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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Fear Clinic The Movie.

Fear Clinic, the web series had over five million viewers, which makes it the most-watched horror web series in FEARnet history! Now, the makers of the Fear Clinic web series are taking things to the next level by making Fear Clinic The Movie! With your support and backing, the filmmakers can make a kick-ass horror film. The kind of scary movie it was destined to become.

Starring Robert Englund, and directed by Robert Green Hall, this looks like it is going to be an amazing movie, and with your help, it could be bigger and better than anyone dreamed of.

All backers will be honored with their perks even if Fear Clinic The Movie doesn't get funded. The movie is getting made no matter what. It is incredibly difficult getting a new horror project off the ground. Studios rarely invest in something new, hence all of the remakes and re-imaginings.

Even before launching the Fear Clinic Web Series the filmmakers been trying to raise money to make this movie.  Over the past three years, many companies and investors have read the script and LOVED it!  The filmmakers even had a handful of these people make them some pretty decent offers.  But as you know there is no free lunch in this town.  The types of deals they were offered meant handing over their passion project to strangers, and they have worked too dang hard, poured hours and hours of their lives into this, sacrificed greatly-- to hand Fear Clinic over to somebody else so they could have all the fun and credit for making it happen.

So like anybody with a dream, the filmmakers have stuck to their guns and held out, clinging to the hope that one day they would find investors and backers who would let them make FEAR CLINIC into the type of horror movie it deserves to be. 

So far they have been pretty successful with raising most of the 1.2 million dollars-- the total budget they need to make this movie.  They also have an investor ready to match whatever funds they raise on this campaign. However, the filmmakers still have a $300,000. gap we need to fill to put Fear Clinic on the movie screen and scare the living shit out of you!

JOIN US in backing FEAR CLINIC THE MOVIE so we can share with you that proud feeling of accomplishment that has driven us to make this movie a reality. 

To check out the Indiegogo campaign for Fear Clinic, click HERE.

To give the Fear Clinic Facebook page a 'Like', click HERE.

Don't forget, if you can't donate, share the Indiegogo link where you can, like the Fear Clinic Facebook page and spread the word! This is going to be BIG!

Darkest regards......Dani.

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