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Friday, 18 January 2013

Slasher House (2012).

Let me start off this review by saying a big Thank you to MJ Dixon and crew for crafting a British horror movie filled with suspense, scares and a really cold nihilistic feel.

Slasher House is Mycho pictures second feature (the first being Creepsville), and this film has everything a horror fan could ask for, and so much more!!

A young woman, who we know as Red, wakes up alone in a cell, disorientated. She notices notes around her cell instructing her to do things, and as her cell opens up, she realizes she is not alone.

She is joined by four other people. A young man name Nathan, who we know nothing about, and three brilliantly realized serial killers, the greatest of which has to be Thorn, whose sheer size and intensity has to be seen to be believed!!

The colours in the movie are so vibrant, so much so in fact, that it brings to mind Argento's Suspiria, with its use of red's and green's.

The movie also uses flashbacks to great effect, providing a back story to each of the killer's crimes, and believe me, it isn't pretty!

Everything about this film screams big budget, from the cinematography, to the acting. The make up must also get a mention, with the evil clown 'Cleaver' having the most creepy clown make up since Tim Curry played Pennywise.

The ending also has to be seen to be believed. Just when you think you have it all figured out, along comes a twist. Then again, you think you understand, and you get hit with another twist. Simply breathtaking.

If this is the future of indie horror, then there is no doubt we are all in capable hands. This film should be seen by one and all, and will not disappoint anyone who enjoys a good scary movie.

The editing is also incredibly jolting, and the soundtrack helps the movie along nicely, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

All that's left to say is Slasher House is a fresh take on the slasher genre, one that once more tries to show that it isn't all about the gore, that suspense works just as well as blood, and a movie that doesn't spell everything out for you at the start so you can switch off. It is fresh, scary, and incredibly well made.

Mycho pictures are currently preparing their next movie, Thorn, which, after considering his appearance in slasher house, is going to be truly amazing!!

If you want to watch Slaher House before it hits DVD/Blu ray, you can see it in the UK at the Horror on sea film festival at Southend on sea, Saturday 19th January. Heres the link so you can learn more about the fest.

And for all of you who missed my last post about Mycho pictures, here are some links that should interest you.

And here are both of the trailers of Slasher House to whet your appetite even more!!

Darkest regards......Dani.

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