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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Tourist Trap (1979) 88 Films Blu-Ray.

Tourist Trap is one of the more atmospheric and creepy slasher films out there, blending elements of the supernatural with some truly creepy masks and mannequins. The film layers on the atmosphere, almost suffocating the viewer with it's brilliant story and imaginative kills and scares.

A group of young people become stranded on the roadside, and one of them, Woody, ventures off alone to find a Gas Station. He is ultimately killed, as his friends go looking for him, coming across a 'Tourist Trap', the very same one where Woody lost his life at the hands of a killer with the power to move objects with his mind. What will become of the teens, and who is hunting them down one by one?

'Tourist Trap' oozes a dense atmosphere of dread from every frame of film. Set mostly in the darkness, this helps the film maintain it's suffocating aura of fear and tension as the group of friends look for their missing pal, only to come across strange and frightening mannequins and their own deaths. This feeling of dread really does permeate every scene of the movie, and 'Tourist Trap' still is a very scary movie to this day.

The acting isn't very good, and while one or two of the female actresses do exhibit sex appeal, it doesn't help with the audience getting behind the characters and caring for them, although in the long run, this does not take much away from the movie, as it is a slasher film after all.The film certainly has enough suspense and originality to keep even the most easily bored horror fan involved in it's compelling story.

The films strongest aspect after it's story, are it's special fx. The masks and mannequins are emotionless, allowing the viewer to project their own fears upon the faces of these creations, and the mannequins unsettling laughter and unnatural movement goes a long way to accentuate the fear we already feel towards them.

While it  uses some horror staples such as the differences between country folk and city folk, 'Tourist Trap' still manages to be a frightening and intense ride, and also mixes the supernatural and slasher sub genres to great effect.

The Blu-Ray release of 'Tourist Trap' has exceptional sound and picture quality, and features a very informative and entertaining commentary from Director David Schmoeller amongst other things.

Possibly one of the creepiest films I have ever had the pleasure of viewing, 'Tourist Trap' still holds the title of being one of the scariest films  I have ever seen.

Darkest regards......Dani.


  1. This looks good. Thanks for covering it.

  2. Good review but I should let you know that the Blu-Ray is edited and in fact, has become the center of controversy.