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Sunday 6 January 2013

The sky has fallen (2009).

I have been meaning to review this for ages, but having been struck down with yet another illness I haven't really had the energy to watch anything at all.

I managed to finally view Doug Roos The sky has fallen last night and I must say I was incredibly impressed.

First of all, the movie is an independent horror movie. Secondly, it contains no CGI whatsoever!! All the FX in the movie are practical. The zombie makeup is first class, bringing back memories of Gianetto De Rossi's zombies in Lucio Fulci's Zombi 2.

The creature make up is also incredibly well realised, and also very effective!!!

Indie horror is where ingenuity, creativity and a gritty determination to succeed still lives. This film showcases every one of those things and more!!

The story tells of a new disease that within a couple of hours, has wiped out nearly all of mankind. People are fleeing to remote locations to avoid the infection. They begin seeing mysterious black figures carrying the dead away and experimenting on them. It is down to Lance and Rachel to kill the leader of these creatures before humanity is wiped out forever!!

Another thing worth mentioning about this movie is that most of the shots are tight close ups. This really accentuates the loneliness of the two main characters and really adds to the creepiness of the movie too.

There is a lot of dialogue, but it is broken up well with nightmarish scenes of violence and splatter and it moves the story along nicely, developing the characters of Lance and Rachel nicely and making you really care for them.

All in all, The sky has fallen is an incredibly thought provoking and emotional piece of cinema, showing great talent in both storytelling and FX. A haunting and disturbing movie that should please every horror fan out there!!! Go see it!!!

Go to the official site to show your support!!

Darkest regards......Dani.

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