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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

MP2V (2012).

Mp2v (2012) Poster

MP2V is a new type of movie experience. In order to attempt to solve the mystery the movie throws at you, the viewer will need to explore not only the movies, but also the MP2V website and the Facebook and Twitter connected to the movie. There is also a prequel movie (MPV), another sequel (MP3V) and even a web series (MPOV) so there is definitely much to explore to involve the viewer deeply.

MP2V is a fictional online format that is specifically used for snuff movies and other horrific videos. The opening of the movie is confusing, sickening and dizzying, and certainly sets the tone for what is going to follow. The movie is filled with great ideas, and while the execution doesn't always pay off, it certainly manages to unsettle. 

In MP2V, we get to follow two sociopaths as they travel through small town America. They use a handheld camera to film their murderous exploits with chilling effect. A father of one of the killers victims is mailed some footage, and the movie also shows his hunt for the killers, blending both first person camera work with a third person view, which does work incredibly well.

The characterization is well handled, with both killers portrayed extremely well. Both of them come across as the fire to the others ice, and both are cold and chilling in their roles, sometimes becoming almost likeable before they begin to stare at the camera devoid of emotion, or fly into a fit of rage.

In the very opening scenes, the film doesn't hold back with either the language or the violence, and it is a shocking and brutal opening which somewhat loses its punch over the rest of the movie. MP2V does not have a linear plot. In fact, this movie is told in reverse. I didn't feel this worked as well as it should have, as the movie went from a terribly violent act, and couldn't hit the same heights as the movie went on. Nevertheless, Rob Medaska should be congratulated for attempting to shake things up a little, and not going for the straight forward serial killer movie route.

All in all,it is great to see someone toying with the regular conventions of the horror movie, and trying to expand the experience of a movie for the viewers over many many forms, it's just a shame that from the incredible opening, the movie seems to fall rather flat, and sometimes nearly grinds to a halt. Nevertheless, this story shows that director Rob Medaska has some great ideas and is certainly a man to keep an eye on in the future.

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Darkest regards......Dani.

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  1. Never heard of this one bro! I gotta give this one a shot!