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Monday, 13 May 2013

House of Good and Evil (2013).

It's amazing when cinematography manages to enhance the feeling of a movie. House of Good and Evil is one of the films where the camera is so involved in the story with many tilted angle shots creaking up the tension in each scene.

The movie also has an inherent misery running through it, which adds considerable weight to an already emotional film. The film tells the story of a married couple who set off to the country to re-start their lives and purchase a new home after a distressing incident involving pregnancy. From the opening scene, seeing the couple argue inside their own home, it is uncomfortable viewing, and definitely creates a fair amount of empathy for the characters, as you can see their relationship is in trouble.

Things go from bad to worse once they begin moving into the new home,which has an adjoining property which they are told will be vacated in thirty days time, as the family next door are looking at properties in Florida.

As the husband leaves his wife alone, she hears noises, voices and even a phone ringing next door. As her husband leaves her for longer and longer, the film asks many questions. Is her husband playing tricks on her? Is it the neighbors? Is the wife imagining everything?

The film doesn't answer this question right away, and is all the better for it. It lets the viewer dwell on many things. Could the wife be going crazy? Could it really be her husband? By the final scenes, everything is tied up and makes sense, but the sadness and darkness that prevails over the entire film lingers on. It definitely lodges itself in your mind, and won't let go for a long while after viewing.

This movie definitely delivers an incredibly tense story, filled with sadness and loss, and should appeal to any horror fans that enjoy their stories rooted in realistic scenarios.

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Darkest Regards......Dani.

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