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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Twisted Tales of Madness and Murder comic book and anthology movie.

Twisted Tales of Madness and Murder is a new comic book Written by Rick Tobin, with artwork by Tadd Galusha. There are ten stories written, the first of which is called The Resolution. The artwork for the second story is nearly halfway done, which is good news for anyone looking forward to reading more of what looks to be an incredible series.

A reoccurring character in each of the stories will be Detective Spurlock. He is a tormented cop with a heavy cocaine addiction and a penchant for prostitutes. He is more than willing to turn away from crimes, if you can pay the price. Underneath his tough exterior,  Spurlock is a man haunted by his own demons. Demons that threaten to take him down and destroy his very existence. As he weaves his way through one crime scene to another, he leaves his own trail of destruction in his wake, creating one twisted experience.

Page one of Twisted Tales of Madness and Murder:- The Resolution. 


Here is the synopsis for the very first tale, The Resolution.

It's New years Eve. Convinced he has found the love of his life, John proposes to Rebecca. To his utter shock, she turns him down. Not only does she not love him, but she has fallen for his best friend, and has been sleeping with him for a while. Humiliated and angry, John vows revenge.

One year later, he gets his chance. After kidnapping his beloved Rebecca, he brings her to his basement and his sheer madness is exposed. A knock at the door interrupts his gleeful torture experiment, and to his amazement, a dizzy grocery store clerk has arrived... with a bottle of wine and a hopeful invitation to share it.

But Katie has a secret of her own. One that will forever change the lives of John and Rebecca, and make this New Years Eve one for the front page news.

Page two of Twisted Tales of Madness and Murder:- The Resolution.

You must go over and check the website for Twisted Tales of Madness and Murder out, as there is a trailer for what hopes to be an anthology of horror segments, all linked together by Detective Spurlock. You can also donate to the movie to help get it made! To visit the website, click HERE.

You can download the first issue of Twisted Tales of Madness and Murder by clicking any one of the following links.

To download is from, click HERE. 

To download it from Nook, click HERE.

To download it from iTunes, click HERE.

To download it from, click HERE.   

Darkest regards......Dani.


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