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Friday, 22 February 2013

15-Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer (2011).

I have to admit, It's been a long while since a horror movie has bothered me.Not since viewing August Underground's Mordum a few years ago, and it taking three attempts for me to get through has a movie bothered me as much as the one I viewed last night.

15-Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer is vile, repulsive and downright creepy. These are by no means slurs on the movie in any way, shape or form. It is incredibly well made, effective and downright scary, but it visits some very dark places, and won't be one for the 'Horror Lite' fan.

Jack Hamill and Brenda Hill are hired to make a documentary about serial killer Edward Payne (payed with great malice and emotion by the movies producer/director/writer Jason Hawkins). Jack captures everything on Video, and its these videos that make up the movie.

It pains me to describe a film as sick, but there really is no other description for this movie. The fact that it is firmly rooted in reality only makes the subject matter even scarier. This isn't horror, this is pure unadulterated terror.

I really felt for the characters, and even felt a little empathy for the killer, at least at the beginning of the movie, because as the movie goes on, believe me, its hard to feel anything other than disgust at his actions, as fear and understanding that this person is inviting you into his mind finally sink in.

When I began watching, I thought "oh great, another found footage movie", but by the end, I was on the edge of my seat, a rather sick feeling in my stomach, and a smile on my face. This movie touches on very raw emotions, and really isn't your typical horror movie in any shape or form. One thing it is though, is absolutely amazing. For a start, the acting is superb from every person in the movie.

The interviewees on the street were not actors, they were real people who were stopped and asked questions, and to find out the last scene was not rehearsed was even more shocking. The last scene is akin to the final scene in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, in that it openly shows true madness, but believe me it goes a lot further than you can imagine.

Jason Hawkins is definitely a name to watch out for, because if this is anything to go by, he is gonna be the creator/influence of nightmares for many years to come!!

Thankyou very much Jason Hawkins for providing a screener.

Darkest regards......Dani.

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