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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sledge (2013).

What really irritates me about people who review micro budget movies is the fact they say the filmmakers have no talent, that they are just messing around in their backyards with a camera and lots of fake blood. I don't think they even begin to realize how much of a daunting task making a movie must be. Maybe if they took a moment to consider, they might see micro budget films in a different light.

Sledge is a movie within a movie, and is a triumph in every way. Assly, who is a werewolf puppet presents Assly's True American Horror, and tonight they are running a film called Sledge. In the movie, a group of young people venture out for a camping trip that leads to..well, it leads to murder. Murder and lots of blood. The place where they choose to stay is the rumored stalking place of Adam Lynch (a character who is named after Hatchet creator Adam Green and his co-star in Holliston Joe Lynch).

Sledge is the debut movie of writer/director Kristian Hanson. He has crafted a movie that has so much in common with the classic 80's slasher movie, that if I didn't know any better, I would have thought this movie came straight from that time period. The movie is purely and simply fun in every sense!

The running time is perfect, the characters work well together, and the bonds of friendship really do shine through. The killer is a great creation, and I really could see a franchise being created around Adam Lynch and his awesome sledgehammer. The kill scenes are nice and bloody, and there is some crazy humor running through the movie, which all add to the 80's vibe going on throughout the movie.

Sledge is another great micro budget movie, and yet again proves that heart and passion count for when money isn't an option. The movie shines in every aspect, and anyone with a taste for slasher (or should that be smasher) films will love the crazy goings on in Sledge.

Darkest regards......Dani.

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