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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Blaze of Gory (In production).

Blaze of Gory is a new horror anthology that hopes to be completed around October. The project fell into horror filmmaker and executive producer of the anthology David V G Davies' lap last summer when he was presented with a short story written by a twelve year old girl when he was looking for short stories for a horror blog he was hoping to start. The story he received was so advanced and creepy that he insisted to both the writer and her parent that the story has to be made into a movie.

The writer gave him some more stories, and in no time at all David had turned them into nine great screenplays. The writer loved the idea of having her worked turned into movies, and gave the green light to find nine different directors to tackle the stories.

Each of the stories is horrific in every way possible. From the outset, David knew that the stories were definitely going to create a huge problem when it came to censorship, but he is determined and knows this project has to be made.

In January, David V G Davies directed the first story that captured his interest. He flew his cast and crew out to a remote cabin in Norway where they shot for two days, and it was a great experience. Currently, out of the nine stories, four are being edited, with three currently in production all over the UK, and one being filmed in New York.

The final movie will run for around two hours as both David and the writer have linked each story with a wraparound story. They also intend to release some of the shorts separately as trailers of the full project. The cast and crew are very talented, and this movie is definitely going to be something to look out for, especially as they have the unique selling point of the stories being written by such a young talent.

I for one am incredibly interested in seeing what the writer and cast and crew can come up with. This is certainly one to watch out for. I will be sure to keep you all updated.

Many thanks to David V G Davies for the information on this exciting project!!

Darkest regards......Dani.

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