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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Do I get paid for giving good reviews?

Someone actually asked me this question on a review of 'Murderdrome' I had written. Because my review didn't fit in with his views, he felt the need to actually comment, ask if I got paid for giving it such a good review, and then proceeded to write his own miniature review.

I can safely state that I have never been paid for giving a good review. In fact, I can go as far as saying I would never accept payment in exchange for a good review. My reviews are written purely on the basis of my own personal taste. If you have a look through my blog posts, you will see that the majority of films I review happen to be ones that I really enjoy. I don't feel the need to berate a movie and pour out negativity towards something someone has put time and effort into. If I dislike a film, I will give my reasons as to why, but also state it is only my opinion, and I am not saying everyone should think the same as I do. It is our differences that make us who we are after all.

I welcome comments on my posts, and frankly, I don't think enough people do tend to comment. If you agree or disagree, feel free to give your opinion. I love to discuss why one person finds something so terrible, while another thinks it is the most amazing thing on the planet. But if you are going to lazily tear apart one of my reviews, or accuse me of things such as me being paid for giving a film you didn't like a good review, then don't waste your time. The world has enough negativity, without bringing it to a blog that professes a love for all things horror, and doesn't deal in negativity.

Reviews are purely subjective. Just think how boring the world would be if everyone liked the same thing! I was raised on Troma movies, Empire Pictures movies and old Shaw Brothers films, as well as any movie which had 'Cyborg' or 'Ninja' in the title. Just because I was raised on what many call 'Trash', I don't think it has affected my taste in movies in one way or another. Yes, I still watch many indie films, because I find so much to enjoy in them. Indie films don't bow to the conventions of regular cinema, and are, for the most part, much more daring to do things you wouldn't normally see in a big Hollywood production. How many of you would expect to see something as depraved and downright sickening as the 'August Underground Trilogy' from Hollywood? Hollywood would never dream of pushing the envelope so far.

That isn't to say I belittle any big budget movie either though. While I do find some big budget movies soulless and vapid (let me state here that I find some Indie movies impossible to watch too), others I absolutely love. The claustrophobia of 'Gravity' was absolutely thrilling, and 'Pacific Rim' definitely took my movie of the year award last year. Both are examples of just how good Hollywood can be in the hands of the right people.

What I am trying to say is that my opinion is just that. My opinion. It doesn't effect anyone else because I love a film you don't. It certainly isn't going to change my opinion in any way if you come on to my blog all guns blazing and accuse me of nepotism ( Thank you Andy Catsu for teaching me a new word). If you are going to comment, be intelligent about it. Feel free to express yourself, give your opinion, and tell me how much you disagree with me. Conversation is welcome. Idiocy, negativity and accusations are not.

Darkest regards......Dani.

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