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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Behind the Cross (short film). 2012.

Behind the Cross is the debut movie from Finnish director Tomi Kerminen, and let me tell you something, its an incredibly frightening and depressing movie. It also has the accolade of actually making me jump. It has been a long while since any movie has managed to do that, and seeing as it was in the first 5 minutes of the film, it definitely impressed me.

The movie tells the story of Father Michael, who is plunging into the depths of madness and depravity after years of ridicule and a horrible childhood. He becomes an embodiment of pure evil, and commits such things as murder and spiritual degradation while still clinging on to his priesthood.

The symbolism in this movie is incredibly apparent from the get go, and the movie has an incredibly artistic feel about it. But please, don't let that put you off, as Behind the Cross is as dark a movie I have seen is such a long time. There are many moments in the movie where it shows visually the moments of a true psychotic, also using religious/iconic symbols as a contrast to the madness.

I felt that it was making a point of showing Religion to be the real evil in our society, that it corrupts all who follow it beyond recognition.

The movie is incredibly intelligent, thought provoking, and twisted, and it was shocking in every sense of the word. Awesome!!!

Darkest regards......Dani.