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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Re-Animator (1985) Second Sight 2 disc Blu-Ray.

Re-Animator is the latest film to be given the HD treatment by Second Sight Films. Not only that, but the release comes with two (yes, TWO) versions of the classic splatter comedy, a documentary, two audio commentaries and a chat between Director Stuart Gordon and Producer Brian Yuzna, which is very entertaining.

For any of you that haven't seen the movie, I will give a small synopsis, but I advise that you get out and see it as soon as possible, because it really is a classic piece of 80's horror cinema.

Herbert West begins his time at Miskatonik University under the tutelage of the arrogant Dr. Hill. West moves in with fellow student Dan Cain, who is dating the daughter of the Dean of the University. He finds out that West has a secret that could change the world forever, and when Dr. Hill gets his hands on this secret, things get very crazy and incredibly gory!

Surely, there is nothing left to say about this film. Any number of positive adjectives would do well to describe just how much this film is treasured by horror fans. It's special effects are truly stomach turning, and the acting walks the line between understated and overblown perfectly. Working both as a farce and a splatter film, Re-Animator really does have something for every horror fan out there.

Second Sight Films' transfer is crystal clear, the sound perfect and audible, with even the slightest sound adding to the stomach churning effects this film has on it's viewers.

Every performance is a hit, from Barbara Crampton's woman with brains and looks Megan, to Jeffery Combs' brilliant yet equally weird Herbert West, to Bruce Abbot's incredibly heartfelt performance as Dan Cain, each character is beautifully realized and played to great effect. Most notable though, is the pictures bad guy, David Gale, as the manipulative and insane Dr. Carl Hill. The transformation he goes through in the film, from arrogant Doctor to crazed madman is something to behold, and one scene in particular will have women (and some men I am sure) hiding behind the nearest piece of furniture while disgust washes over them. He manages to display madness without ever being cramp, and his facial expressions bring so much to his character, that it is just mind blowing.

This was originally conceived as a television show, but due to budgetary constraints amongst other things, one of the most original and downright crazy horror movies was born. And let's not forget the fact that it is based on a tale by the master of the macabre, H.P Lovecraft.

It cannot be denied though, that the true star of the movie are the incredible special effects. From a dead cat being bought back to life, to a headless corpse performing oral sex on a tied up victim, the things conceived and shown in this movie make every argument for CGI in movies completely invalid. Yes, it is that damned good.

Second Sight Films have released the greatest edition of this classic horror film, with amazing, in depth and exhaustive special features that will keep fans new and old entertained. Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy. You won't be disappointed!

Re-Animator is released on two disc Blu-Ray on June 2nd in the UK. 

Darkest regards......Dani.

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