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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Nunslaughter new album and European tour dates revealed!

At long last, Nunslaughter return with their first full-length studio album in seven years (and fourth overall), 'Angelic Dread'! The epitome of "highly anticipated," 'Angelic Dread' is the fullest, fiercest realization of the eternal Nunslaughter aesthetic: "Devil Metal" to the bitter and bloody end. This American metal outfit create concise, catchy, and caustic anthems to anti-religion and supernatural horror, combining the best and most belligerent elements of death metal and hardcore punk. It's no wonder that Nunslaughter have a diehard cult following around the world, all of whom consume the band's seemingly endless tornado of vinyl releases. But here, the band have delivered 15 of their most potent tracks ever, all fresh cuts, and have rendered them in a production that's rounded yet absolutely ripping. To celebrate this monumental release, Hells Headbangers will be including a bonus CD/LP that comprises 16 songs previously available only on 7" vinyl, but re-recorded in a most crushing manner, thus making 'Angelic Dread' the ultimate Nunslaughter statement! 
1. Angelic Dread
2. Looking into the Abyss
3. Twisted Spirit
4. Crush the Guff
5. Inner Beast
6. The Lycanthrope
7. Blood Drinker
8. God
9. Doomtown
10. Don't Mourn for Me
11. Infested
12. Coffins and Crosses
13. Three Nails, One Liar
14. One Bad Bitch
15. Death Beyond the Gallows
1. Emperor in Hell
2. God has Lied
3. The Bog People
4. Midnight Mass
5. Shadow World
6. Healing the Possessed
7. In the Graveyard
8. Ouija
9. It is I
10. Atheist Ways
11. Phantom
12. Sickened by the Sight of Christ
13. Black Horn of the Ram
14. Driving out the Demons
15. Deathlehem
16. Cerebus

July 3rd - (GER) Berlin - Under the Balck Sun Fest
July 4th - (GER) Wermelskirchen - AJZ Bahndamm
July 5th - (BEL) Leffinge - Devils Corner
July 6th - (FRA) Paris - Le Klub
July 7th - (NL) Tilberg - Little Devil
July 8th - (GER) Kassel - H. Schmiede
July 9th - (GER) Bremen - Romer
July 10th - (DEN) Fredericia - Metal Magic Fest
July 11th - (GER) Hamburg - Bambi Galore
July 12th - (GER) Torgau - In Flamen Fest
July 13th - (GER) Karlsruha - AKK
July 14th - (GER) Aalen - Rock it
July 15th - (ITA) Milano - Blue Rose
July 16th - (ITA) Zero Branco (Treviso) - Altroquando
July 17th - (AT) Graz - Club Wakuum
July 18th - (CZE) Trutniov - Obscene Extreme Fest
July 19th - (POL) Szczecin - DK Slowanin
Darkest regards......Dani.

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