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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Laughter (2012).

First off, let me say a big thank you to Adam Dunning for sending me not only Laughter but also The Infected for review.

I managed to finally watch this last night, and I must say I was suitably impressed. Laughter tells the story of a teen named Joey, who has lost his mother, who he was very close to. His father is abusive, and blames him for his wife's death, and a group of bullies at school torture him because he has an unhealthy obsession with clowns.

Joey and a group of friends arrange to play a prank on some friends, but things don't go as planned, and a tragic accident results in the group taking a vow of silence about that particular night. Six months later, the group begin disappearing one by one.

I'm an avid slasher movie fan, and this was a throwback to those early 80's movies I love so much. The setting in the woods, the creepy killer taunting his victims calmly before flying into a frenzied rage. Oh, and did I mention if you have Coulrophobia (a fear of clowns) it probably isn't a good idea to watch this alone!!

The FX in this movie are pretty damned good, and it does contain a fair amount of blood and gore!! The camera work isn't as shaky as some low budget movies, and the framing is pretty damn near perfect throughout. There are a couple of issues with the sound dropping a little too much, and the music then blasting out and rattling your sound system, but nothing to complain about!!

I've always been a fan of Killer clown movies such as Grim Weekend (or S.I.C.K as it was known in the U.S), Killjoy etc. I have to say that the killer in this movie more than stands up to those other characters. He comes across as a spirit of vengeance, but also sadistic and playful, and is also given the greatest line of the movie when asked why he is doing what he is doing!!

If you have the chance, and love low budget Indie horror that really does show alot of talent, then go see Laughter as soon as you can!! You won't be disappointed!

Also, a sequel has just been announced!!! More details as soon as they appear!!!

Darkest regards......Dani.

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