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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Annual Derby Film Festival 2014.

The annual Derby Film Festival is running from 9th - 18th of May 2014 in the East Midlands in the UK. The second and final weekend is dedicated to all things horror and supernatural (It was known as the 'Fantastiq Festival' in previous years). Not only do they have some great U.S, Japanese and British cult classics in their line-up, but they also have three directors visiting!

Here are some of the highlights: -

Friday, 16th
12:15 pm MATINEE (dir. Joe Dante, USA, 1993)
3:00 pm RAZORBACK (dir. Russell Mulcahy, AUS, 1984)
6:00 pm DIRTY MARY CRAZY LARRY (dir. John Hough, USA, 1974)
6:30 pm (Preview) GREATFUL DEAD (dir. Ejii Uchida, JP, 2013)
8:30 pm LESSON OF EVIL (dir. Takashi Miike, JP, 2012)
10:00 pm MARK OF THE DEVIL (dir. Michael Armstrong, West Germany, 1970)

Special Guest: 8:15 pm MICHAEL ARMSTRONG In Conversation.

Saturday, 17th
12:00 pm CAFÉ HORREUR (TV & Cinema cult memorabilia on sale)
12:15 pm DOCTOR WHO: THE UNEARTHLY CHILD (dir. Waris Hussein, UK, 1963)
2:15 pm BLACK CARRION / Hammer House Horror (dir. John Hough, UK, 1984)
6:15 pm TWINS OF EVIL (dir. John Hough, UK, 1971)
10:00 pm BLACK CHRISTMAS (dir. Bob Clark, CAN, 1974)

Special Guest: 8:00 pm JOHN HOUGH In Conversation.

Sunday, 18th
6:30 pm THE POSSESSION OF JOEL DELANEY (dir. Waris Hussein, USA, 1972)
8:55 pm THE LEGEND OF HELL HOUSE (dir. John Hough, USA, 1973)

Special Guest: 4:00 pm WARIS HUSSEIN In Conversation.

This is held at QUAD in Derby, which is an Independent cinema as well as a center for culture and arts. They used to organize two festivals each year. In May, there was iDfest which had a film and event programme centered on a popular theme (last year it was 'Family'. Then in August, They had the 'Fantastiq Weekend', which hosted a line-up of films within the horror, monster and supernatural genre.

Beginning this year, QUAD decided to merge both festivals into a ten day event, which also offered the chance for multiple screenings of some films. This years festival theme is 'Technology', and they have shown films such as 'Westworld', 'Mad Max' and 'Mad Max II' and '1984' in the line-up.

They are  showing many British classic horror films, mostly to honor their special guest, John Hough, who will be visiting for a chat, as well as Michael Armstrong, who directed the notorious witch hunting horror film 'Mark of the Devil'.

You can visit the Derby Film Festival Website by clicking HERE.

You can visit and 'LIKE' the Derby Film Festival's Facebook page by clicking HERE.

Darkest regards......Dani.

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