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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Mister White (2013).

Another incredibly entertaining, emotional and brutal indie movie is here, and it really did blow me away!

Tyler is your typical 'outcast' kid at college. Since high school he has been bullied, particularly by a group of good looking 'normal' kids who are incredibly relentless in their berating of Tyler. There is a member of this group, Summer, who seems to have a soft spot for Tyler, but she is under so much pressure from her friends to join in, that even she finds it hard to stop her friends in their relentless bullying campaign.

We are then introduced to a legend of an evil doctor, whose death gave birth to Mister White. Tyler really cannot take the bullying anymore, and decides to summon Mister White through an old voodoo curse. When Tyler introduces Mister White to his enemies, they will learn an incredibly harsh lesson. One that ends in death.

This movie is a slasher movie at heart, but is so layered with emotion and despair that it never gets boring. The characters are so well realized that it really is hard to feel sorry for the bullies as they meet their untimely demise. The movie did an incredible job of showing just how cowardly these people were before they met their demise, and that was a little touch I absolutely loved!

The whole premise of the movie is incredible, and draws you instantly towards Tyler, making you feel for every barbed comment that is thrown his way, and making you seriously want to see the bullies meet their maker in rather brutal ways.

The whole movie looks incredible. The camera work is beautiful, making you feel an even closer affinity with Tyler and his brutal treatment at the hands of other people. The story moves along at a great pace, and it is so involving it definitely warrants a second, third and even forth viewing.

Writer/producer/director Erica Summers is another name to watch out for in indie horror. This movie is incredible on every level, and is a great achievement for indie horror, touching the viewers heart as well as their gag reflex.

Mister White is an incredible slasher/revenge movie, but don't let that basic description put you off seeing it, as it brings so much more to the table and involves the viewer so deeply that this is a movie it's impossible not to fall in love with.

Darkest regards......Dani.


  1. I must say after being un mister white . I cant wt to work with the grand lady Erica summers again and again . randy

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