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Monday, 13 May 2013

Interview with Derek Huey, Co-producer of Conjoined and co-owner of

Here is an interview I very recently did with Derek Huey, the co-awesome co-owner of and now co-producer of new movie Conjoined. The movie tells the tale of a lonely guy who finally meets the girl of his dreams. There is a problem though. His dream girl is conjoined with a psychotic twin sister! I first met Derek nearly seven years ago (purely in an online capacity, seeing as we live in different parts of the world) and we even used to write for the same website. I am really surprised he has managed to keep this movie a secret from everyone, and am really looking forward to seeing the end product! So without further ramblings from me, here we go.

How did you get involved in Conjoined?
Well it's a funny story actually... Joe messaged me one day, and was like "want to help with a movie"? I didn't even really need to ask what it was about, and almost automatically agreed. So I was there the first day at the studio, not even knowing we were even making a full feature film.

How does it feel to be involved in the movie business?
Ha ha, I never thought of being in the movie business after finishing Conjoined.
I'll comment on this later when I can get enough money from film to support my bad habits!

Who is involved with Conjoined?

A really small group of really talented people. It's directed by Joe Grisaffi (Dead of Knight) and written by Chuck and Tim Norfolk (Haunted Trailer). The main character named Stanley is played by Tom Long, who is quite an amazing actor. Then we have Keefer Barlow playing the psycho sister, whose on screen crying is really quite impressive. We have the very funny Jacob Byrd, who plays Jerry which is possibly my favorite role in this film . Then we have the really talented Sara Gaston, whose acting is always really excellent.

How was it working with Joe Grisaffi and Chuck Norfolk?
I think Chuck put it the best when he stated on set that we are "living the dream".

What are your hopes of The Conjoined?

I hope people enjoy it and have fun with it. It's definitely not a film to be taken seriously. It's funny, even a little sexy, and quite bloody. So I hope any fan of low budget cheese will enjoy it.

How long did Conjoined take to shoot?

About 9 days, but with that said, one of the days we actually worked for about fourteen hours straight. Normally I would say this is a very short shooting schedule, but since we had such talented people working on this, the whole project was finished drama-free and fairly quickly

Was the shoot difficult?

A few shots we had to do in one take, which pretty much meant it had to be perfect the first time, and if it wasn't, too bad. Thank god, with plenty of preparation, nothing was really too difficult. You always hear about bad stuff happening on set, or just people having the worst luck possible. With the exception of construction, and shooting around a generator sound, the shoots went really smooth.

Do you have any funny or strange stories from the shoot?

You know, there was tons of laughs during filming this. Chuck and I kept cracking up while Joe was filming. We did a really good job of keeping our laughs contained in our bellies, but I think we might had to retake a few scenes from us laughing (especially the operating room, one laugh the whole room shakes). There's a few other stories I'd like to share, but it would spoil a bit of the movie, so i'll just keep those a secret for now.

What is next for Derek Huey? Do you have any plans to make your own films?

What's next? I've been working on a script lately about Killer Gnomes, maybe I'll do something with that. It's a real Puppet Master type film, which will be completely over the top.

Will the partnership of Huey, Grisaffi and Norfolk be working together on anything else?

I'm pretty sure Joe and Chuck would agree with me when I say if this film does well, there will be more in the future. Working with Joe and Chuck was so fun, and the production went so smooth. It IS a dream come true, and I would like to continue the dream.

Many thanks to Derek Huey for the interview!

I'm sure you'll all agree that this movie does sound incredible

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Darkest regards......Dani


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