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Thursday, 28 February 2013

I Spill your Guts (2012)

It is rather rare in the Horror genre for a movie to be considered fun. Well let me tell you something. As well as being awesome, I Spill your Guts is also a lot of fun in every way shape and form. If this movie doesn't bring a smile to your face, then there is something seriously wrong with you!! I haven't had this much fun viewing a movie in a long time!! In fact, not since the last Troma release!!

Dennis takes a bullet for his friend Joe, and as Dennis lays dying in hospital, Joe tells him how he is going to take all of the glory and be the hero, seeing as Dennis is dying, no one will be able to contest this. The thing is, Dennis doesn't die, and he takes to the streets of New York with one thing on his mind...Revenge on anyone connected to Joe, and ultimately, Joe himself.

Written and directed by James Balsamo, the movie is killer in every way, and brings to mind the sleazy gore fests of the seventies and early eighties, as barely a minute goes by without either somebody dying or someone taking off their clothes.

The film moves along at a brisk pace, and has some amazing cameos, such as Lloyd Kaufman, Andrew W.K amongst many others. All of the FX are practical, which is definitely a plus for this horror fan, and the acting is brilliant all round too. The music is another thing worthy of a mention. The soundtrack is filled with punk/metal, and suited the atmosphere of the film perfectly.

The ending is is amazing and a very fitting end for such a cool movie. The characters in the movie are all well realized, especially Dennis (played by James Balsamo) who comes across as showing pure anger as the wronged killer, and Joe (played by Billy Walsh) who really is a complete slime ball in every way.

This movie has so much heart, and it really does shine through in everything about the movie, from the acting, to the FX, to the soundtrack. Everything about it is top notch. James Balsamo has an incredibly bright future ahead if he continues to make movies of this caliber!!

Darkest regards......Dani.

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