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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Awesome Indie horror movies!!!

Yes, contrary to what many of you out there think, there are many Indie horror movies out there that aren't shot on handy cam, made by Troma, Toetag or Full Moon. So I thought I'd write a list detailing some of these for your enjoyment!!

Splinter ( 2008 ) .

Four people are trapped in a gas station by a creepy splinter parasite that transforms Its still living victims into deadly hosts. Pretty much a one location movie (apart from the first fifteen minutes or so). The whole movie is claustrophobic and has such a tense atmosphere It's sure to please. Plus the creature (what you see of it) looks amazing!

Jacob's ladder ( 1990 ) .

I really can't tell you much about this dark nightmarish movie for fear of giving something away. This movie plays on dreams and nightmares,  is incredibly intelligent and looks amazing. The demons are rather disturbing too. There is also a conspiracy mixed in with all the supernatural goings on and the ending lets you make up your own mind, instead of spelling everything out for you.

Ginger Snaps ( 2000 ) .

Another incredibly intelligent independent movie. One of the Fitzgerald sisters, who are both outcasts in their town, is bitten by something while they are out in the woods. This is also the day that she has her first period. Her sister tries desperately to help her before Halloween (and the next full moon) arrives. An incredibly heartfelt commentary on how puberty turns us from children into slathering beasts, this film looks beautiful and has everything a good lycanthrope movie should have!

Kill list ( 2011 ) .

A British horror movie, and one that certainly blew me away on first viewing. A year after a he messes a job up, a hit man takes a new assignment with the promise of a big payoff for killing three people. The movie does an amazing job of creating suspense and it certainly makes your jaw hit the floor in the final act, and the violence is brutal as hell. It's one of those movies that manages to burrow into your mind, and sits there for days afterwards making you wonder what you just experienced.

Fido ( 2007 ) .

A zombie horror movie, this time starring comedian Billy Connolly as a zombie named Fido who is a little boys best friend, but after his zombie friend eats the neighbour things start to go awry. This movie is funny and a pretty savage commentary on 50's America, where instead of black slaves, people have zombies (who are controlled with collars). An amazing performance by Billy Connolly and a happy ending make this one incredibly different.

Red , white and blue ( 2010 ) .

This is one sick movie. Erica is cold and emotionless and happens to sleep with any man she can. She befriends a war veteran named Nate and gets a job working at the same place as him, but still sleeps with pretty much everyone there except for Nate. One of her one night stands finds out he has HIV and is sure he caught it from Erica. What happens from there on in is one seriously sick and twisted ride, coming across as more sickening than the home invasion scene in Henry:Portrait of a serial killer. The film manages to cross many genres beginning as a morality tale before moving into the realms of social realism before becoming  a sick and twisted horror movie.

Stakeland ( 2010 ) .

A vampire hunter by the name of Mister takes in a boy called Martin (surely a reference to George Romero's movie) as America falls around them. This is an incredibly emotional movie and it takes you on such a journey, it really is hard not to enjoy it. The whole movie is directed well, looks beautiful and the vampires are actually scary!! It is also incredibly hard to guess where the story will go next.

The woman  ( 2011 ) .

The amazing Lucky McKee (May, The woods, both of which are also independent movies, Masters of horror's Sick girl) brings us a companion piece to the movie Offspring (again, an independent horror movie). A country lawyer captures a feral woman and attempts to civilize her, but little does he know that with him keeping the woman so close to his home, his whole family are in danger. This film shows some sickening behavior and again, is a very beautiful and well shot film with a killer story to boot. I have never been disappointed with a Lucky McKee movie, and here he continues to take us on a trip where not one of us can see where we are going. Breathtaking.

Part 2 will be with you all soon. Thank you for reading.

Darkest regards......Dani.



  1. Absolutely LOVE Fido. Has to be my favorite Zombie movie ever. And from what I did see of Splinter, I thought it was pretty great.