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Monday, 8 July 2013

Sean Bazaar's The Fallen series. Book one: Dark Genesis.

Armageddon is an interesting and ultimately scary scenario. Many writers have used this as a basis for their story. It is usually an effective and thrilling story device, but they always end up going the same way. Humanity wins out and gets to start again. Sean Bazaar has created something that is wholly different to what has come before. A story filled with anguish, carnage, bloody battles and a war of entities.

 The blurb for The Fallen. Book one, Dark Genesis says:-

Armageddon. The last battle. Yet victory is not assured as us mere mortals have been told. However, Hell is a dark reflection of Heaven. If Heaven falls, can Hell be far behind? What does this mean for the souls caught in the middle of Heavenly plans and diabolical plots? All of this is explored as the mighty armies made of the Host of Hosts and the Diabolical begin their final confrontation in Book one of The Fallen series: Dark Genesis.

The book features some of the fiercest battles between Angels and Demons that have ever been written, and believe me, they do not go the way you would think. The story is incredibly cinematic, taking the reader on a breathtaking journey through an Armageddon that doesn't bode well for humanity.

For all of you who are interested, here is the first entry in the Journal of Alisha Grace, which features throughout the book:-

TIME, PEOPLE SAY, IS NEVER ENDING. No matter what happens to people, plants, animals, or the planet itself, time is the one thing that never changes. None of us could fathomed that one day our time would be up. That day is now. Everyone knows the story of Armageddon, the battle between the forces of Heaven and the demonic legions of Hell. And we all just figured it was a no-brainer, which side would come out on top. But we were wrong. Every time I go to the window, I smell only blood, fire and brimstone.

It happened so quickly  that no one had time to react:portals forged from demonic magic opened all over the world, and pouring through them were agents of macabre death, tidal waves of destruction the likes of which we had never seen. The sky filled with beautiful white-winged creatures full of deadly grace and determined precision, intent upon stopping the demon armies. The final war had been bought to our very doorstep. Across the planet battles raged. Blood and death spread across the Earth, with both sides suffering heavy losses. It didn't take long for us to realize that the tide of war was shifting to darkness. And if the light fell, what hope would humans have?

Sean M. Bazaar is a staff sergeant currently in the U.S army. He originally came up with the idea for The Fallen series and characters during his first deployment to Iraq in 2003, as a way for his men to have some fresh reading during their downtime. He currently resides in Ft. Knox with his wife, two daughters and their yorkie.

The writers experience of war comes through every page, describing the fierce battles, the sounds and the hellish atmosphere with great and vivid descriptions . His experiences of battle, and how spectacularly violent it is are bled into every word. The violence is constant, propelling the story onward in a spectacular way. Things never go how you think they will either. Just when you think good will triumph over evil, Lucifer and his minions turn the tide of the battle again and again. It truly is a refreshing and different take on a subject that has been handled many times before.

If the first book is anything to go by, this series is going to be an  incredibly thrilling and nail biting read. Not since Clive Barker's The Great and Secret Show have I been gripped by a book about Armageddon as I have by Dark Genesis. I urge you all to check it out. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed, as Sean M. Bazaar's apocalyptic tale deserves to bee seen by everyone.

You can download the eBook from, and read the first six chapters by clicking HERE.

You can do the same on by clicking HERE.

Hardback and paperback versions of the book are also available.

Darkest regards......Dani.

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