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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Stopped Dead (2009).

I have to admit to being ever so slightly disappointed with his movie. Having started out so well, developing the characters, propelling the story forwards, the movie just seems to fall flat on it's face in the final act. That certainly isn't to say it is a bad movie. Let me explain myself a little more.

Stopped dead is a psycho road movie, and for the first half at least, is incredibly well done. There are very few framing issues, the cast is made up of people older than the usual 'teens in peril' movies indie horror seems to focus on so much (not that there's a problem with that), and the actors do amazing and believable jobs.

The plot follows two couples who take a road trip in an R.V. One of the characters, Bob, has been suffering from nightmares of infidelity which involve his best friend Dante and his wife, who both accompany him on the trip along with Dante's partner Minerva.

Bob takes a walk, and witnesses a group of bikers commit murder (or does he) and rushes back to the R.V and gets the hell out of there for fear of being killed.

All well and good so far, and it was incredibly gripping too. But, around the midway point, a reveal is made, and to me, it felt the move lost a lot of steam and became pretty routine. That isn't to take anything away from the director Jason Liquori or anyone else in the movie. I just felt the reveal was made too early, and the shifting of everyone's loyalty as things started happening made the movie feel rather sloppy, and a little hard to follow.

I would love to see the director make more movies, as he obviously has talent. It's just a shame this movie started off so well, only to fall into the same trappings as many micro budget movies do.

You can definitely tell there is talent involved, and this movie obviously had so much potential, it's just a shame it was squandered during the second half.

This movie definitely proved to me that Jason Liquori has what it takes to become an amazing film maker, but the second half shows that he is as capable of falling into the traps as anyone else who attempts this difficult craft.

Darkest regards......Dani.


  1. Great review. I'll probably check it out to give me something to watch. I'll watch almost anything once.

    1. It certainly is worth a watch. And thanks for following. It is very much appreciated!!