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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Live Feed (2006).

Live Feed is one of the torture movies that followed in the wake of the over hyped mess that was Hostel. While Ryan Nicholson's movie may have a much lower budget than Hostel, it really does deliver in every area that Eli Roth's movie promised but failed miserably in. The violence really is sickening, perverted and over the top, the characters repulsive and unlikeable. The movie is an incredibly filthy, gory trip, and is all the better for it. While the acting may not be superb, the premise, location and the execution of this brutal little movie are second to none.

A group of young adults visiting Asia, take a break from all the partying to go and visit a porno theater. The theater is a facade for a mafia boss and his sick games, and the visitors just bought themselves a front row seat to an orgy of violent torture. A show where they will be the stars.

The plot in Live Feed follows the same arc as many torture films made around the same time, where a group of young people go to a foreign place, get drunk, offend the locals and end up in a gruesome situation that usually ends their lives. Live Feed repeats this, but everything is so in your face, it feels really fresh. The location, a real live working porno theater, is bathed in red and green light, making it look even sleazier than you could ever imagine. Each room inside the theater is bathed in filth, bodily fluids and eventually blood and body parts. The whole theater oozes sleaze and depravity, and that is before the torture and killing starts.

The movie may be predictable, but it doesn't hurt the movie at all, and it never cheats the viewer out of what they expect to see. The movie has some incredible kill scenes, and one of them was even replicated to a degree in Hostel 2. Live Feed is an exemplary low budget exploitation film full of perversion, nudity and blood, and is a brutal ride for anyone willing to take a dip into the more extreme side of horror.

Darkest regards......Dani.

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