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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Grind band 'Purify the Horror' offer free EP give away!

From the bowels of the UK come grindcore trio 'Purify the Horror'. On July 30th this year, the band will unleash a plague of savagery and chaos in the form of their untitled debut EP. To ensure the infection spreads as far as possible, the band is giving the release away as a free digital download.

'Purify the Horror' consists of three individuals prominent within the underground music scene who have decided to remain anonymous and adopt the image of filthy pigs in an effort to effectively incite the grind revolution. The bands untitled debut EP is a seventeen minute long celebration of sensory depravity propounded by a vile concoction of filthy riffage, blast beats and a dual vocal attack that will have you asking yourself "What the fuck were they thinking"?

Give Purify the Horror's Facebook page a 'Like' so you can keep up to date with the bands releases. To see the band's Facebook page, click HERE. 

Band Line Up.

Sergeant Squeel: Vocals

Fat-Belly Pig: Additional vocals.

Bear-Pig: Guitars and Bass.

Lord-Pig: Drums and Lyrics.

1 comment:

  1. I'm currently listening to Pig Destroyer. I realize there's no real relation, but I thought it was interesting that I came to your post in my blogroll about a pig faced Grind band, as I listened to a grind band with pig in the name.

    ANYWAYS, count me in, sounds awesome.