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Friday, 1 March 2013

Cool as Hell (2013).

From the makers of Hack Job and I Spill your Guts.
Rich and Benny are a couple of losers. They have never had much luck with the ladies, until Rich realizes he has control of a demon named Az. Their lives turn into one big party, until a soul eating beast leaps through a portal from Hell and begins terrorizing the city where Rich and Benny live. Now it's up to Rich, Benny and Az to send the creature back to the depths of hell from whence it came. Who would have thought Rich would have to save the world just to get laid??

This movie is so much fun!! Every actor plays their character perfectly, and James Balsamo is brilliant as the loveable loser Rich. Everything about this movie screams funny. From the way Rich takes the demon under his control, to the way Rich is put down by pretty much everyone around him. And then there is Az. He is just so much fun, and has a very novel way of using his tail for a certain exploit.

The humor is incredibly juvenile, which is no bad thing, and suits the tone of the movie perfectly. Again, there are a whole heap of blink and you'll miss them cameos, this time from the likes of Tom Savini, Raven, Tommy Dreamer (I can almost hear the shouts of ECW ECW) and many more. Also worthy of a mention are the musician cameos throughout, coming from Anderw W.K, Obituary, Municipal Waste and the vocalist of Death Metal legends Suffocation, Frank Mullen ( to name a few).

The story telling is perfect, getting straight into the thick of it, and not ever moving too far away from the main storyline. It's another movie I cannot see anyone being bored with! James Balsamo certainly has a knack for putting across a fun filled tale filled with nudity, monsters and lashings of gore!!

Damn, the back story of the movie is done in a metal sing along with karaoke style bouncing skull moving across the lyrics at the bottom of the screen. Again, it shows that the entire cast and crew have worked so hard to get this movie made, and it contains so much heart, it really is impossible not to enjoy this fun filled horror/comedy.

Most of all though, this movie is different. It isn't another found footage movie. It isn't about haunted houses, or another masked slasher (not that there is anything wrong with any of those things).It feels fresh, exciting and manages to shock aswell as tickle your funny bone. This film is here to entertain you, nothing less. It is pure escapism, and all the more fun because of it.

Did I also mention this movie has zombies? Oh yes, the living dead make an appearance too!!

Cool as Hell really is another piece of amazing cinema from James Balsamo. Definitely a director/actor/producer/writer/ to keep your eyes on. Check out Cool as Hell as soon as you can! It'll brighten your day no end! Believe me, Hollywood would not have the balls to make a movie as daring and fun as this, and even if they did, I'm sure it'd be nowhere near as much fun!!

Darkest regards......Dani.

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