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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Grimm, Carnage and the Madeiros girl part 1. [Rec] (2007).

Here we have the first part in a collaboration with Grimm Reviewz. We will both be taking a look at the [Rec] series of movies, and giving you our thoughts on them. I will be reviewing [Rec], while Grimm will review [Rec] 2, and we will review [Rec]: Genesis together.

 [Rec] is something incredibly different than what we are used to seeing in the found footage sub genre. What sets it apart from other films in the sub genre is the kinetic energy running through the entire movie. The set up really couldn't be any simpler. A reporter named Angela, and Pablo, her cameraman, are shooting a documentary following a Barcelona fire team in their station. There is an emergency call, and the team, along with the reporter and cameraman, rush to an apartment complex where the inhabitants are caught up in what seems to be a virus outbreak. As the apartment is quarantined, the situation becomes increasingly dangerous and spirals out of control for the fire crew and the reporters as well as the inhabitants inside.

A rather basic plot, but this movie pulls it off with incredible ease, not allowing the viewer any room for comfort.The movie is shot entirely through Pablo's camera, and this works greatly to the films advantage, placing the viewer right in the middle of the action. The amount of tension, horror and fear this viewpoint gives the audience is incredible. The fact that the movie does this, means there is no escape for the viewer. We are just as trapped as the people in the movie are.

It also gives a supernatural reason as to why the breakout of the virus happened, although if you don't understand Spanish, you may not pick up on this fact, as it is only hinted at through newspaper clippings found on the wall of the room where the Madeiros girl was held.

The final ten minutes have to be some of the most frightening moments I have ever witnessed in a movie. The intensity and tension is raised to almost unbearable levels, and the creature we see is so hideous, it really does get your heart racing. The movie does have a very real feeling of chaos and tension, and the claustrophobia felt throughout is put across really well.

[Rec] is an incredible entry in the found footage genre, and should be viewed by anyone with even a passing interest in how the sub genre is progressing. Movies of any kind really don't get much scarier than this.

You can find part 2 of Grimm, Carnage and the Madeiros girl over at Grimm Reviewz later on today. Click HERE to check out his review of [Rec] 2, and all of his other posts!

Darkest regards......Dani.


  1. Good review, Carnage. The thing that gets me about this movie is how intense it is. It's very powerful stuff, and you mentioned how it's almost unbearable and you're dead right.

    Review for [REC]2 coming later today.

  2. One of my absolute favourite films!!

    Great review - agree with everything you say

    K :-)

  3. Thank you both for enjoying the review, and for taking the time to comment!

  4. You know, I really wanted to get into these movies. But I get motion sickness crazy easy. I made it about 20 minutes before I felt like I was gonna throw up. I should invest in some dramamine.