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Thursday, 9 May 2013

House of Bad (2012).

House of Bad is one hell of an emotional roller coaster. Playing on psychological aspects and family turmoil as well as the paranormal, House of Bad is certainly something very different indeed, and although it is rather slow in places, it is incredibly effective and creepy throughout.

After a drugs heist, three sisters drive to an old deserted house in which they grew up in, only to find memories of their past coming back to haunt them. We get flashbacks throughout the movie that reveal little snippets of the sisters past, giving us little glimpses of what happened to them, keeping you watching till the end.

The three main actresses in this movie are incredible, flowing seamlessly from one emotion to the next, gripping the audience and dragging them in to their tumultuous past and dangerous present. The chemistry between the three female leads is incredible. If I didn't know any better, I really would believe that they are sisters in real life. The majority of the horror involved comes from the flashback scenes which are harrowing and shocking to say the least, and are certainly effective in creating an uneasy tension that builds up throughout the movie.

The film may seem a little slow to some though, and if you are looking for a gore fest, House of Bad certainly isn't going to impress you. But if you enjoy a beautiful yet harrowing story with supernatural undertones that tests the very boundaries of the siblings on the run, then I am very sure you will love House of Bad. And when those flashbacks do show up, they will imprint on your mind and leave you shivering uncomfortably.

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Darkest regards......Dani.

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