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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Collective Volume 2.

After the success of The Collective Volume 1, JABB Pictures and their band of independent film making misfits are at it again. This time around, it's ten film makers, one object. Each filmmaker received a small, plain cardboard box to base their ten minute short film around. They were free to decorate it in any way to fit their storyline. A simple and unassuming premise that goes to show it doesn't take a huge budget to make a great film, it only requires a huge imagination.

The Collective Volume 2 contains ten completely unique films that range from intimate to insane. It is the perfect format for showcasing the best up and coming filmmakers in the horror genre whilst also providing an easy way for fans of independent films to get them all in one place for $10. That's $1 per film! You will not find a better deal in the world of independent cinema. This collection is th embodiment of JABB Picures war cry "SUPPORT INDEPENDENT HORROR"!!

The filmmakers involved this time are:-

Susie does horror.

Red Panic Button Films.

Quattro Venti Scott Productions.

Grue Opus Films.

Graphic 13 Films.

So-So Pix.

Liberty or Death Productions.

Death Hug Films.

JABB Pictures.

As you can see, The Collective strives to keep indie horror fresh and exciting by introducing viewers to up and coming talent. Do yourself a favor and check these films out!

Don't forget to check out the following websites:-

Official JABB Pictures website-

JABB Pictures Facebook page-

JABB Pictures on Twitter-

JABB Pictures Youtube page- www.

The Collective Facebook page- www.

Darkest regards......Dani.

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