has that dirty dark feeling to it that Danzig pulls off so well. Halfway through, the song picks up speed before coming back in with that dirty blues riff.

Mark of the Beast starts with a single lead guitar, then breaks into another headbanger of a riff, before letting the vocals come in with short sharp riffs behind them.This is metal, and done incredibly well. Doyle has certainly improved as a song writer, and it shows on every single track so far!

Bloodstains again shows off Doyle's ability to come up with amazing riff after amazing riff, the stop/start guitar working incredibly well. This song brings to mind Rob Hafords project Fight, before again speeding up and rushing towards the end, this song is breathtaking. The chorus is almost Pantera-like in its brutality, and again, is another earworm that will implant itself in you for days afterards.

Hope Hell is Warm is the final track, and is an uptempo headbanger that is a great end to a fantastic album. Containing a couple of great solo's and a number of killer riffs, the vocals pushing to the front of the cacophany with ease. The chorus again as catchy as anything that came before.

From the very first moment that the first track bursts out of the speakers, you can tell this album is going to be one hell of a ride, and the band certainly do not disappoint in any way! This collection of songs is awesome. They show that there is beauty in brutality, and it isn't only Doyle that is monstrous, his songwriting and his riffs are too!! The band shows that they are not stuck in the past, and are content with moving forever forward with a heavy and brutal sound that doesn't sound tired. Check this album out whether you are a Misfits fan, Danzig fan or just a casual metal/punk fan. You will not be disappointed!

Darkest regards......Dani.

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  1. Wow. Somehow this totally slipped by me, and i usually keep a close eye out for Misfits related albums. I'm going to look into this now.