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Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Collective volume 1.

The Collective is an incredibly original and interesting premise in horror cinema. I understand how the anthology horror movie is making a comeback, but it seems incredibly unfair that innovative indie horror movies such as The Collective are receiving no acclaim for kick starting the comeback of anthology movies.  Writer/Director/Editor behind the up and coming independent film company JABB pictures Jason Hoover, is a passionate filmmaker focused on creating films that keep fans thinking. His short film project The Collective has garnered acclaim worldwide and showcased some of the incredible filmmakers the Independent scene has to offer. JABB pictures has produced and released 17 short films as well as distributed 60 films through their project The Collective.What follows is information about the first volume in The Collective, along with who is involved with each volume. There will be subsequent posts detailing the following volumes, so keep a look out for those! I dare you to check these out!!

The Collective Volume 1.


The Collective features 10 -10 minute films, all by different indie filmmakers yet all based on a single synopsis, with each filmmaker putting their own unique twist on the idea. For the first volume of The Collective, JABB Pictures challenged 8 other independent filmmakers to make a short based on the synopsis 'The Meat Eater'. It was up to each filmmaker to decide who, or what this is. Though each film centers around The Meat Eater, the story and characters in each film vary greatly. The films range from brutal to bizarre, with each filmmaker putting their own unique twist on the idea.

The nine filmmakers involved  are:-

Thomas Berdinski and The Cult of Mois and Vous.

Chris Jay and Darkrider Studios.

Eric Schneider and Graphik 13 Films.

James D. Mannan and Liberty or Death Productions.

Shannon Feaster and So-So Pix.

Cameron Scott and Quattro Venti Scott Productions.

Jason Hoover and JABB Pictures.

David Bonnell and Overanalyzed Productions

Dakota Meyer and So-So Pix.

You can visit the official JABB Pictures website and purchase The Collective Volumes 1-6 by clicking HERE. 

You can visit the official JABB Pictures Facebook page by clicking HERE. 

You can follow JABB Pictures on Twitter by clicking HERE.

You can visit JABB Pictures Youtube page by clicking HERE.

You can visit The Collective Facebook page by clicking HERE.

Darkest regards......Dani.


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