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Friday, 19 July 2013

The Collective volume 4.

The Collective is back and it is better than ever. The one of a kind short film collection, featuring 10 - 10 minute short films all based on the same theme has risen to a new level. The lineup of filmmakers this time around is a who's who of up and coming horror directors in the indie scene.

The theme featured in The Collective volume 4 is Emotions. Each filmmaker was given a different emotion to base their ten minute short film around. 10 short films, each delving into a different place of the human psyche. Ranging from intimate to insane, the films featured in The Collective volume 4 provide something that Hollywood hasn't had in a long time. Heart.

The filmmakers featured on The Collective volume 4 stand as proof that it doesn't take a huge budget to make a great film, only a huge imagination.

As before, I will be featuring a rundown of the filmmakers, and a short synopsis of their film if it is available.

The filmmakers featured in The Collective volume 4 are :-

Dakota Meyer and Red Panic Button Films, whose entry is called 'Luke 1:71. A Story of Hate'.

Emotion: Hate.

A troubled young man filled with hate, Luke (Ben Peck) finds himself trapped in a reckless life that is spiraling out of control. His younger brother, Frank (David Ponton) accompanies him in his search for destruction and salvation.

David Paul Bonnell and Over Analyzed Productions, whose entry is called 'Happy Hooker Bang Bang'.

Emotion: Envy.

It takes place in a crime filled world where a girl named Sara loses her job at a bookstore and is forced to begin working with her roommate (a hooker) to make money. But when she gets caught up with the wrong clients, it's up to her hooker friends to takeback the street and make it safe for hookers everywhere.

James Mannan and Liberty or Death Productions, whose entry is called 'Death Us Do Part'.

Emotion: Lust.

No synopsis available.

James Hoover and JABB Pictures, whose entry is called 'Frankie'.

Emotion: Grief.

No synopsis available.

Jim Dougherty and 3 o' clock Productions, whose entry is called 'Contrition'

Emotion: Regret.

When Ruby Thompson conducts an experiment that results in the DNA alteration of her subject, an unexpected threat is posed and the lives of those closest to her are changed forever.

Jason Hoover and Spiral Filmworks, whose entry is called '101 Taylor St'.

Emotion: Denial.

No synopsis available.

Bryan Wolford and Freakwolf Productions, whose entry is caled 'Myctophobia'.

Emotion: Fear.

No synopsis available.

Jakob Bilinski and Cinephreak Pictures, whose entry is called 'Bloody Hooker Bang: A Love Story'.

Emotion: Rage.

Two blood soaked ladies of the night must navigate their way to safety while being pursued by a murderous family of psychopathic inbreds with a score to settle. With the help of a slick bionic pimp named Silky, they will prove that love can overcome shame, and there are few things fiercer than a whore scorned.

David Ross and Winged Dolphin Pictures, whose entry is called 'Flash of Wire'.

Emotion: Schadenfreude (Deriving pleasure from someone elses misfortune).

From the director of 'Fertility 2.0' comes Flash of Wire. David Ross investigates the curious German emotional term Schadenfreude: Obtaining joy from the suffering of others. The film asks the question: When it comes to revenge, is once never enough? Apparently David can't go on vacation in a foreign country without filming a movie. "Think of the production values" he said. "It will look just like a foreign film! It's irresistible". While spending three weeks on the island of Naxos in Greece, and grieving that he was not making a film for The Collective volume 4, he researched island myths, and organized a small group of villagers for a two day shoot. "No one understood what I was saying - which strangely, felt very familiar to my experiences working in the US". Returning to the US, he scheduled a one day shoot to finish the movie. "I am pretty sure the distance of this location change will be a record for me that may go unbeaten". However, David hopes to return to Naxos to film a feature there someday.

Dustin Mills and Dustin Mills Productions, whose entry is called 'Epidemic'.

Emotion: Trust.

We trust the people who prepare our food, we trust the people who deliver our news, and we trust the people who are paid to protect us. What happens when that trust is violated? Brandon Salkil is about to find out. Who can he turn to when he is infected by a deadly virus spreading across the midwest? They say they have the cure, but can they be trusted?

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Darkest regards......Dani.

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