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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Scream Park (2012).

As most of you will have probably gathered from reading this blog, I am a huge slasher movie fan. Yes, they may act as a nostalgia trip for me, as slasher's were pretty much all I would watch as a child, but I watch them to rejoice in the slaughter of teens, to see the bad guy/girl get their revenge on the people who wronged them. Any arguments made against these types of movies will be written off without a second thought (pretty much the same way I react to all criticism about anything I enjoy). After all, my opinion is my own.

Anyhow, what I finally got around to viewing last night can bedescribed as a homage to the stalk an slash movies of the 80's. I want to say that Scream Park is that and so much more. It is funny, gory, creepy and has little references to the time in the genre it so clearly emulates.

A failing theme park is about to close down, and the park's manager, Marty is faced with delivering some bad news to his staff regarding pay at the end of their shift. The staff members have decided to stay behind after work for a party, after getting fed up with all of the issues the theme park has had to put up with in the past. The arrival of a mysterious van sets of a chain of events that involve a lot of slaughter for everyone involved. It really is a scream.

This movie has so much for even the casual horror fan. The atmosphere is amazingly creepy, bringing back to mind such luminaries as Black Christmas and John Carpenter's Halloween. The sense of dread that permeates the movie is definitely comparable to the two aforementioned movies. The theme park setting does wonders for this feeling,  the rides lit up in an empty theme park just comes across as so eerie.

The kills are brutal and a lot of fun, and the killer is incredibly creepy, which is something a lot of slasher movie makers don't seem to get right. All of the FX are practical, which is another plus. The acting is also above par, with each character played with a little humor, which again, harks back to the 80's.

You even get cameos from Kevin Ogilvie (Skinny Puppy) and Doug Bradley (Hellraiser). How could you not want to see this??

As I have mentioned previously, this movie is tight, movies along at a beautiful pace, and is even shot like a big screen release, so even though this is an indie movie, there are none of the mistakes some indie movie makers litter their movies with.

I loved this movie, every minute of it made me smile. The situations, the characters, The killer and especially the murders. Movies like this don't come along very often. Go check it out, because I can guarantee you, you'll have an amazing time.

You can check out the official Scream Park site by clicking here where you can even pick yourself up a copy of the movie.

You can also go on over to the Scream Park Facebook page by clicking here, and don't forget to hit 'Like'.

Many thanks to Cary Hill for allowing me to view a screener of Scream Park.

Darkest regards......Dani.


  1. I have wanted to see this so baldy :o
    Ogre is too cool.

  2. This movie sounds awesome. I'm pretty sure I'll like it since I'm a big fan of Slasher movies.