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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Toby Johansen's Fake Horse graphic novel.

I just got news of an awesome graphic novel that is being created, and thought I would share it with you all. Creator and artist Toby Johansen says

 "In a post-apocalyptic 2018, a man who wears a horse mask, Dawn Horse, is bent on protecting a herd of horses from savage flesh-eaters called Scavers, while trying to make a meaningful life in a world that has stopped. The herd of horses strive to understand what Dawn Horse teaches them and how they must learn from their surroundings amongst themselves. To survive without pride, to live with heart rather than with malice".

"How things came to be from such a time while not perfect but very free and prosperous, turned grey and deathly silent. Those who survive, live on with the lives. They have to survive, even if that means to turn to a dark place which you may never return from to do so, or maybe you choose to be a guardian to protect those you care about even if there are always consequences".

Toby has estimated the amount to cover the printing costs and the artist will be $2390. He set the goal at $2570 because of the site fees. What he will be getting is just a little bit over $2390, if we don't make the goal then the fees will be higher. Mainly the site's fees establish that if we succeed the goal they get 4%, if I don't reach my goal then they get 9%.

All $2020 of your awesome contributions will go straight into the printing costs for the book and $370 of it will go to pay a fellow artist to make the cover of the book and it's going to look beautiful as the story itself. Toby will start with printing up 360 books, it's a good start and what he makes back from sales will go into more prints of this story. Plus, Toby will be writing a sequel book this Winter and getting started on it late 2014.

If he gets more than his estimated goal, he will put that extra money into promotions for the book!
Perks include a solid copy of the book, digital copy, posters, your own horse character drawn by the artist and original character sheets!
You can contribute to Fake Horse from the 14th of May time by clicking on the link HERE. 
You can check out unfinished pages of the book by clicking the following links.

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