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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Stitch: Slasherton: Book 2 review.

The second book in the Slasherton series is even more fun than the first (as if that were possible), and features even more violence, gore and bad taste humor. The book still reads like an adult Dr. Seuss, but this time, the craziness and toilet humor are dialled up a few extra notches. Both Creep Creepersin and Zoe Humphries have excelled themselves bringing these crazy but cute characters to life.

This time we meet Stitch, who enjoys nothing better than eating fast food and killing his victims with blunt objects. These contrasts work so well. The story flicks between humor, and horror very well, and also features a theme of friends and family to go with the violence and toilet humor, which is incredibly endearing. Again, Stitch is so easy to read you will find yourself picking up the book and enjoying both the writing and pictures again and again.

The illustrations again bring the characters to life in vivid color, and Stitch himself looks both cute but also incredibly macabre and sinister, appealing to both our inner child and the horror fan within us all, which is certainly what this series of books aims for. The pictures are incredibly eye catching, and have the same appeal as The Garbage Pail Kids collectors cards, mixing both cute and stomach turning to great effect.

If you read Sack, the first Slasherton book, then be sure to pick up Stitch. There is no way you can be disappointed with this cute but scary killer and his adventures. If this is your first introduction to the world of Slasherton, expect nothing less than a twisted, violent and very funny picture book with cute but deadly characters and some of the most eye catching illustrations and prose I have ever seen. I urge you all to check out Stitch: Slasherton: Book 2 as soon as you can, and find a new horror craze for you all to dip your toes into, or even get lost in. Believe me, with how good these books are, that is easier than you would ever believe.

You can get a copy of Stitch: Slasherton: Book 2 from by clicking HERE.

You can get a copy of Stitch: Slasherton: Book 2 from by clicking HERE.

You can visit the Slasherton official website by clicking HERE.

You can also go on over and give the Slasherton Facebook page a 'Like' by clicking HERE.

Darkest regards......Dani.

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