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Friday, 1 March 2013

Gutterballs (2008).

Crazy characters? Check. Awesome storyline? Check. Insane amounts of the red stuff? Check. A scene that will make every male watching cross their legs in shock? Hell yes! Gutterballs has all of this, and so much more!! A slasher movie for the misanthropist in us all!!

Gutterballs is a throwback to the slasher films of the late seventies/early eighties as well as the Giallo movies of the early seventies. You know the type, where someone is wronged in the first few scenes, and comes back for revenge on the people who wronged them.

Gutterballs tells the story of two rival cliques ( one consisting of the most despicable group of humans I have ever seen in a movie). Tensions rise between the two groups at an after hours bowling session until a fight breaks out. As one of the groups leave, one of the women realizes she has forgotten her purse, and enters the bowling alley once more, only to be brutally raped by the group of obnoxious friends. The following night, both groups return to the bowling alley, but as they begin their game, they seem to be going missing one by one. The name B.B.K appears on the score keeping screens. As each person disappears, the bowling alley will run red with blood. Will anyone survive?

Gutterballs oozes sleaze. Even more so than Ryan Nicholson's previous movie Live Feed (surprising seeing as Live Feed was shot in a real working Porno theater). From the very graphic rape which kicks things off, to the infamous 'Death by 69' ( I'm sure I don't have to go into detail) the film is a grime filled sleaze fest.

It is also incredibly nasty, and the FX are amazing, especially the aforementioned scene which made me and my friends all wince and cross our legs, and an inventive and foul mouthed ball polisher which does a fair bit of damage in ways in which I will not go into, for fear of spoiling the surprise.

The movie definitely doesn't skimp on the gore either.  The movie does have a slow build up, but as soon as the characters come back to the bowling alley after the rape, the red stuff starts flying. And believe me, it does get incredibly messy in every way!

Gutterballs attempts, and succeeds in shocking, with it's constant profanity, brutality and sex/murder one two punch. It is probably the most mean spirited movie I have ever seen, and I love it all the more for that.The soundtrack is awesome too, full of 80's style synth.

Watch out soon for a review of Ryan Nicholson's Live Feed.

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Support these awesome filmmakers, so they can keep making movies that arent censored, that play to every horror fans worst nightmares, and that kick so much ass!!!

Darkest regards......Dani.

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