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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Six Feet Under Unborn (2013) album review.

Another Six Feet Under album already? One year after their release of 'Undead' comes 'Unborn', and I am certainly not complaining. This is the bands tenth release in twenty years. That's a whole two decades of playing their own groove orientated brand of death metal, and in my opinion, it never gets stale. Amping up the aggression factor even further, Six Feet Under return with another album filled with odes to death, gore and violence.

What stands out this time, as on the previous album 'Undead', are the tempo changes and complete ferocity of the songs on offer. Of course, the ominous down tempo groove is still there, but it is now accompanied by more technical drumming and faster passages than what we have heard on previous albums (except last years 'Undead' of course). At it's heart, Unborn is still a death metal album that doesn't rely on blast beats and blisteringly fast riffs to convey it's heaviness. The whole album grooves along, and some of the songs can even be considered catchy. Again, this is nothing new for Six Feet Under. It is when the band introduce different things into the mix that things sound fresher than ever.

Take the track Decapitate for example. It begins with a heavy groove, yet it transitions into blast beats and double picked guitar melodies in the blink of an eye. It is an incredibly refreshing direction, and has bought even more life into the lumbering corpse that is Six Feet Under.

This album grows on the listener. On first listen, it is a heavy death metal record, lead by the gutteral vocals of one of the greatest death metal front men in existence. On listening to the record more, the power of the songs and variation in the vocals hits home. This is definitely Six Feet Under's best release in their 20 year career, and shows magnificent growth and maturity, which is something I never expected from this band. Every song on this album is a real headbanger, and is as unsettling and horrific as a death metal release should be.

Six Feet Under are here to stay, and with this new mature sound, they are taking no prisoners with their anvil heavy sound and crushing vocals. Go check it out!

Darkest regards......Dani.

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