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Sunday, 9 December 2012

More from Shiva Rodriguez.

I had another email today from Shiva Rodriguez and thought I would share some of it with you all. So here goes.

The Blood Drive for Predatory Moon is up now, and the video for it can be found on the Gallery page of our indiegogo campain or on our website here : .

That was a lot of fun to shoot. We had a crew of seventeen people out at a remote farmhouse and basically spent the entire day shooting the six episodes straight though. Among the victims for the Blood Drive were a zombie, a clown, a backwoods cannibal, and a vampire.

We're also going to be launching a weekly raffle this Wednesday (Dec 12), where donors to our campaign will be entered into a drawing to win a piece of original werewolf artwork by our creature designer, Daniel Byrd. He's done three very unique pieces to be raffled off during the last three weeks of our campaign.

Shiva also commented on the last post I made about the comment about story being more prominent than FX in a movie. This is what Shiva had to say :-

And just to answer to that comment on the article about concern for a good story... I have written several screenplays in the past that were produced under pen names in order to keep under the radar of the unions. I also penned a novel called "The Gallows Flower" that I believe is still available through the publisher on Amazon.

So as you all can see, there is no doubt this is going to kick ass in every way possible!!! Anyone that puts art before money deserves recognition!!! SUPPORT INDEPENDENT HORROR!!!!

I hope you all check out the Predatory Moon site and support Shiva and her crew's attempts at bringing something new to the werewolf genre!!!! Next timeI will be returning with a review of Doug Roos The sky has fallen.

Darkest regards......Dani.


  1. Posing as a woman dr blood??? Dear me.Your use of the word shite gave you away,as Elvira is apparently from the U.S.Carry on though,its alot of fun reading your inane comments,even though you have to hide behind a fake profile.