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Monday, 10 June 2013

Stitches (2012).

Sometimes, comedy isn't a welcome addition to horror movies. It can be forced, uncomfortable and even fall flat. Stitches doesn't fall prey to any of these problems. This is horror comedy done right. It is an incredibly clever, gory and hilarious slasher movie featuring one of the UK's best comedians, Ross Noble, as the title character, Stitches the clown.

The movie opens with stitches having his way with a woman in a rickety old caravan, before he realizes he must set off for a childrens party. He puts on an awful show for a collection of horrible children, who play a prank on poor old Stitches, who then happens to fall on a knife and die. Ten years later, the horrible children are now horrible teenagers, and are planning another party not that far away from where Stitches is buried. Believe me, Stitches isn't staying buried for long.

Stitches is one of the most enjoyable comedy horror/splatter films I have viewed in a long time. The explanation as to why he has risen from the dead, and the way he kills his victims just have to be seen to be believed. The deaths are so over the top and so inventive, they never fail to surprise as well as turn the viewers stomach. Drenched in blood and celebrated with a cracking one liner, each death outdoes the last in terms of hilarity and bloodshed.

Stitches may not seem like it is an incredibly original movie from the synopsis, but when watching, it really does feel like something new. The atmosphere with the teenagers before Stitches rises from the dead is rather like The Inbetweeners, with lots of bad language, put downs and uncomfortable dialogue for the characters. Once the first murder has taken place, you will see that the movie is all about fun. For the viewer to really enjoy this movie, they have to just go along with the ride and not take the film seriously. Then again, it's a movie about a clown who has risen from the dead and seeks out victims with his red nose, so how can it be taken seriously?

Probably one of the greatest things about the movie is Stitches one liners after he dispatches his victims. I dare you not to giggle as he proclaims "Taken from behind" after impaling a girl with an umbrella, as he thrusts his pelvis forward and a party streamer extends out from the flies of his trousers. It's hilarious!

Stitches is definitely a throwback to late 80's horror movies, where the emphasis was on humor and gore, and for me at least, it worked. I have watched this movie again and again, and it never fails to bring a smile to my face. Stitches may not be the scariest clown villain in the history of cinema, but to me, he is definitely the funniest!

Darkest regards......Dani.

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