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Monday, 8 July 2013

Backyard Vampire (2013).

Backyard Vampire is the new film from Toby Johansen. It is an incredibly disturbing and gory movie. From the opening credits, the first thing that hits you is the dark and oppressive atmosphere coupled with a creepy score. The movie is a nightmarish piece of art filled with chilling and bloody sequences, and an ending I certainly didn't see coming that caught me totally off guard and turned my stomach, which as I have mentioned before, is no easy task.

James Meredith is counting the days to Halloween, a time of laughs, frights and candy. However, James has a dark secret. Something he doesn't want anyone else to know.  Something that torments him day and night, and it comes back to him when a suspicious figure begins stalking him through the town of Forest Mills. The stranger follows James everywhere, even spying on him from his backyard. The stranger wants something from James, and it will take a lot more than masks to frighten this creature of the night.

Yet again, this film is an incredible achievement. Toby Johansen has a raw talent for storytelling and the macabre, and here it is on display again for all to see. The coloring of the scenes bought to mind Argento, with lots of blues and reds giving the movie a contrasting feeling of cold and warm, which worked incredibly well. The sound effects alone are enough to give the viewer nightmares, and when they are coupled with what is happening on screen, the movie becomes the essence of fear and suspense.

Backyard Vampire had my heart racing from the opening credits, yet it surprised me at every turn, twisting and turning and not allowing the viewer to guess what is going to happen next. The gore is handled well, and there is a lot of the red stuff in this film, and it is stomach turning. The story reveals itself slowly, and hits you with a short sharp shock at the end that will blow your mind!

Toby Johansen is cementing his reputation as an innovative filmmaker with considerable talent and an incredibly warped imagination which he manages to commit to film with considerable ease. With a movie this good, the budget doesn't matter, because the whole film screams 'Scary' and 'Smart' at the viewer. Toby Johansen should be congratulated for yet again creating something which is truly original and different than anything else out there.

You can view Backyard Vampire on Youtube by clicking HERE.

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Darkest Regards......Dani.

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