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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My Big Bad Wolf short film review.


My Big Bad Wolf is a truly unique cinematic experience. I can safely say there is nothing else like it out there. It manages to tick many horror boxes, but never falls into the pitfalls many scary movies do. The film also transcends the horror genre, and delves into the psychodrama, creating a sense of oppression and paranoia that fit the subject matter incredibly well.

A couple live together  in the woods. They play games daily with each other, such as the male chasing the female wearing a wolf mask. Their relationship is breaking down, and the couple start playing mind games with each other. It seems they have confused love with possession, and the female is beginning to feel trapped, confined by the very thing that made her so happy. Their love for each other has become an obsession, and this pushes the woman to begin to see her likeness in different places, such as running ahead of her in the woods. What follows is a dark journey of psychological horror that doesn't play by any of the rules you expect it to.

The first thing that hit me about the movie is it's ambiguity and it's unsettling feeling, which it maintains throughout. It gives nothing away, and the genuinely creepy feel stays with the viewer long after the movie is over. It seems the woman wants to escape from the life she is leading, and this is accentuated by the constant running away of herself from her male partner.

The film lasts just over 30 minutes, and this time is used amazingly well. The narrative is fragmented, and works well at showing the mental deterioration of the female character by brilliantly blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. The horror doesn't come from brutal gore, or flashes of monsters or ghosts, but it comes from the mental deterioration of a female who thought she was happy, but finds herself in a nightmare.

The camera work is phenomenal, managing to show both the beauty and darkness of the forest. The film really does seem to play on contrasts. Happiness becomes fear, Love turns into obsession, and beauty is shown as something truly dark and foreboding.

My Big Bad Wolf is a unique film, and for that I can give it nothing but praise. What it manages to accomplish in the space of just over 30 minutes, takes other movies over two hours. It shows that director Geena Matuson  has a tight grip on her story telling, and manages to create something which is unsettling in it's beauty, and thrilling in both it's ambiguity and darkness. While not strictly being a horror film, the film still manages to disturb and unsettle, and is an incredible achievement for all involved.

You can view the My Big Bad Wolf trailer on Youtube by clicking HERE.

Darkest regards......Dani.

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