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Monday, 4 March 2013

Famine (2012).

Ryan Nicholson and crew have done it again. Another amazing movie from the Canadian King of splatter, Famine tells the story of Sloppy secondary school, where a twenty four hour famine is being held to bring awareness to the millions of starving people in third world countries. At the time of the last famine, Mr Balszack (I dare you not to let out a childish laugh when reading that name) falls prey to an accident that leaves his face melting across the hallways of Sloppy secondary school. Five years later, another famine is being held, and it seems someone is picking off the participants one by one.

This movie is a pure throwback to the High school slasher movies of the eighties, but the sexuality and gore are amped up to incredibly high levels, as is the body count. It is also incredibly humorous, with every character being so over the top, and the majority of them incredibly obnoxious, you'll be cheering when you see them die.

As always, the FX are absolutley killer in this movie (as they are in every Plottdigger movie I have seen) with tons of the red stuff on show!! Ryan Nicholson sure knows what gore hounds crave!! The killer takes the form of the high school's mascot who is known as Nails, and yes, he really does use nails to great effect.

I for one am happy that Ryan Nicholson realizes that Horror movies are one of the last bastions of so called 'Bad taste' left. Horror is one of the last remaining places in the whole of the entertainment industry where you don't have to be nice and inoffensive and kind, and I can safely say that those words have never applied to any Plottdigger movie I have seen, nor do I think they ever will be!

With Famine, you get buckets of viscera, puerile comedy of the lowest (and in my opinion, funniest) order and characters you love to hate!

Nearly every student we meet at Sloppy High school comes across as oversexed, selfish and mean spirited. Perfect slasher movie fodder I hear you cry. And, in another nod to the slasher movies of yore, none of the characters are in their teens, so there is something else to laugh at!

Death arrives by the bucketload in this movie. You get death by disemboweling, railway spikes, nail gun, and, in what is probably the most inventive scene, an industrial kitchen dishwasher which bought a huge smile to my face!!

Im very sure Ryan Nicholson and crew, and Plotdigger Films, are going to continue making a huge name for themselves in the horror industry, and as movies like Famine will attest, they have so much more to give!!

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Coming soon from Plotdigger is a movie called Dead Nude Girls. Now if that doesn't whet your appetite, then what the hell are you doing here??

Darkest regards......Dani.

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