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Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Collective volume 5.

Welcome to The Colective V.5, Undead Edition! This one of a kind short film collection featuring 10 short films all based on the same theme is back, and this time the dead have taken over. Out to prove that the zombie genre isn't over, it's just overdone, The Collective V.5 features 10 short films with a new and interesting take on the undead. The films range from intimate to insane with each filmmaker putting their own unique twist on the idea.

As I have done previously, I will list the director/production company or both, and the title of their short film, along with a short synopsis., whose entry is called 'The Dead Things Outside Your Door part 1 & 2.

Melding together EC Comics, reanimated corpses, black comedy and extreme weather, The Dead Things Outside Your Door tells the story of one guy who wants to be left the hell alone, two hillbillies, a drug pusher and an ex girlfriend who all find themselves butting heads after the worst extreme weather outbreak in midwest history. As bad as things are, they are about to get worse as the recently dead start to come back.

James Mannan and Liberty or Death Productions, whose entries are called 'Spooky Stuff - The Zombie File' and 'Zombie Soup'.

Spooky Stuff - The Zombie File.

James Mannan and Robin Panet, hosts of the web series 'Spooky Stuff', spend a day (and a night) in search of zombies in Indiana.

Zombie Soup.

Through a series of interviews with friends and colleagues, director James Mannan explores the current "zombie phenomenon".

DP Bonnell and Over Analyzed Productions, whose entry is called 'They Said They Were Here To Help'.

Synopsis not available.

Joshua Hall and Arsonist Pictures, whose entry is called 'Voice Over'.

Synopsis not available.

Silence in the Dead of Night, whose entry is called '(se) XX_Z (ombie)'.

Synopsis not available.

Jason Hoover and JABB Pictures, whose entry is called 'Marauders'

The undead roam free in search of flesh. Government "safe zones" are overrun daily. The world as we know it, is gone.

Andrew Copp and Coppfilms, whose entry is called 'Consumption of the Heart'.

The short tells the tale of a couple whose fire in their relationship has gone out. The infection of a living dead plague puts both of them back into a head space of believing they are in love again. The film is a complex exploration of desire.

Cameron J. Scott and Quattro Venti Productions, whose entry is called 'A (gore)aphobic.

No synopsis available.

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